What Is jQuery? An Intro To Get Start

4 min read | By Admin | 19 February 2021 | Frameworks

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With minimal code lines and ensuring smooth interaction between JavaScript & HTML, jQuery is a JavaScript library utilized to create seamless and interactive web and mobile apps. By the goodness of jQuery, it’s effortless to build scalable websites in the slightest limit of time and it’s also demonstrated to afford excellent content and prodigious effects for UI widgets & plug-ins.

To know more about, what is jQuery and its effectiveness, be ready to read this article thoroughly.

What is jQuery?

The term “write less, do more” is ideally apt for jQuery. Basically, jQuery was developed by John Resig & presented in 2006, it’s small in size but rapid, cross-platform and fully-featured JavaScript library.

jQuery incorporate the following aspects:

  • CSS Manipulation
  • HTML Event Methods
  • AJAX
  • HTML/DOM Manipulation
  • Effects & Animations
  • JSON Parsing

Top-grade cross-browser JavaScript library compiled for ease of client-side scripting of HTML called jQuery and it has plenty of spectacular effects to build designs in exquisite & bewitching, specially its minimizing tasks of web developers on a large scale, by affording expeditious plugins.

Excellent Benefits Of Using jQuery

1. Lot of Plugins to Use

JQuery plugins are all over the web so you will have no problem searching for them & some free plug-ins bestow an excellent visual appearance.

2. SEO-Friendly

Some jQuery effects are nearly identical to flash, hence the benefits is that you can optimize it for SEO which will positively impact the way to find a website easily in search engines.

3. Cross-Browser Amicable Solutions

With the jQuery library, most cross-browser issues are resolved, and you can create a website that works properly on all types of browsers and different versions.

On A Final Note

Hence, the above information will be too fruitful to know what jQuery is. Totally it contains tons of advantages to build an interactive website & apps. Let’s implement this on your business’s apps or website to attain enhanced productivity.

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