Top 5 Reasons To Choose Android Over iOS

4 min read | By Admin | 20 July 2018 | Technology

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With the introduction of new technologies into real life applications, there are various operating systems available for mobile phones. Developers face condemnatory situations in choosing platforms to build applications.Larger companies spend more resources to build applications for different platforms. This is not the case for small enterprises to invest on unpredictable result. This article features some reasons to choose android mobile application platform.

Open Source Platform

One of the positive characteristics of android is to be an open source. Loads of electronic phones have become part of our life and developers keep updating with open source code to make easy access in their phones.

Lots of android phones are launched with different features and the market value is expected to grow drastically. This drives mobile enterprises to design new features and different versions of smartphones. If you design application for public necessity, choosing relevant platform would reach the product to prospective users.


Unlike Apple mobiles, android started to receive attention from users because of its easy operating functionalities and barely spend any money for apps. Secondly, advertising cost for the mobile is comparatively less than iPhone devices. This is because of the fact that android phone have public reach and cost effective for the people to buy.

Integrated Google Service

People opinion about mobile phone varies from person to person. Some show interest on Apple apps that are preexisting on their iPhone. But in case of android, its application services are vast and obviously the best. When comes to cloud storage services like email, browsers – all are installed privately to the function of smart device.

New UI- Google Now

One of the newly launched feature on the android home screen is Google Now. Just a Tap or ask Google Now let’s third party apps to keep tracking you on Google map, upcoming events, provide data related to recent searches. Google Now could perform all these functionalities based on the database it gathered about the user.

Custom Apps

One of the considerable features for choosing android is for its customization. Android is designed in such a way that users can swap their launchers and lock screen often to experience the difference in style and appearance of the screen as much to make as default app. This is such a huge benefit and what users of Apple devices lack such functionality.


There are still some areas where iPhone and windows are stronger but it is no longer a challenge for android to reach such platform. With more raising technical issues, android developers keep finding solution to the same. It is no doubt that android keeps moving towards new level of technology with astonishing features in their devices.

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