4 Industries Interrupted By Artificial Intelligence Technology Today

4 min read | By Admin | 12 October 2018 | Technology

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The widespread of artificial intelligence among people and industries is well explained by comparing it with the sudden transformation brought by electricity to the world. While most enterprises support AI technology today the real fact lies in the startup arena.

Report from previous year 2017 showed the top AI startups raised $11.7 billion aggregate fund thus making market rich with financial backings. Although there are some discussions going on against AI it is also important to note that it drives creative strategy to a larger extent.

Here are the four industries interrupted by AI


At the time when every entrepreneur believes that they are experiencing the retail apocalypse, AI stands separate to prove that’s not the case. According to business experts by the end of 2022 every retailers will start to invest in AI to bring more customer traffic through location based marketing.

In future retailers will start to empower their brands and apply business intelligence to bring more visibility to their business and simplify their trading. Artificial Intelligence technology today is there to work along human side for increased efficiency so that the user’s meaningful effort can reach the world.


Recent market research report concludes that insurance and other related financial companies have lot to deal with future. As per the report political and regulatory turbulence bring changes to the ground rules by which the carriers are allowed to operate around the world.

The advanced level of business is driven by innovation and higher customer needs. The change create more opportunities for perceptive entrepreneurs and without relying on beneficial players in space insurance is blend with tech and transformed digitally for better user experience of all ages. In December 2018 AI bot set records to run 18 fraud algorithms in understanding the nature, urgency and severity of the claims.

Real Estate

Last year real estate report shows 13.4 percent increase in GDP more than any other industry. Real Estate covers various market segments including trading and private enterprises. AI provides support by connecting the potential customers, renters and home buyers that best suit their needs.

With AI infused business, Real Estate contributed more than $1 Trillion on construction to the economy in last year thus providing end to end tech platform across various data streams.

Background Checks

Recently introduced box law in California brings more dissatisfaction among the public as the employers find difficult to provide criminal history inquiry to the applicant. Thanks to the back ground industry to make certain update on artificial intelligence technology today. Combined effort from AI and Machine Learning make background checks on people & companies in just a minute thus reducing waiting time and frustrations among both employee & employer.


Whatever the case, AI will continue to flourish its impact among industries in future and it’s important for all tech freaks to keep tabs on startups that are interrupting industries with AI so that they can stay ahead. Techie’s at Colan Infotech stay ahead in AI to introduce new features in more ways than one.

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