Machine Learning and Deep Learning: Latest Study

4 min read | By Admin | 26 April 2019 | Technology

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With the world being driven by the new technologies and innovations, the profound machine learning, as well as its subfield deep learning, has been making a fabulous breakthrough in recent years. Researches conducted in this field have shown up the positive result and the people can’t wait to cherish those applications.

Machine Learning Vs. Deep Learning

The optimistic Artificial Intelligence will be the root source of machine learning and deep learning technologies. Considering Machine Learning, it is an excellent and interesting finding in the branch of computer science promoted as the path for implementing Artificial Intelligence.

Deep Learning is the future advancement and one step forward in machine learning. Machine learning algorithms interpret the data, learn from the feed and make decisions from what it learned. Deep learning originates an artificial neural network that could learn and make decisions on its own.

Latest Research study on Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Machine Learning

Augmented Analytics

Data Science is the complete picture of the world and machine learning the driving force of the system. Augmented Analytics thrust automated machine learning for data composition, analytics and business intelligence that drives the data science without the need of human experts.

Augmented analytics can achieve automated data science in three major ways:

  • Augmented Analytics prepare data
  • Mature Analytic models drive the result
  • Top Executives acquire key insights to assist business operations

Businesses that adopt augmented analytics can experience better changes and drive towards a path of success.

Optimized Cloud Platform

With the drastic increase in the number of cloud service available for people, it becomes difficult for the new cloud adopters and often requires experts to refine the platform. This is where the intruders take the chance of cloud adoption. This is the problem raised and professionals manage to efficiently handle the platform.

At present with the gained knowledge of machine learning, one can improve the customer experience and optimize the cloud platform.

ML Driven Marketing

Most of the time, fortune play the essence of marketing success in business. Sometimes the result can break a business and hence the need for technical support is at a greater cost. Some organizations back up their business with the known tactics and the others look up for digital marketing.

It is the turning point of an era in digital marketing where the teams get to involve working with the machine learning tools to make marketing more successful most of the times. Software providers evaluate the machine learning process that is going to revolutionize approaching marketing strategies.

Deep Learning

Introducing Hybrid Model in Prediction

Explainability and extrapolative predictions are the two hurdles that prevent professional in deriving the own abstract model for the progress of deep learning. However, deep learning gained its strength through hybrid model predictions.

Despite the limitations, deep learning has been showing its full potential strength in predicting higher dimensional systems. As compensation, deep learning follows the hybrid dual process solution as the way to integrate existing models with model-free learning.


A major imperfection topic to be described in deep learning is its lack in understanding the complete big picture which is nothing but the vast area of data science. Cybernetics can be the cause of the improvement phase in deep learning to help built the robust Business intelligent infrastructure and augmentation.

Cybernetics and system thinking can help in developing the entire AI designing and its success can lead to satisfying the users thus formulating the new approaches with a variety of interacting components.

Final Note

Companies dealing with machine learning and deep learning technology are already in the way of improving their services and optimizing their products under tech guidance. Machine Learning is the key insight for analyzing business needs and summons data to empower growth. On the other hand, deep learning is breaking its neck at speed to bring inevitable transition into enterprise applications.

At present, we might be in the state to attain the fruit of complete intelligence solution to every problem but a valuable step by step foundation can lead to bigger success in mere future and let’s hope for the best.

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