Top 10 Mobile Technology Application Trends 2019

Top 10 Mobile Technology Application Trends 2019

Top 10 Mobile Technology Application Trends 2019

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We are at the rim of completing the year 2018 with a thankful heart and in awe of welcoming 2019. Far from the technology development we see till date, mobile technology apps development is going to occupy more space in succeeding year with more exciting features.

The applications are being fed into mobile take chance to a supreme level of advanced intelligence no one has ever imagined so far. 2019 will be the booming year for every business as well as for single users to surf everything and get anything.

Why Mobile Technology Advancement is Necessary?

The mobile technology had exponentially extended its support for the past century with interactive user interface, investment, technology development and still in vigor. Internet Connectivity and regular Operating System update makes mobile technology to outstand among other technologies. Improvement in signal reception at remote areas, real time connectivity among business people, file sharing at any time, GPS, entertainment etc. all these make mobile technology advancement an important for today’s business. Mobile Technology application trends hold the future to satisfy consumer needs and to make life reliable.

Below comes the list of upcoming mobile application development trends in 2019.

  • Massive Expectation for AI and ML
  • Increased demand for wearable devices
  • Internet of Things
  • Chatbot assisted mobile technology apps
  • App Security to seek more Attention
  • More Engagement through mobile UI/UX
  • Leading start for AR/VR
  • Customized mobile pages through AMP and EMM
  • Enhancement in Mobile e-commerce
  • Instant Apps

The listed technology trends are explained below with expected future scope.

Massive Expectation for AI and ML

Artificial Intelligence technology today is a known topic to everyone and techie’s had a keen observation throughout its ups and downs. In 2019, AI and ML share the top trending list for its influence on smartphones are beyond the hype. Interlinked to each other it can do wonders to provide any valuable service through real-time applications.

Increased demand for wearable devices

As we are moving forward with every technology assessment, experts introduce innovative ideas that are brought to execution. Thanks to Apple for thy effort on developing smart wearable devices. Although it seemed to have a pretty good advancement, all existing applications just grazed the surface of its assistance. 2019 will be the promising year for modish wearable devices.

Internet of Things

Internet of Things has already embedded its name around the world and will continue to preserve its fame further up. It has transformed a variety of industries into productive verticals and will still work on retail industries for better customer experience.

Reportedly 85% of healthcare organizations have inbuilt IoT technology and its extent of reinforcement for 2019 will be endless for the higher degree of patient care.

Chatbot assisted mobile technology apps

Chatbots are a step ahead towards advancement than the previous year. Although it faced a fall back in midway, its combination with AI is appreciable. Chatbots becomes smarter in targeting audience and figure out customer requirements.

New Year reserve unforeseen opportunities for Chatbots to streamline tedious task under customer relationship management. As per Statistics, the approximate growth of Global Chatbot market will be 1250 million US Dollars with a steady increment of 1000 US Dollars from 2016.

App Security to seek more Attention

Well, app security is nevermore the new topic to all of us. Facebook and Google had seen several security issues all the way throughout this year. It’s the time for app developers to invest valuable time into cybersecurity and to clear up the mess on the table.

More Engagement through mobile UI/UX

Year by year technology keeps updating with new design and service that could improve the user interface and user experience. Based on the statistical report only 50% of apps are downloaded of which 21% of apps are used only once. Therefore 2019 are going to be the engaged year in leveraging the UI/UX to a promising position.

Leading start for AR/VR

iOS and Android play stores have introduced more than 2200 AR apps for single users and workplace benefits. Among them, many of the AR applications are games like the popular one Pokémon Go which earned hearts of youngsters worldwide.

With no doubt, AR and VR are still ruling the industry to introduce massive developments to the media world and manufacturing industries.

Customized mobile pages through AMP and EMM

Application Performance Management (AMP) is one of the integrated measures introduced in Google search 2016. Inbuilt with app framework AMP can exterminate the malicious issues which break down the app performance. This became one of the important tools for QA testers to stabilize performance by 2019.

Enhancement in Mobile e-commerce

Easy payment method is what customers demand in today scenario. There has been a gradual deviation from the traditional purchasing method. Payment methods change from a single credit/debit card swipe to mobile wallets to digital currencies.

People upgrading equivalent to technology is the result of the digital revolution. But security is an important factor to consider through online payment gateways. Mobile technology Apps with secure encryption will be the more concentrated area in 2019.

Instant Apps

Native mobile applications are those instant apps smaller in size, user-friendly, convenient to use in real time and download is not required. As people demand applications with less load time and better user experience instant apps will be the best trend thus adding a new caption to 2019.


Listing technology trends for future will be easy with all the supporting data in hands. With advancement in the way the path it is going to take is clearly unpredictable. Mobile application development trends managed to reach users around the globe for the past years. As we take lead towards welcoming a new year, there are still stellar brains anticipated to learn about the future of mobile app development.

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