This is What Happens When AI Re-Invents Your Workplace

4 min read | By Admin | 31 January 2019 | Technology

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We are all living in an astonishing world where the development of technology simplifies our burdensome work with the support of digital assistants. Artificial Intelligence made a microscopic entry into our lives and slowly started to set its implications in the workplace.

As a part of the consumer, we habituated to accept AI guiding in the path of our life journey and consider its suggestions. AI fed Chatbots are available 24/7 to solve queries or clear purchase pieces of information. Today AI introduced many beneficial applications and devices like voice assistants from playing music to assist car parking with the improved user experience.

Business has jumped into the AI adopted platform to resolve the hurdles in a workplace as well bring rapid development in technology innovation.

How Contemporary Workplace will be like?

The modern workforce is originally far different from the traditional workplace. As of the present situation- people in formals travel moderate distance comes together to work under a single disciplined roof. But that’s not the case in the modern workplace.

Today, young generations have access to mobile phones and the internet for their entire life. Even the juvenile who are brought up with no technology information can easily handle the applications. Research confronts by 2020 nearly 50% of working staff will enjoy the benefit from the user-friendly modern workplace infrastructure.

How Artificial Intelligence in the workplace transform individual workers in the future?

Artificial Intelligence in combination with other technologies can lead to more productivity for an enterprise. Machinery can be programmed to perform large scale of operations and with advanced AI robotics to handle manual tasks. Obviously, the above-mentioned scenario can bring more productivity and proportionally sale at a cheap price to satisfy customer needs.

Is that mean workers lost their jobs to automation? Definitely No. With the disruption of present jobs there comes a new job opportunity for workers to handle advanced technology applications.

What will be the impact of Artificial Intelligence in the future workplace?

A controversial argument arises when artificial intelligence makes its entry into companies. Be it a part of negative gossip that goes alongside, only the true understanding of the technology know about the complete benefit of AI. But the real fact is most of the employers don’t feel threatened by AI in the workplace.

According to Giant MetLife survey, nearly 56% of employees provides a positive impact on adopting the automation technologies. Here are the possible ways that describes the impact of artificial intelligence in workplace.

  • Emerging of self- learning enterprises
  • AI-driven personal relationships
  • AI for heavy lifting includes bigdata and number crunching
  • AI for IT development and Internet access enabler

Trained Employee + Perfect Interaction = Satisfied Customer

In the present ages of customer interaction, a mislead conversation will turn everything upside down and cause customers to turn their back from the company service. Hence the business people are more concerned about their customer experience.

Entrepreneurs are keen on the fact that if they want to compete with the higher grade companies then they need to ensure handling the superior customer experience techniques. For taking this into effective action, modern technology support becomes necessary.

To reduce the pressure upon employees to provide this awesome experience to customers, the need for artificial intelligence support comes to life.

How does the Digital Office look like?

For the betterment of business productivity, enterprises must choose to give freedom to do great work and improve the employee experience. Digital office comes with the highly featured workplace that is more fluid and reliable to all dynamic works.

Artificial Intelligence application gives shape to the business workplace and much more helping out in providing the personal assistants for training, onboarding and in meetings thus helping the organizations. AI application design for the best work that could save energy and time thus ensuring the efficient employee experience.

Time to create change in your workplace

Business always functions under the concept of “Valuable time brings more money”. But without the proper ideas on how to resource such great efforts into reality, many businesses have missed the opportunity to cherish the result.

It’s time to take the support of technologies like AI in the workplace to build a strong foundation for the business and take your business to next level.

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