Top 5 Reasons to Deploy Chatbots for Business in 2019

4 min read | By Admin | 07 January 2019 | Technology

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In the year 2018, there was an increase in demand for the modern technologies that are likely to take over the business worldwide with promising adaptability. Businesses failing to respond technology innovation are likely to lose their market fame, customers and lead to failure.

Technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain, Cloud storage, app security are often discussed by experts and common people followed by contemporary evolution of technology. One of the dominant technologies often deployed in business is Chatbots.

A Recap about Chatbot

In short, Chatbots are artificial intelligence programmed user interface application introduced to engage in real time conversation with website visitors. The ultimate aim of Chatbots is to provide dedicative assistance to users by replacing human resource.

Chatbot has gained massive importance in wide range of industries other than its targeted field. In combination with Machine Learning, Chatbot have earned knowledge to research more on enquires and can hold customers to stay online in case of uncertainty. This made entrepreneurs to set eye on Chatbot with futuristic scope.

Below come the top 5 reasons to deploy Chatbots for business in 2019.

Excellent User Engagement

In today’s modern world, entrepreneurs are expanding their business in all possible ways through internet to make more profit and reach more customers. Earning royal customers is more important for a business and this can be achieved with good user engagement at all levels.

Under the combination of human voice controlled automation system and artificial intelligence technology one can create better user interface service around the clock. This reduces the risk of holding customers or irrelevant conversation by customers to agents who can fail to meet customer enquiry.

Chatbot can overtake such irrelevant situation while interpreting the information given by the customers with accurate reply. This is how Chatbot help to solve the customer queries within the rule set for them.

Develop into Modern Business

Wherever you start a business, customer interaction becomes an essential part of your job. Recent survey shows that social media and messaging apps are playing a potent role in reaching targeted customers.

Research on customer behavior displays text chat is the only preferred form of communication chosen by customers as it is free of cost and of course a quick process.Based on recent survey nearly 60% of mobile users prefer to solve queries through any social network platform rather than to install new applications.

Better Customer Understanding

The role of Chatbots never ends with solving customer queries, it further extends to understanding customers. Chatbots can be effectively used for collecting valuable information and insights on the performance of websites.

AI driven Chatbots can assist customers from the time they enter into website, guide them in form filling about their service experience and in suggesting product or service to customers depending on their search results.

Effective Operational Cost

As a business progresses, it’s growth increases along with level of competitors in its niche. This is the time a reliable resource is needed for leveraging the sales qualified leads.

Futuristic organizations look for an AI driven enterprise application rather than training humans to provide relevant and useful information to customers.

One primary reason for this is, machine would just need data as input and work accordingly whereas human resource would continuous training to think like machine, but the end output is less effective than what a machine does.

Create International Business Opportunities

One of the notable characteristics of Chatbot is that it can utilize information of any languages with no additional need of investment for learning. One can easily chat with the bot in any vernacular language without loss in user’s comfort in furnishing their requirement.

Chatbots can be upgraded to be a polyglot and this makes it extremely valuable for business to take up new heights in different countries. Chatbots reduce long conversation with its rational informative response.


Open frameworks to build Chatbot is the new opportunity for every brands today. Microsoft Bot framework have the ability to code chatbot once, that could extend its base across different channels like SMS, Messenger, Skype, Bing etc.

Deploying Artificial Intelligence fed Chatbots with open frameworks for your business in 2019 will be more important at the beginning of the year. AI Chatbot can uplift your business technically to the next advanced level.

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