5 Things to Know About Custom Vs Off the Shelf Software

4 min read | By Admin | 29 May 2020 | Technology

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Business needs grow tremendously from one technology to the other. Thus, continuous progression to implement technology and techniques are vital in running business effectively. Numerous businesses can hardly survive without customized software applications generated for their business needs. To acquire and retain the customer’s focus, enterprises must render the superior products or services and that distinguishes them from rivals. So when it comes to selecting the business strategy and software type implementation, there are few divergence between custom vs off the shelf software.

First things first, let’s begin to see, what is off shelf software and custom software?

Custom Software-

custom vs off the shelf software

The software is developed to afford the particular needs of an organization. This software type is also known as bespoke and tailored software as it portrays the customised development approach and service improvement.

Off the Shelf Software-

custom vs off the shelf software

Off the shelf software is a readymade product that you purchase and it will be ready for use, as opposed to the custom software that is designed and developed for a specific purpose.

Now let’s dive into comparison: Off the shelf software vs Custom software.


custom vs off the shelf software
  • When it comes to launching the app and conciliating, customized software will hits. Because of robustness, it will be comfortable to shift software operations as your business develops and elaborates to new markets.
  • When it comes to integration, off the shelf software is disputed. On the other hand, their prominent instinct interfaces with high simpleness. It also has to be assessed for UX in the integration process.


  • Scalability is one of the foremost factors to reckon while selecting technology for your business. Software should be scalable adequate to accommodate the present needs of your business and also for future developments.
  • Hence, it is perpetually better to get your software built in a scalable way. Off the shelf software does not have this facility. So, you should consider custom software.

Competitive Advantage:

  • You need to use a software it made uniquely for business with all genres of distinctive features and progressions that other businesses don’t adopt.
  • Hence, you attain a competitive advantage over your competitors, with your unique solution. A custom software would be ideal to reach your business objectives and it will triumph against your competitors.

Money Expenses:

  • Off shelf software has inexpensive costs because the development cost is dispensed across a wider audience. They are cheap to purchase firstly but can cost you a furthermore due to their ineptitude.
  • Custom software is costly as the software is developed to resolve specific needs which includes time and investment.

Time to Develop and Deploy:

  • The deployment time required for off-the-shelf software is almost nil as the user has to only install the software and it is ready to use.
  • Custom software has interminable customizations possible. The development stage might take some months. But, the end would be according to your needs.

Final Opinion

The software industry is submerged with lots of software products that are created on a daily basis and be it off the shelf or custom software made. Considering custom vs off the shelf software, most opting for custom software it will satisfy all the requirements of your business.

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