5 App Security Issues You Need To Be Aware Of In 2019

4 min read | By Admin | 20 August 2018 | Technology

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A number of apps have been released every day for people utilization. But are those apps secured? Hackers are keeping trails towards these applications to perform their messy works. Hence it is necessary for people to know about security issues.

Device’s Inbuilt Platform Security

Android OS helps users to choose best apps based on reviews and user comments in Google play store. On the other hand, iPhone operating system allows users to install applications only after screening process. Though the steps followed by Apple OS are found to be secure, the screening method fails to detect the issues on a certain account.

Built Apps from Open Source Codes

Building an application from the ground level is not an easy task for the developers. At some point, developers use open source codes that are readily available from internet for modern applications.

Easier the road, more vulnerable issues are expected to approach. Aware of this simple logic, some hackers develop malicious codes in the hope of any developers using those codes.

Intensive Application Security Testing

A developer is the first line of defense to prevent the application from vulnerable issues. When a developer fails to provide secure apps then user’s data are at risk. It would better for a developer to conduct static and dynamic mobile/web application security testing at every point of development stage before project release.


As the technology keeps on developing, it becomes necessary for developers to build challenging encryption against malicious attacks. Application with weak encryption or no encryption has put user’s private information under threat. More popular the application, it would be better to have updated implementations and configured properly. String and white box are the advanced level of encryption to keep sensitive information secured.

Cache Vulnerabilities

It is advisable for the users to avoid cache app data. Proper technique and adequate clearance of cache data are required for mobile phone security. The best practice is not to store or hide data in the phone. There are multiple ways for the hackers to corrupt data unintentionally and some of them are sorted below

  • Search history and bookmarks
  • Debug files
  • Cookies
  • SQLite database


It is typically important for people to take application security as one of the serious issue. No specific app security measures are going to safeguard the data from the external attacks. Some comprehensive security tool for web application gives satisfactory firewall against security issues.

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