Outstanding Digital Marketing Trends: Now and In Future

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The term ”Digital Marketing” doesn’t stop in saying or displaying as one of the efforts taken in the marketing world to create brand awareness. The real meaning and the true color of digital marketing shows only when applied.

As the years passed by, the evolution of digital marketing trends has its own advantage and consequences in the marketing field uplifting a brand or vice versa. It seems as if the rapid progress of marketing doesn’t slow down and it is evident that every marketer should step out from their comfort zone to try new things for the sake of expanding and build better futuristic scope for business.

The prospects of digital marketing covers a wide range of areas such as social media networks, online advertising, website optimization, branding, content marketing, paid marketing and much more witnessing the actual benefit of digital marketing.

Origin of Digital Marketing

Before we enter into this detailed blog, it would be better to have a little introduction about the evolution of digital marketing.

Every business requires new customers to grow their business, earn a profit and create a strong future for business. Business owners need to apply different strategies for advertising, improve brand visibility and increase sales.

This makes important for every business owner to understand what digital marketing is and how it works? To know more about digital marketing blocks, marketing funnel and techniques, read What is ToFu,MoFu,BoFu? How Come it Affect Marketing Goals?

Where Digital Marketing Now?

Digital Marketing is way far from the day it takes its origin into the world. At present, it is at the way of progression with the support of technology.

Majorly focused Digital Marketing strategies are,

  • Content Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Paid Marketing (PPC)
  • Social Media Marketing

Below comes the detailed and latest digital marketing 2020 trend in each of the categories listed above:

Content Marketing

Every marketers nod when said ”Content is King”. Like never before content marketing has taken a dramatic change in its history.

The competition for content is so intense and one has to come up with unique information to set foot among the crowd.

According to 2019 State of Digital and Content Marketing survey, nearly 25% of firms have documented the latest content strategies and it is the reflection of the complexity of prioritising some practice groups at the expense of others.

The trends for content marketing keeps on changing and the process of applying the principle into the work is less and that makes many small and medium businesses to lag behind in the race.

Popular Content Marketing Strategies

A good strategy can draw a smooth road-map to goal. The same fast work on for content marketing. An ideal Content marketing strategy have the power to draw customers, educate them, drive sales and coat a powerful brand name for any business.

According to content marketing institute, about 70% of B2B marketers accepted that they create more content this year with trends showing no signs of slowing down today.

Each part of content marketing strategies has its own shade of color and here is how to build a perfect content in the order of each strategy.

  • Understand your content marketing goal
  • Make Research and find target audience
  • Setup your Blog
  • Include the trending content into the blog
  • Collect Email list and know how you are using it
  • Update your current content (if already published)
  • Inspire creative content ideas and do keywords research to grab the opportunity
  • Make an outline of the content flow
  • Choose proper content strategy that suits well for marketing
  • Use paid option to get more view on the topic

Let’s jump into the content marketing trends that will last for now and in future.

Result Focused Content

To get on result focused content, you will need to find a new way to help reader get their result fast.

For example,

If Gillbert is writing a blog for his website with filterable list posts like below

Do you want your website rank first? Need to know about latest strategies? Need more email list?

Define your goal and filter through my engagement metric for high ROI. Click one of the buttons below to get your answer.

How It Works?

Turn your audience towards the filterable option.

Include the content distribution tool. The process requires the help of developer.

Video/Live stream

Apart from the audience read through the blog post, video content has been the massive audience engagement content strategy tool for brands throughout the past few years.


Modern consumers expect video content from their favorite brands and keep them engaged for a longer period of time.

According to LiveStream Survey,”80% of respondents say that they would rather watch live video than read a blog post.”

Also 81% of respondents watched more live video in 2016 than 2015.

The video content can be of any form as listed below:

  • Product demo
  • Webinars
  • Q&A session
  • Behind the scene
  • Interview with Experts

User and Search Intent Content

The web search queries falls into four major categories:

Informational- Broad queries looking for information

Navigational- More specific queries

Investigational- such as “best watches in 2019”, “Movie Reviews”

Transactional- Action focused such as “Buy Titan Watch” or “Book a bus ticket”

Investigational- such as “best watches in 2019”, “Movie Reviews”

Image Source

While the types of search queries is a concept to consider while creating a content, the recent Google algorithm update introduced have brought search intent to work well with regard to content creation.

The algorithm works pretty well on the content that satisfy the above four search queries includes info graphics, detailed product information, call to action/link to purchase and other language for the audience to move to next stage of marketing funnel.

Conversation Marketing

Conversation Marketing will be one of the expanding future trends for a variety of reasons. This strategy will allow anyone to have a real time conversation with the customers leading to more audience engagement; know more about their needs and their goals.

Conversation marketing can be implemented more effectively with the help of chatbot minimizing the human effort and time consumption.

Chatbots always comes up with precise option for the customers and direct the customers based on their queries.

Voice Search and Smart Devices

Another marketing trend that is going to rock in the future will be the smart devices.

The more viable reason is that by eMarketers predicts that one-third of US population is using voice assistant in 2019, which is 9.5% more than 2018.

ComScore predicts that by 2020, 50% of online searches will be performed with voice search.

Optimizing the content that is more intended for voice searches will get more audience.

How to implement this through content?

First, a clear understanding on search conducted by audience.

Second by looking into the voice queries and gain more insight into the search queries.

Personalized Content

Dynamic.Content.Delivery is the three mantra words for the personalized content to reach the audience.

Consumers always expects their brands to personalize with their expectations and don’t want them to expect the same information received by other customers.

What if each customer received a notification or newsletter personalized in their way of expectation, interest and need. Also it is specific to send the personalized content rectifying their immediate needs at the specific time.

There personalization content works out pretty well to drive the customers to next level of marketing funnel.

The other content marketing trends lies with podcasts, topic-focused content, snippet and data-driven content.

Content Marketing Tools

Here are the some of the latest content marketing tools listed below:

  • Buffer
  • Similar Web
  • Clearscope
  • Followerwonk
  • OptinMonster

Search Engine Optimization Trends

As more competition and advanced trends beginning to take place with technology support, it becomes the responsibility for all marketers to stay aware, make research and implement them in their work to see how best it works for their business.

Here are some of the important SEO trends that would help you with your profession.

Featured Snippet

Thanks to Google SERP search result such as featured snippet that provides the perfect answer for the search queries resulting in “zero-click search“ i.e user search query is answered at the featured snippet itself leaving half of the search results with no click.

The only way to overcome this is:

  • Understanding what kind of searches customers is looking for
  • Include the appropriate keyword into the content detailing with answerable content.

Optimize! Optimize! Optimize!

In the situation of zero-click searches prevail, it is better to make better on-page optimization leading to rich and featured snippets.

What has to be done?

  • Optimize Title
  • Include most appropriate keywords
  • Make the page as relevant as possible
  • Optimize content with latest news
  • High DA outbound link
  • Long tail keyword
  • Include Q&A contents
  • Featured Image
  • Gifs, Infographics, Video Content etc.

Secure & Safe Website

Website security and user safety is what every customers look first while entering into a website. If mentioned as “not secure” customers don’t proceed to look into the website.

This completely affects the audience for your website which indirectly affects SEO.

Hence it is important to enable HTTPS protocol and gives users the freedom of secure surfing through your website.

Google’s ultimate goal is to secure connection to all users and implementing this protocol can bring minor positive impact for SEO.

Also it is the responsibility of every website owner to protect your customer’s privacy from vulnerabilities and provide secure connection.

Page Loading Speed

No matter how great is the content or how lengthy your content sits in your website, page loading play a major factor in SEO.

It is proven that nearly half the incoming audience to a website leaves if there is one second delay in page loading and obviously it is a huge loss to a business.

Once improved, it is important to focus on the mobile UI and user experience navigation through the website.

There are still other SEO factors including content length, optimizing website for voice search, influencer marketing, include video, CTR and dwell time.

Paid Marketing Trends

Staying at the top of the search result organically take more time as well involve a lot of optimization techniques to be implemented to the website. Of course there are website factors that affect the paid marketing in terms of spend.

As the competition is on the rise in the advertising world, there is no concept in saying you are spending your budget wisely with high ROI.

On the other hand, the latest trends can keep you under the reasonable spend and give you more reach or conversion to your business.

Perfect time for Artificial Intelligence

One of the exciting and often bespoken technology prevailing today is Artificial Intelligence. With the combination of automation and artificial intelligence in digital marketing Google can completely takeover the manual bidding and predict the highly targeted audience.

Instead of spending more time & money on finding the audience who are not ready to make a purchase, you can deliver ads to those who spend precious moment on purchasing.

What Artificial Intelligence can do?

  • Adjust the bids and keep track of bids that can bring more traffic.
  • Go through the history of the campaign and find the likelihood of conversion.
  • Predict the future Click Through Rate and the impact it causes on Quality score.

Evolution of AI is rapid and feeding vast amount of data to an AI system can work well on PPC. But the real problem is the lack of human thought process. With this, one can get insights useful for enhancing the PPC campaigns.

Advanced level of Audience Segmentation

Image Source

Audience Segmentation denotes the effective reach of your product or service to a group of people depending on their needs at the right time.

It is nothing new to say Google have access to huge amount of data and this is the reason why Google reach its uses so easy that anyone else.

Likewise, such data are available in your own platform and you can segment users based on age, demographics, geometric location and several other behavioural patterns.

In PPC campaigns, market segmentation is one of the important factors that allows you to pick a group of people who can see your ad. This increases the chance of reaching relevant audience and drive them to the next stage in marketing funnel.

In future, more segmentation option will be added and it helps to develop highly and personalized targeted campaigns. Last but not the least, it is predicted and believed that re-marketing will have a stable position in PPC.


If you are an entrepreneur and looking forwards to take your business at the top, above listed topics are the wonderful and successful trend taking place right know and ya, of course will be carried out in future.

So, finally it is the right time to import all the marketing skills into your business and stay forefront than your competitor. Good Luck!

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