3 Necessary Steps To Create A Chatbot

3 Necessary Steps To Create A Chatbot | Colan Infotech Private Limited

3 Necessary Steps To Create A Chatbot

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Over the past few years tech admirers, inventors and entrepreneurs have provided a platform for the bright future of chatbot application development technology. Today chatbot has reached its mass success despite its hard path.

Success Path of Chatbot

In early days 40% of customers got lost in conversation because of chatbot inability to understand human pronunciation. But now chatbot is becoming more accurate, fast and emerging technology to anticipated users. Machine learning infused with chatbot become even more personalized. Using the chatbot application, we are able to answer customer question effectively as well as apprehend qualified traffic to a website.

Steps to Follow

Launching chatbot isn’t an easy task to finish within a period time. There are some effective steps to be followed to make your launch successful. Here are the 3 steps to consider,

Set Purpose To Your Chatbot

Before entering into the process, one should know about the types of chatbots available in the market. Chatbots are of rule-based and advanced version. Rule-based chatbots accept only the specific commands from users or predefined specific commands in the list. Advanced chatbots are combined with machine learning and are sophisticated to collect more data. Decide your type that suits your business and start building your own chatbot.

Create Machine Oriented Chatbot

As a startup, your chatbot won’t be as advanced as Google’s but make sure it can understand people flow of conversation. But accomplishing this cannot be an easy task. Further, even if your `bot function as if Google oriented don’t fake customers and let them know that a bot had greeted them. And if the conversation becomes out of focus, let a human representative take over the process.

Take Performance Review

A survey shows that chatbot declines financial expenditure to the business as person to person interaction bring considerable cost. To research about this cost-saving benefit, it is necessary for the bot to take a performance test under three key points. A complete performing chatbot should be able to

  • Understand what users say and respond without error
  • Deliver information that keeps users engaged
  • Quick response communication


Chatbots aren’t a single tool, it is the combination of multiple responding applications. They require a deep understanding of the customer communication. But more and more research takes chatbot as successful development application to bring an astonishing impact on business.

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