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Looking for the best PHP development services to transform your business? Stay ahead of the curve with our PHP development company for rich, user friendly, and responsive websites, apps, ecommerce websites, and other solutions.

Boost Business Results 10x with Our PHP Web Development Services

  • 2-decades of PHP experience

  • 500+ PHP websites delivered

  • Cloud-based web app development

  • 99% success rate

  • Modern tech stack

  • 200+ dedicated PHP programmers

Futuristic PHP Web Development Services

Streamline your business with advanced PHP web app development. Colan Infotech empowers businesses with cutting-edge PHP web application development for seamless integration of all your critical functionalities with an exceptional user experience.

Intuitive UI/UX design
Responsive web applications across devices
Fortify your website with robust security measures
Modern development tools & IoT integration
Implement dynamic access control
Scale up with AI-powered web solutions

Our PHP Development Services

Create feature-rich websites and web apps for your business with our expert PHP development services. Take your brand and business to the online market faster than ever. Accelerate PHP website development with us.

Dynamic PHP Web Development Services

From Facebook to Wikipedia, the global most visited websites are built using PHP. With our PHP web development services, build dynamic, responsive and interactive websites for your business today. Boost online presence and engage visitors with tailored features.

Custom PHP App Development Services

Craft unique PHP web applications tailored to your specific business needs. Our expertise in PHP web development frameworks like Laravel, Django, Flask, ASP.NET, and more is the key to building your dream apps.

Cloud-based Web App Development

Being a trusted PHP website development company, we leverage the services of top cloud providers like AWS, Microsoft Azure, GCP, and more. With the right cloud solution, launch secure and scalable cloud-based web apps for your business needs.

CMS Development

CMS (Content Management System) is the backbone of any website. It is a central hub to manage all the components of a website. Use our PHP web app development services to seamlessly integrate popular CMS like WordPress with your cloud-based application, allowing you to easily manage your website content.

eCommerce PHP Development

Looking to develop powerful and scalable online stores? Our PHP development services help you launch stellar eCommerce websites to drive sales and upscale your business. Hire the best PHP developers in India to build and maintain your eCommerce site effortlessly.

PHP Networks & Framework Development

Robust websites require the implementation of the right PHP framework. Be it Laravel, Symfony, ASP.NET or Django, our PHP website development services are developed on top technologies and frameworks. Hire dedicated PHP programmers from Colan Infotech to get your websites built on the latest frameworks in the industry.

PHP Mobile Web Services

Go beyond native apps. Reach a wider audience with feature-rich mobile web services developed with PHP. Use the potential of mobile web services to improve ROIs and results. Leverage our PHP web app development services for mobile right away.

Social Networking Websites

Build engaging social networking platforms using our expertise in PHP development. Our ability on different PHP social engines results in the conveyance of appealing, engaging, and collective social networking websites that users aspire to engage on.

API Integration

Enable seamless communication between different software applications, enabling data exchange and functionality enhancement with featureful APIs. Our PHP web development services ease your API integration to enrich your web applications.

PHP Maintenance & Support

Our PHP web development services don't end with deployment. After-launch support is the key to a successful website with no downtime. Our PHP web developers are right here to assist you in all things PHP even after the successful launch.

Partner with the Most Renowned PHP Web Development Company for Scalable, User Friendly & Dynamic Websites.

Our Tech Stack for PHP Website Development Services

Trust our prowess in PHP website development for your business. Bring your dream website to life with the latest in technologies and frameworks.

Web Services

  • Ajax
  • JSON
  • SOAP


  • WordPress
  • Magento
  • Drupal


  • laravel
  • Codeigniter
  • cakephp.png


  • request
  • Doctrine
  • /jQueryUI

Custom PHP Development, Delivered Smartly.

We instill agility in every step of the PHP development process. Colan Infotech fosters smart and strategic PHP application development that delivers scalable & measurable results from your websites.

Gather Business Requirements

As a first step in our PHP web development process, our experts gather business requirements from businesses and map it with our workflow.

Identify PHP Frameworks

As a renowned PHP web development company, we make sure the latest tools, technologies, and frameworks are implemented.

Custom Design & Development

Our skilled PHP app developers craft a user-friendly and visually appealing web application tailored to your specific requirements.


We ensure a smooth and efficient launch of your PHP application by hosting on cloud or on-premise server.

Support & Maintenance

Our dedicated PHP developers provide ongoing support and maintenance to keep your application running smoothly and evolving with your needs.

Industries We Offer PHP Development Services to:

As a leading PHP app development company, our services cater to stellar websites and web apps across industries.

Why Choose Colan Infotech for PHP Development Services?

Our PHP development company can assist you to establish any kind of website that has an enlightened backend and a user-friendly frontend.

Colan Infotech is a leading PHP Development Company delivering top-notch PHP Development services.

We design, create, and provide expert insights for your Custom PHP Web Application Development projects, consistently delivering business value.

We have successfully helped clients embrace and adapt to new PHP technologies, creating bespoke PHP web services that engage audiences worldwide.


A PHP development company offers a wide range of services like website / web app development, mobile web services, UI/UX designs, support and maintenance of your websites. It involves custom PHP development, PHP-based CMS development, eCommerce solutions, API integration, and more.

Yes, PHP is excellent for web development. PHP web development services are popular because they allow for the creation of dynamic and interactive web pages.

PHP is highly used in website development due to its robust features, and ability in building good performing websites and web apps that are responsive, interactive, and loads easily. Also, PHP works well with many databases and is compatible with most servers.

Look for a company with a proven track record in PHP development services. Make sure you can hire dedicated PHP developers for a focused approach to your project’s needs.

PHP powers approximately 79% of all websites. Facebook, Yahoo, Wikipedia, Etsy, Flickr, WordPress are some of the popular websites built on PHP.

Hire Dedicated PHP Developers

To add up we do have a dedicated PHP developer hiring option from our top-notch PHP development company. Feel free to get in touch.

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