5 Efficacious Tips for Ranking in Google’s Featured Snippets

4 min read | By Admin | 08 May 2020 | Technology

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According to a recent report 8.6% of all clicks go to google’s featured snippets. Moreover, the study discovered that 13% of all search results now return a featured snippet.

Attaining traffic from Google, signifies that you obtain to keep up with all of Google’s features constantly.

Google continuously changes their features. And you’ve to know exactly how they work. so that you can rank smartly.

Google’s featured snippets are the first thing most people view when searching for a word or sentences.

Many webmasters still dream of attaining that spot for most of their targeted keywords.

Ultimate reason for webmasters to fight for this position is that web pages at this position will attain 28% of total organic clicks for a keyword.

What is a Google Featured Snippet?

Google’s Featured Snippets

Google will respond to your question with a snippet encompassed with information above all of the various links on the first page of search results and these featured snippets aid you eminently answer your questions effortlessly.

Three Major Types of Featured Snippets

  • Paragraph – Google gives an answer to the searcher in text.
  • List – List featured snippets show an answer in list format.
  • Table – Provides answers in the form of a table.

The primary thing you ought to do when endeavoring to rank for Google’s featured snippets is to ascertain which featured snippets your competitors are ranking for.

Tip 1: Structure Your Content Appropriately

Google’s Featured Snippets

Google has to be able to comprehend your content and since it’s a robot, it understands through the manner your content is structured.

  • Format your content page using HTML tags so Google can crawl it better.
  • H1 tags should only be used for the main title of your content.
  • Prominent subheadings should use H2s.
  • And any headings that fall under those H2s should be H3s.

This approach will easily structure your content properly and google will also comprehend. Which means it’s able to get top position or google will display your content in featured snippets.

Tip 2: Target Keywords that Prominent for Featured Snippets

Google’s Featured Snippets

Prescribed you to focus on targeting keywords that are already populating featured snippets. Furthermore this approach makes it elucidate that there is a featured snippet possibility for that keyword, but it also makes it easygoing to optimize for a featured snippet when you can see precisely what type of content Google’s looking to feature.

  • First Know which featured snippet keywords you rank on page one for.
  • Use a keyword tool that encourages featured snippet opportunities.
  • Plug your keywords into Google search.

Tip 3: Answer Multiple Questions

Google’s Featured Snippets

Ahrefs study explained, once a webpage gains a featured snippet, it’s an overmuch possibility to become featured in another related queries.

Consequently that’s why you should structure your article in a way that answers each related question in one location.

Concentrate on amplifying one strong article that answers to huge amounts of queries instead of numerous articles if you want to obtain featured snippets.

Tip 4: Optimize Your Page Until it Ranks on Top Position

It’s hopeless to attain a featured snippet if you don’t already rank on the search results for your featured snippet keyword.

  • So first thing you have to rank on search results to google search snippet opportunities.
  • If you’re trying to get a featured snippet for an older post, update that post to be more comprehensive and more relevant.
  • And for the new post, do link building to boost your post’s rank on search results.

Tip 5: Add High-quality Images or Videos

People get interested in visually compelling assets, that’s why photos and videos can aid you rank for featured snippets.

Adding images or videos doesn’t have to be hard. So create your own images or videos because it truly works and Google will recognize it for a featured snippet.

Final Remark:

Attaining a featured snippet means that you rank for position zero, which is the highest ranking that you can possibly attain without any advertising.

Featured snippets are the first thing that comes up in most SERPs and they’re more than just other links. And it is the best way, if you want to boost conversions, drive traffic and beat your competition.

So don’t forget to focus on the tips above and it will definitely aid you in the exquisitely.

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