Impact Of Augmented Reality In Education System

4 min read | By Admin | 20 September 2018 | Technology

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For the last couple of years, Augmented Reality has seen the fastest growth in the list of ever-growing technologies. One of the noticeable points is that the mixed reality for education tops in the list of the sectors adopting AR applications.

Augmented Reality is changing the traditional way of teaching and replacing the role of the teachers in the classroom. Interactivity is the key for the complete learning and this is how virtual reality works for the betterment of the education system.

This article explains how augmented reality provides benefit to the education field.

Focused attention

The methodology handled by Augmented Reality in Education system ensures unique attention to students and also customize the content of learning according to student capability.In the present education system of a single teacher handling bunch of students, full attention on a student is a pretty challenging job . This is not the case in augmented reality. The course content is fed to the student in the virtual basis.

Modernized Classroom

Augmented Reality creates an opportunity for the students to learn from best teachers across the country irrespective of location. This reduces the cost pressure for the students and can sign up for the distant education class with no worries about traveling expense.

Cost Efficient

Books need to be printed and updated on regular basis in order to teach new topics to the students but with AR in education technology the installment of the application is an one time spend for the institution and can be updated online in long run by both students and institutions.

Visual Learning

It is medically proven that visual observation provides effective means of learning than word of mouth. Augmented Reality visual references have the direct impact on the learning process. Students can get live experience on the learning and understand the crucial topics without any physical presence of the apparatus.


The Augmented Reality application market value in education system is keep on increasing. By 2020, there will be the complete affiliation of the AR technology and will be a competitive edge in drawing the attention of the students. Professionals at Colan Infotech, are ready to take any challenge posed in AR with real time solution. Reach us to stay ahead in upcoming AR race.


Augmented reality enhances learning by overlaying digital content onto the real world, enabling immersive experiences that engage students and deepen their understanding of complex subjects.

AR facilitates interactive and visual learning, making abstract concepts tangible. It offers virtual field trips, simulations, and 3D models that foster active participation and retention among students.

AR can enhance STEM subjects, anatomy, history, and art by providing interactive simulations, virtual labs, historical recreations, and visual art demonstrations that enhance comprehension and engagement.

Educators can incorporate AR through mobile apps, AR glasses, or devices to create interactive lessons, virtual labs, and educational games that cater to diverse learning styles.

AR-driven personalized learning experiences can lead to better understanding, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills, ultimately fostering a more engaging and effective educational environment.

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