12 Reasons Why Content Marketing Is Important

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Today everyone starting from beginner to influencer in Digital Marketing says “Content is King”. Understanding why content marketing is important to make way for greater opportunity. But did you know this mantra already emphasized by a world fame enthusiastic person in the late 90s?

Yes it is none other than Bill Gates. He wrote an article on Jan 1996 with the title being “Content is King”.

“Content is where I expect much of the real money will be made on the Internet, just as it was in broadcasting.”

New or existing brand whatever it is content marketing defines its online success compared to competitors. It is considered as a sub in the digital marketing solar system, as no campaign is effective with proper content marketing strategy.

It intern acts as a bridge to connect audience and business through value-added information. But is that all content marketing does to a business? Not at all, it impacts cascaded to different clusters of Digital Marketing.

The more viable facts that stress why content marketing is important to a business.

Building Brand Reputation

Quality contents helps to build a reputation for business longevity. To add weight to this point, there is a stat that says 78% of customers get to know about a new business through content marketing than paid advertising

Since paid ad serves minimal vital information on how they help a customer whereas content gives a detailed explanation over the solution to a problem.

Traffic to Conversion

Apart from the regular fact that great content brings traffic to the business, later making that traffic to a customer does matter.

  • Content marketing gets 6 times increased traffic compared to other methods
  • 61% of purchase decision are made after reading value added blog contents
  • Hubspot says that inbound marketers double their conversion rate from their content marketing efforts

All these answers the question of why content marketing is important in this digital age.

Long Term Organic Traffic

Many used to differ in SEO and content marketing while building a marketing strategy. But SEO itself a proven content marketing strategy to boost continuous organic traffic.

Generally SEO is being done to vital service pages, just image what if a blog is perfectly optimized with quality content. It would definitely drive traffic along with a flock of customers to engage with your content.

This intern helps increasing the number of pages on your website and makes your website fresh throughout the year.

Generates New Customers

As stated above new incoming traffic means new customers. But the matter is how wisely you shape your content in order to achieve it.

Small to mid-sized companies concentrate on leads generation for the sake it is affordable and easy to implement. Reasonable ROI at a smaller budget for the uninterrupted time period provided it is a targeted content marketing strategy.

Reveals Your Expertise

It’s damn sure that every page in a website has its own purpose served to its visitors. Likewise, every blog content should have a motive.

For instance if you are services firm that focuses on niche service that might be very new to your customer, just grab some potential keywords around the topic and start writing some good piece of content.

That’s it, every visitor’s steps into that page will emphasise your interest towards the new service.

And that special content can also be a whitepaper, e-book, PDF or any other form of marketing assets that you prefer.

Strengthen Customer Relationship

From all the points mentioned above, content marketing explains that content marketing is an integral part of gaining customer trust and sustaining online reputation.

Likewise building a good relationship with customers also does matters. From this repeated sales conversion is possible for the long run. This will also earn referral traffic to your service.

One such way to have a strong relationship with a customer is by creating personalized content that gives a personal touch to the customers.

  • 60% of customers pleases while seeing industry specific content
  • 82% customers gain confidence over a business through custom content
  • 70% feels they are attached to a company via content marketing

Acts as a Lead Magnet

Lead generation is the right answer to those wonder why content marketing is important. Having a compelling content that gives a solution to a customer is the perfect lead magnet to your business.

Improvising such contents time to time add merit to the content. All these combined with below facts gives massive result.

  • 20% of online users spend valuable time of content looking for a solution
  • 68% people spends time online to research about their favourite brand
  • 80% users find new compelling content through online searches

Stay Ahead of Rivals

It is mandatory to differentiate your business from others to attain a position in your niche. One way to reach this goal is through content marketing. This is why content marketing is important to have in your marketing arsenal.

Analysing and staying up to date with implementations done by your competitors lets you stay ahead of them online. This is the power of content marketing which is quite difficult to implement in real-world competition.

Just create some content that outruns your rivals, at the same time it should be relevant and compelling to your targeted audiences.

Supports Conversion Funnel

Business that defines its marketing funnel is the successful one. In that dragging a customer till the end of the funnel is very critical.

Which is why content marketing is needed. With quality marketing content at different stages of your funnel, one can make the conversion happen or at least keep remarketing until the conversion is made.

Try considering this while deploying content marketing for different stages of a funnel,

  • Tofu (Top-of-funnel) – This is the state of the funnel in which customers get to know about the solution that you can offer them i.e. you need to create a strong awareness about the solution that your organization about to offer a customer.
  • Mofu (Middle-of-funnel) – In this stage the evaluation happens. Customers start sorting the choice of vendors they have in their pocket. Here offering them contents that project your value-added services apart regular solution would let them choose you.
  • Bofu (Bottom-of-funnel) – Here is where conversion happens. Drafting strong and emphasizing content with your level of expertise let them take a purchase decision. Most importantly you should be ready to sustain customer loyalty once the business is done.

Can be reused

Content used in one portal can be reused in another medium, this is what a powerful digital marketing strategy.

You might have a content that performed well in your social media ads, which means it is interesting to your targeted audience. Replicating it in your email marketing campaign can emphasise the service to the intended audience.

Contents Get Shared

From long time back search engines emphasising contents that are discussing a lot in social media. It is absolutely a fact that contents of yours which get the most engagement in social media would help in organic ranking as well.

To avail this impact you need to have a social schema in your website.

Increases Direct Visitors

Like there are multiple sources of traffic to a website, direct visitors is also a source that’s been listed as a metric in Google Analytics.

These audiences are the one that is returning to your website by bookmarking your content in their browser. Which means that they loved your content and keep following your blogs for more interesting topics.

Bottom line

All these listed points have its own benefits and should be taken care in its sole way while wiring blog contents. By the way, did you notice that one common thing between hints listed above?

Great content!! Yes, your content marketing success is defined by the quality of content that you write and how personalized it is to your intended audience list.

If you fail to give a worthwhile content to your visitors, you just have to keep searching for yet another article stating why content marketing is important.

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