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Artificial Intelligence is all about making the intelligent machines that meet to the capabilities of human beings. An American Computer Scientist John McCarthy, one of the founders of the discipline of Artificial Intelligence, coined the term “ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE”. But it was Alan Turing who first believed that even machines can think. Artificial Intelligence might seem like a domain of fiction. But surprisingly we all use it in our day to day life. There are many applications on multiple platforms which help us by finding the useful information when we ask them. Video games are probably the ones that everyone knows also use Artificial Intelligence. Over the years effectiveness and complexity of games have multiplied. Now there are games that study human behavior, respond and react in an unpredictable way. Artificial Intelligence will help to track the virus attack, especially metamorphic viruses (viruses that change their form as they spread so it is very difficult to identify it by traditional malware detection software). With automated investigative algorithms and making very limited use of resources, Artificial Intelligence will track down all the information necessary to come to a conclusion. Companies like Yahoo and Fox use Artificial Intelligence to write simple news reports which does not require much of synthesis. Intelligent Robots use the control program to do multiple tasks like the production of cars in factory, painting, welding, inserting windscreens etc. With the advancements in Artificial Intelligence, it is being used to transform many fields like business, manufacturing, education, healthcare industry, military etc. One of the major uses of Artificial Intelligence is in the Military. There are many Unnamed-Aerial-Vehicles (UAVs) that are built for different purposes. Some of them have complex dynamic systems for automation while some are remotely controlled. They might be used for security purposes, enemy detection, fire fighting, boring, dangerous works etc. Most military robots are remote controlled by human operators. They are generally named as Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGVs) or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). Robots used in Military also have sensors which allow them to take some information from their surroundings. The defense has huge investments into Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence is extensively used even in health care sector. It helps diagnose some disease accurately. The neural network of the brain is successfully imitated along with the ability to learn from past experience. Diseases like malignant melanoma, eye problems, and many forms of cancer are diagnosed by analyzing spectral information and diagnostic criteria. Therapeutic animal robots are developed to help Alzheimer’s patients. There are surgical robots which help doctors with high visualization, reduce patient pain, minimize the need for medication and shorten the hospital stays. Improved robotic radiosurgery systems offer non-invasive treatment to tumors anywhere in the body. They use image guided technology and computer controlled mobility to detect and correct patient movement during the treatment. Application of Artificial Intelligence is required in every complex field where automation, intelligence, rapid and accurate results are needed. Some of the applications and uses of Artificial Intelligence are as listed below.
  • Game playing – There are machines that play master level Chess. This technique requires looking at 200millions positions per second.
  • Smart Cars – Self-driving cars moving more closely to reality.
  • Vision Systems – Artificial Intelligence is used to understand an image, satellite photo interpretation, industries etc Photos taken by spy planes are later analyzed by experts if it’s the enemy’s or not. Police and doctors also make use of this.
  • Online customer support
  • Speech recognition – Disabled people can use this to write a memo, latest phones have programs using which we can make calls, know the temperature, on/off radio and ac, ask the cars to navigate using navigation system.
  • Heavy Industry Support – There are large factories where robots are widely used. Ex: Car manufacturing industry, Computer Chip industry etc


  • Reinforcement Learning – is likely to be implemented to real world problems like industrial robotics and automated driving. AlphaGo’s (It’s a computer program developed by Google DeepMind) victory against Lee Sedol, is a landmark in the field of Artificial Intelligence.
  • Dueling Neural networks – Generative Adversarial Networks, are systems where one network discriminates between the real and fake data. Another network generates new data after training. This approach is widely used in making stylish changes to computer designs, generate game scenery etc
  • Language Learning – Though, not the perfect communication, we can expect some basic interactions with computers.
Industrial experts say that the next biggest thing in mobile applications is the use of Artificial Intelligence. There are already many iOS and Android applications and games that use the Artificial Intelligence. Few of them are Google Allo, Evi, Howstuffworks, Ted, android authority, the room, monument valley etc You may or may not know how powerful is adding Artificial Intelligence to your mobile applications. We at Colan InfoTech are proficient in providing the mobile applications and web applications. Please visit our testimonial page for more information. Please do contact us for any of your IT needs.

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