5 Ways to Automate Your Thanksgiving Marketing Campaign

4 min read | By Admin | 22 November 2019 | Marketing

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Thanksgiving day is around the corner and the season of festivity, family get together and feasting; the moment is ticking across the mind of every one.

No one can underestimate the power of offers promoted by business that could drag almost a quarter of people under its spell. Yes, the month of November has been a profitable and seasonal month for every entrepreneur.

Last Year 2018, has been a successful festive season for E-Commerce industry marking a record collection of $970 Billion in US alone. Now 2019 is predicted to reach 1 Trillion dollar first time ever in history.

If you are drafting a concrete Digital Marketing plan for upcoming Thanksgiving season, then here are the important and advanced level of Thanksgiving marketing campaign techniques recommended for you.

What is Seasonal Marketing?

An informative entrepreneur can definitely understand the best response from customers that could reach them in a significant way.

Understanding the importance of seasonal month and they started working on all possible marketing strategies.

“Seasonal Marketing is marketing the product or services on certain special days in an entire year.”

The special days can be New Year, Christmas, Cyber Monday, Black Friday or Thanksgiving day. Special discount,offers are the notable features on these special days.

Seasonal Marketing happens in two variations: Long- Term & Short-Term.

Long Term

Business that create special promotions, offers, discounts or deals on ongoing and/or long lasting seasonals events is counted as long-term seasonal marketing.

Long-term seasonal campaign concentrates on building relationships and handle low-risk campaigns.

Short Term

Short Term Marketing happens on a fast ending events. Short term marketing can be pretty risky and straight to customer’s face as the campaign should reach maximum customers in a short period of time.

Why Digital Marketing for Seasonal Marketing?

Digital Marketing is highly affected by seasonal marketing. However there are pros and cons in running a digital marketing campaign especially during the seasonal period.

Seasonal Marketing makes a new contribution to short time marketing. Promoting short span marketing breaks the fear of missing audience crowd and the right ad can bring more customers to buy the product.

Setting up of digital marketing campaign and including the latest seasonal trends to it, can encourage large number of customers to purchase and re-targeting the in-market audience becomes simple.

If needed running A/B test every year can win you a successful promotion.

Depending on how the audience resonate, recirculating the winning ads can be a cost-effective method.

How to Improve Seasonal Marketing Sale Through Digital Marketing?

When a new concept is taken into discussion, a new term of excitement comes into the heart of every professionals. The best way is to consider automation to be an integral part in your marketing plan.

Automation marketing tool can take digital marketing campaign to the next level of upgradation while it helps gaining new leads, nurture the audience, increase the productivity and conversion sale of your business.

Ways to Automate Digital Marketing

According to Smart Insights,”Business Owners, Executives and Marketers identified the biggest benefit of marketing automaton as: Saving Time(30%), Lead Generation(22%), Increase in Revenue(17%) and Customer Retention(11%).”

Here are the latest trend in marketing that helps in automating your digital marketing campaign.

Increase Engagement with Dynamic Content

According to Demand Gen Report, 96% of B2B buyers demand for high quality content in getting more audience engagement. To get the best result from any automation tool, including high quality content is a must.

Having low quality content or irrelevant content can result in the loss of quality leads.

Definition of Hubspot says “Dynamic content or adaptive content or smart content is the message in the mail body or ad or in article that could change based on the interests of customers/readers at the right time.”

Set Up Email Drip Campaign

Promoting drip campaign for automated marketing is the finest idea of all other efforts as it curates the capability of increasing the click through rate.

Drip Campaign involves sending a follow-up email with preferred content for customer as soon as they sign up.

It is estimated that promoting a business through drip campaign have 80% of higher open rates and 3X click through rate than a normal email message. Adding more to the estimation, companies using drip campaign seek 80% more leads under 33% reduced cost.

Automate Real-Time Team Collaboration

No one can deny the power of teamwork and so does it work well in digital marketing. One of the biggest problems in a workplace is the existence of communication gap.

It is sad to admit that even before attaining an audience crowd, it becomes unable to pass information across other departments.

Survey proved that nearly 1800 corporate marketers, executives and educators believe the lack of collaboration leads to workplace failures.

Each department has its own information about a particular customer and sharing of the information can give the complete information of a customer.

Today,with the help of automated software, one can make use of all the information available in different departments and set relevant message to target the customer.

Configure Nurture Campaign in Marketing Funnel

It is impossible for any marketer or executive to convert every lead into a loyal customer unless to the ones eager to know about your product or services. It is an easy way to market to the saved audience rather than spending on unknown resource.

Gathering the audience details through the lead form and nurturing them can result in a 50% increase in sales with no loss says Forrester forecast.

Targeted Automated Campaign to quality leads can take your unique way of marketing to your targeted audience. In B2C, audiences are always bound to grab special offers and discounts on their purchase and sales-force can make a follow up mail containing product recommendation at the specified time.

Influence Promoting Mechanisation Through Segmentation

Making use of segmentation parameters in Thanksgiving marketing campaign can make better reach rather than simply running the ad for the whole country.

Segmenting the audience based on the geographical location and demographics is another approach in understanding where your true audience really lives.

Marketers who prioritise segments believe that they gain in most of the campaign they run. Also be sure to reach your customers with the most suitable message.


Digital Marketing holds a lot of possibilities and is a vast topic to make audience research. The point is that one can get good results and gather more information than the others. The same goes while running short term thanksgiving marketing campaign.

As you make observation on top performers and implementing the above discussed marketing automation strategies will bring you more conversion rate.

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