How Retailers Improve Customer Experience Using Technology?

4 min read | By Admin | 07 August 2018 | Technology

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Shopping becomes miserable for people facing less customer experience marketing. Either shoppers leave store or close browsing window to purchase somewhere reliable. This is a bad remark on retailers to continue his service for the customer.

To avoid such embarrassing situation retailers need to switch their marketing towards emerging technology trends. Combination of old and new technology can keep customers’ cart full in both online and offline sale.

Augmented Reality for better customer experience

Augmented Reality is changing the experience of shopping in a modified groundbreaking ways. Survey promotes that nearly 60% of product conversations takes place through AR experienced customers service. Nowadays top fashion brand companies use AR application for customers to choose clothes by seeing virtual version of them wearing the chosen outfit.

Benefit of old technology –SMS

One of the oldest and simplest ways to bring customer attention about the retail service is through SMS. SMS acts as a part of customer relationship management strategy. Even if customer don’t buy product this SMS is a piece of note during their retail journey.

Retailers use SMS as a source to notify customers about sale offers and for better customer service. SMS is the fast and effective way for the people to communicate and know about service inquiries.

Ways SMS and AR Benefit People

Effortless Experience

An Omni channel experience that brings different customer experience marketing strategy. Same level of experience from smart mirror, SMS and website will bring excitement for customers to purchase the product.

Shipping Notifications

When people make online shopping, they used to receive notifications on product shipping locations, when item left from warehouse and product delivery date. This is a fascinating application introduced by technology to ease customer experience.

Personal Shopper

One of the popular and widely used applications is personal shopping. Here shopper just provide store with details about their needs and sizes of clothing. An Artificial Intelligence application will scan through the store’s inventory and provide appropriate options. A staff member will purchase on behalf of customer thus saving time and energy.


Technology is having the major impact in human life as well as in retail industry. Artificial Intelligence is extending its influence in almost every sector in the world. We all hope to see more emerging technology trends that improve customer relationship management strategy in all business around the world.

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