5 Ways in Which the Health Care Industry Making Use of Technology Advancement

4 min read | By Admin | 01 February 2019 | Technology

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Gone are the days where people make an appointment, fix the time and stand in long queue for a couple of hours to meet doctors in the hospitals. If it turned out to make any diagnosis, then the waiting and treatment may extend for a week. Just imagine how many people lost their treatment at the right time?

Driven by the need to improve the healthcare sector and deliver the treatment before conditions become worse, the healthcare industry is thriving hard with the new plans year after year. With the new technology in the medical field, the healthcare sector is upgrading itself in all possible ways to diagnose & cure ailments at lightning speed.

How Technology will Change the Future of HealthCare?

Every year, a billion dollars of money is spent on the latest innovation in healthcare technology. Some didn’t meet up the idea other partially did. However periodically new innovations turn out to be supportive and transfigured the development phase of the healthcare industry.

Advanced diagnostic appliances, ingenious mobile apps, and creative solutions all together servicing the modern healthcare system more effectively than traditional method thus leveraging the best patient care.

Below is the list of supporting technologies healthcare industry is utilizing more productively.

AL and ML

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have bared the huge potential in solving the issues that are considered challenging for the past years. Today experts have started to implement the AI equipment thus understanding the importance of these powerful technologies in healthcare.

With AI, the time period human body analysis and other testing services are drastically reduced and moreover detecting the acute disorders within 1.2 seconds. On the other hand, ML and AI have enhanced the diagnosis accuracy with customized treatment solutions.

AI and ML programmed Robotics are assisting physicians in real time surgeries. The assistance can deliver time saving and successful surgery in full potential. The invention is under consideration and when under practice can conquer the healthcare industry much efficiently.


Telecommunication has developed from connecting the people from one end to the other end of the world to delivering a medical solution to those people in remote areas. Telemedicine and telehealth are the part of digital transformation keep on updating for expandable service.

According to the 2015 survey about 1 million patients are receiving the telemedicine service. But then by 2018, the count is increased by 7 million tele patients. This complete the survey with the view that telemedicine is accrediting patients to receive the best medical support and life saving diagnostic solution. Telemedicine is one the most appreciable service and still, there are more remote areas to reach the service effectively as the research is under process.

A piece of support from AR and VR

I have already discussed about the role of Augmented Reality in Education system and retail space. But how come this augmented and virtual reality is going to create impact of technology in healthcare 2019? Yes, AR and VR can help physicians to learn and overcome their toughest part in surgery instead of trying straight on human beings.

The expected support AR and VR is going to give 2019 is their great ability in helping dementia and Alzheimer’s patients to retrieve their memory by time traveling to old times/songs/events they personally attached with. This is indeed a responsible job for the technology for delivering patient their experience and joyful moments.

Wearable Device

According to Seed Fund Rock Health, approximately 3.5 billion dollars was invested in future health technology companies of which around 34 million wearables are to be released by 2022. This is the future scope survey made from the amount invested for the purpose.

How is this wearable going to provide its support in the fiscal year? The deliverance will be of appreciable support to the healthcare industry. These wearables can provide valuable and reasonable information to the healthcare team with 24/7 support, whether the patient is at home or at the hospital bed. This provides better insights into the patient’s health condition and alarms the team when critical.

Internet of Things in HealthCare

The Internet of Things is somehow connected to wearable devices. Wearable devices intimate healthcare team about patient’s conditions and obviously the interconnected devices that run all this process is working under the Internet of Things technology.

The Internet is one of the amazing invention humans had ever seen in their lifetime. Internet of Things allows the devices to keep interconnected to perform the common task all functioning and interacting with each other. Now IoT can be used in healthcare industry thereby creating an environment to pass information from node to node.


We are living in the modern world holding more number of tech genius who are all eagerly working and promising the people on Earth on importing the innovative gadgets to give customers the best experience ever.

Every year we are at the interesting point of receiving new transformational innovations and stay focused on above techs to understand its application when the industry reveal the finished product.

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