4 Factors That Describes Mobile-Optimised Website

4 min read | By Admin | 24 May 2018 | Technology

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Visual media, both pictures and video act as a powerful marketing tool. They have potential to act as best mobile-friendly website design for the targeted page. Almost every people prefer mobile as a search tool and an attractive mobile-optimized website urge people to stay longer on the website.

Why media optimization?

All technical SEO analyst thought is to take mobile SEO optimization to next level in an easy and better way. From previously introduced text content, voice and now social media optimization proposal- everything set to be the best target of a keyword.

We are all familiar about dictum, “A good sketch says a thousand words”. It is scientifically proven that human brain capture visual information more potent than texts. Kindle by the fact makes media both images and video as one of the powerful internet marketing tools.

Mobile – A perfect platform

Mobile holds today digital world. You almost can’t find a person without a mobile phone. So why can’t it be a good introductory platform? Hence mobile phone deals online marketing more efficient than laptops or computers.

Smartphone owners preferably search their results in phones and if you are not providing a mobile-friendly website design, you are likely to lose your position to competitors. Make sure for the media to be delivered to mobile users as the powerful communication and if you do your path is clear.

Challenging factors

Words said are so easy than done. Through the introduction of media as the searching tool is a promising evolution in search engine optimization there are an equal amount of hurdles to overcome.

  • Loading speed: Sadly this is going to be the challenging issue in the project. Past years survey shows that average weight for mobile page speed has increased to 80 percent leading to slow load times. Also three-second delay in loading result in 55 percent of bounce rate.
  • File size: Videos and images take more file space and compressing improve the page loading speed. Expert analytic knowledge about settings and data types can establish a way for optimisation.
  • Design: An effective design can provide layout adjustment but the more media optimization you introduce the more complicated it becomes to provide a responsive design. Device viewports, RAM, processor types must be taken into consideration.
  • Image format and compression:The best image format for a website has more effect on quality prediction. Be sure to choose appropriate image type for different devices and browsers.

Image compression can reduce file size. You may probably think about the image quality and size but have you ever visually notice any difference in resolution of the image? The best file compression format can bring quick loading time.

Media Optimization- A revolution in search engine

Search Engine Optimization comes along with marketing. Hence marketing needs to provide rich mobile-optimized website content that holds users and benefit from SEO. To learn more about the challenges and benefits refer this article.

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