Influence of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing: A New Beginning

Influence of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing: A New Beginning

Influence of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing: A New Beginning

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artificial intelligence in digital marketing

Businesses are finding unique solutions to keep sales engine running around the clock. In this progression organisations making use of combined Digital marketing strategies to rule the industry.

All these days marketing has been evolved in every forms in which it’s been utilised by the companies. One form in that is persona marketing, this is where Artificial Intelligence comes to the play.

Watch this short video to know how Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing can drive visitor to a sale.

IBM Watson marketing automation tool, that combines data from different marketing portals and puts them at once place for comprehensive analysis. This is just to give more personalised experience to customers

With micro moments people fulfil their desires from the place wherever they are. This rationale change filled the gap between business and customers with high chance of conversion.

In the wide range of opportunities available most digital marketers make use of these commonly known activities,

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Display ads
  • Social Media optimization
  • Facebook Marketing
  • LinkedIn Marketing
  • Native Advertising
  • Email Marketing
  • SMS Marketing

All these methods has its unique way of delivering leads to the company. Also it has one outstanding information to be taken care of which can be decoded into specs with the power of Artificial Intelligence (aka AI Marketing).

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What is Artificial Intelligence and its impact in Digital Marketing?

impact of artificial intelligence

We are not at all way behind in seeing the effect of Artificial Intelligence in every industry. AI already started evading business with its numerous features one such thing is it can impact organisation marketing growth by revealing unique customer behaviour.

The real impact of artificial intelligence on digital marketing is experimented day by day and Digital Marketers around the globe are still in study phase with invasion of artificial intelligence in Marketing.

Major players such as Google, Facebook and other advertising portals has AI implemented which is in beta mode. Also experts keep digging for features that AI can offer in Ecommerce marketing strategy

Aside the unknown facts AI have for us, few known impact of artificial intelligence are utterly interesting.

  • Increase in user experience
  • Highly Predicted ROI
  • Helps in decision making
  • Sales forecast
  • Error rates are minimised
  • Tracking user sessions gets easier
  • Understanding user persona

Although these data are already available at different portals/stages of Digital Marketing they can be combined and utilized al-together at one place using contemporary dedicated AI tools are built for Digital Marketing. Know the top 3 reasons to implement machine learning in Digital Marketing

How AI can reform digital marketing?

artificial intelligence and digital marketing

Artificial Intelligence, as the name suggest getting unconventional tasks done and ready to deploy. This coupled with Digital Marketing is like analysing data with hundreds of brains.

These data are extensive and can be implemented with just a click of a button. Transformation that Artificial intelligence in digital marketing brought are numerous but not limited to,

  • Personalised content creation
  • Customised Email templates
  • Increase conversion rates
  • Efficient digital advertising

Not all customers wants to see the same content: As per the marketing funnel; customers will be at different stages seamlessly. If you have similar contents for targeting all together, it might not be irrelevant/interesting to specific audience list.

With help AI marketer can segregate under which stage of the funnel does audience list falls and based on that content can be targeted. This way customer will get closer and closer to the business.

Email Marketing can be altered like never before: Scaling the efforts that earned through email marketing was quite challenging though some data available in the marketing tool. Now with AI powered marketing automation tools, customized content are dynamically written for the specified audience list.

This method of preparing dynamic content increases the open rate, which ultimately leads to sales to the artificial intelligence marketing solution companies. This is similar to group of people visiting a restaurant for a team dinning. Though everyone are to eat something, they prefer to choose food based on their mood and interest.

Thus coupling AI & Email Marketing can increase your purchase & customer base.

Conversion rates can go way beyond your expectations: An effective option any e-commerce website can’t avoid is the search bar. With this implemented user engagement will be quite interesting, if it is done smart.

Now thanks to Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing, major e-commerce players have AI implemented already which is in beta and testing users interactions based on the queries they put.

Once the user behaviour is understood, more surface product recommendations and other helpful tips can be provided to the consumers.

Widely available AI tools to study consumer behaviour assist for e-commerce stores in maintaining customer loyalty and increases sales up to 40%.

Changes digital advertising more personalised than before: One biggest challenge to any business is controlling the ad spend. This is unavoidable if it is done in regular way, but with AI marketing automation tools predictions are more accurate and helps to stay alert even before the crisis occur.

Artificial intelligence marketing solution platforms powered with ML lets you optimise campaigns in mid-cycle, which is not possible in regular way of optimisation. Whereas in regular condition one must wait for couple of days to see effect of changes made earlier.

This shows that rapid decision making is possible even when the campaigns are live and huge budget can be saved with AI marketing automation tools installed in your regular activities.

Many business hesitate to invest further on Digital Marketing for the reason that results are not achieved over night and it’s an endless process with continuous optimisation & A/B testing. This is unavoidable even if prior predictions are made.

And now with Artificial Intelligence in digital marketing predictions, analysis & optimisation are done with ease and can be tested in smarter way without losing much of their ad budget. Artificial Intelligence based marketing tools like IBM Watson aims at your productivity at comfortable budget. IBM Watson campaign automation tool simply does the job as if dedicated resource deployed to do the work.

What’s there to take away from AI in Digital Marketing?

Ecommerce marketing strategy

To be very simple AI is nothing but numerous human brains cascaded together for a specified outcome through machines. That think, respond & execute results just like assigned to a human assistant.

Today AI conquering us even without our knowledge, starting from a product search in an eCommerce store online to Google's rank brain algorithm that gives suggestions based on location we are and personal behaviour.

With invasion of AI into digital landscape, its impact is great enough in changing how Digital Marketing was done earlier. This contemporary Ecommerce marketing strategy extends user presence in website.

It is undeniable that data is the new oil for keep running Digital Marketing show all day long, with power of artificial intelligence in digital marketing gathering data from different marketing sources can be done with just click of a button.

Few among other benefits that AI has for Digital Marketing are,

  • Understanding audience behaviour will be easier as never before
  • Increases user experience to the extreme
  • Effective marketing is possible
  • Productivity can be increased
  • ROI can be measured prior initiating campaigns

With human inputs market trends can be analysed to some extent with errors in the data, just imagine what if this research done by a machine. The data will be near to accurate with that smart investing can be made making way for company to increase sales.

Predominantly AI powered digital marketing saves much time for the marketers today through automated research & estimation.

Why AI data is very important in Digital Marketing?

how artificial intelligence affects digital marketing

In today’s scenario Digital Marketing is getting critical to any business seamless of their organisational size and domain. If an organization started seeing results through their digital marketing investments they simply can’t stop investing more on it.

But the fact here is at one certain point of time the company will have massive amount of data (i.e. customer information in forms of cookies, contact details etc.). Most of these data are left unused or unnoticed for different reasons.

But when AI gets into the play these data are suggested by the tool where to implement and where to not. To the extreme, artificial intelligence based Digital Marketing tools suggest you what type of content should be used to target audiences at different stage of the funnel.

Earlier both terms were seen as two different space. Now it's time to collide them for mutual benefits. The newly formatted term "AI Digital Marketing" able to collect and organise data with ease to reinvent digital arena. Experts predicts it will never stop its impact in offering better solutions to a company's AI marketing success.

Meeting Demand with Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing

With some worthy information said above there are valid reasons that a business demand AI implementation,

  • It elevates precision & accuracy with near zero error thus leveraging efficiency
  • Data mining is never ending work when it is done by AI
  • Cross device data collaboration is possible with AI which is practically tough when it is done manually.
  • AI keeps updating to future benefits once the inner algorithm gets updated

With all these features of AI mentioned, one can derive valuable AI Digital Marketing strategies for enhanced user experience. For instance consider below elements,

Chatbot: One such feature that give website visitor a seamless experience in giving right artificial intelligence marketing solutions. Which also increase user engagement even after the conversation ends.

Popular coffee selling giant Starbucks sells offers valued service to their customer via Starbucks Barista bot for Facebook Messenger that orders coffee online just the way customers wants it.

Customized product suggestions: It is well known that major ecommerce websites are tracking our behaviour online for ease of our shopping with them. With AI implemented, they track user habits, buying behaviour & preferences online.

This is done just to suggest products that are more suitable for every unique users visiting the online store. Such ecommerce marketing strategy can leverage revenue beside giving most anticipated user experience.

AI Tools that can help with your daily Digital Marketing works

AI digital marketing tools to study consumer behaviour

Every business face raise in competitors day by day which leave them no choice to choose at least one AI marketing tool to rely up-on for their marketing success.

There are numerous online and offline Digital Marketing tools used based on the needs, now in this list joins the AI based Digital Marketing tools that you can make use of.

These top 10 Artificial Intelligence Digital Marketing tools to study consumer behaviour can add efficiency to your work,

Acquisio Turing - Utmost 30 high predictive protocols are added to work jointly and to use search campaign data in other platforms. Potential metrics like visits in a day/week, demographic performance, etc let the tool suggest effectively for smart bidding.

Acrolinx - A tool that uses machine learning, NLP and other notable algorithms to demonstrate campaigns across multiple channels and devices.

Atomat - Best part in AI Digital Marketing is serving customized content at each level of the marketing funnel. This fact is not limited to messaging services. This tool can suggest tailored content for the consumer that are falling under certain category of the funnel.

Bloomreach - Easily available and smart tool for business to take almost any sort of marketing analyses starting from estimation till execution and can even optimize campaigns for betterment.

Boost Linquistics - A dissimilar feature can be seen with this platform is inspecting browser experience to make the website entirely user friendly in terms of layout, functionality, page accessibility etc to drive utmost traffic.

CaliberMind - Unlock wider opportunities to B2B companies to get in new inquiries and multiplies the revenue without loss in user experience

Concured - A specialized platform that analyses user's historical behaviour and suggest you what type of marketing content would make them more engage-able with your business.

IBM Watson - A reliable AI marketing portal which gives you user pattern analysis & live personalization models like no other tool in the market. IBM Watson marketing insights insights powered with AI based suggestions to grasp and predict user behaviour.

Hubspot – One stop solution for content marketers to have flow of suggestions over varied content suggestions in targeted market

Google Cloud AI – Can have a chat bot built for self and perform analysis over text, images & other media contents


There is an old saying “Time is more precious than money” which exactly suits Digital Marketing. Here every penny invested is least important than the time taken to see the results through it.

With technology advanced AI Digital Marketing strategy can really make your tasks completed on time with near to accurate prediction. And smart investment is critical here than investing everything that you have on marketing activity that you find useless after long time.

Digital marketing influencers propagates that AI era already begun in marketing in form of automation tools. Before you see your competitors grow with AI, start experimenting it and analyse how artificial intelligence affects Digital Marketing in your company.

Ultimately subscribing for AI powered Digital Marketing tools are not an expense to the company rather it is modern way of investment. It nearly replaces CMO of your organisation.

Have AI implemented to your Digital Marketing arsenal and see your growth touch the sky.

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