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Digital Marketing Services

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Search engine optimization, web or SEO positioning search engines (SEO by its acronym of Search Engine Optimization which translates, ‘optimization for search engines’) to the process of improving the visibility of a website in is called different search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing organically, i.e.without paying the search engines for access to a leading position in the results, according to a specified search criteria.

This positioning is achieved naturally performing optimization tasks on web pages. In order to appear in the top positions on search engines and increase traffic hits on a website, it is desirable that sites apply optimization tasks.

The task of optimizing the structure of a website and the content thereof, and the use of various techniques of link building, link baiting or viral content in order to appear in the top positions in search engine results (when a user searches for a particular keyword or keyword word), it is known as SEO.

The application of SEO techniques is usually more intense on websites with a lot of competition and the aim with your application is positioned above the competitors for certain keywords.

SEO techniques can be excessive and affect the natural results of the major search engines so if they violate the terms and conditions thereof can be considered, in some cases, as a form of SPAM, spamdexing. The work is large, since the position involves the programming code, design and content.



Paid search marketing is the quickest and most controllable way to get your business in front of people who are looking for your products or services. Because you only pay for qualified traffic, it is easy to control the budget and return on investment for your campaign.

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The SMO or Social Media Optimization refers to the actions taken in social media (forums, blogs, social networks…) and optimization of these to achieve the objectives of marketing and / or communication set out in the plan digital marketing. Is the social media manager or community manager in charge of it.

It is therefore to create content on their own sites (fan page, Twitter account, corporate blog, discussion groups, professional networking…) and other sites where we have detected that involved our community (Blogger Relationship Management, forums, groups, networks…).

To better understand the concept behind SMO it is necessary to know the 5 Rules of Social Media Optimization, which can be summarized as:

Facilitate the user to share content on social networks, emails, blogs…

Distribute content in different social networks: Tweets on Twitter, social bookmarking, blogs, forums…

Reward those who help you to spread the content.

Adapt the content to other formats: slideshare presentations, videos, infographics…

Encourage the mashup. It allows people to redraft the content.



Social Media Marketing or (SMM) combine the goals of internet marketing with social media like blogs, content aggregators, content sharing sites, social networking and microblogging sites, among others.

The objectives of the Social Media Marketing will depend on the vision of the company. In most cases, all or almost all aim at viral marketing as a basis for brand positioning, increased visibility, promote sales or transfer of new ideas and concepts to the market to finally get the desired goal: increasing sales, get more followers on a blog, etc.

One aspect to consider in this way of marketing is that results are not immediate. It takes time to prepare all the social media plan, which requires a communication plan and a strategy for digital marketing focused on social media.

An important concept within the Social Media Marketing is the online reputation, which play a fundamental role in the actions of the prosumer. In this sense, companies should try to be active and proactive in communicating with others in order to keep their products and services in the minds of consumers in a positive way.

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