Online Marketing: The top trends and tips for 2019

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Google updates the steadily growing importance of mobile or the individual multi-channel customer address – online merchants and webmasters are constantly faced with the challenge of innovative developments and trends at the right time to recognize and implement. What are the potential difficulties in the field of SEO, SEA, usability optimization and e-mail marketing, 2017 on the online retailer.

Online Marketing Trend 1: Mobile SEO:

For years, a sustained trend is mobile – and this area will also continue to grow in 2017. It should therefore be an ever greater focus on mobile SEO. “At the moment, everything runs – Desktop and Mobile – on a crawler. Content that is on the desktop are also good tendrils mobile from Google good, if you have a mobile friendly – that is optimized for mobile use. Google will most likely soon change something and both items differently,” says Arne Chananewitz, department head of SEO for Lions strong. So who 2017 in online marketing success you will have to come to a mobile page with fast load times and matching content is no longer a thing of the past.

Online Marketing Trend 2: Simplifying the purchase process

Also in the search engines advertising (SEA) is no way to Mobile over. To meet the wishes of the customers, should the content to the interest of the customer to be adjusted – depending on which phase of the customer journey he is currently and the associated target. “If a potential customer in the research phase after all the currently available models of a manufacturer, then it should be an overview of the models offered and no special single product information that it is not interested in”, Marian worm, Managing Director of Lions strong, convinced. It should also be the information on all channels – PC, Smartphone, Tablet, Social Media, Google, and other.

Online Marketing Trend 3: Experience Design

“Experience Design is the new trend in 2017 usability field. Experience design means that a story to tell when purchasing process and so the user is active in his decision to purchase in the shop to support,” says Marian worm. The best way to reach the dealer it when he created an emotional shopping world and the user makes curious. “a male target group cannot be more likely to purchase animate, if the purchase is a “hunting”. This can be achieved by you to the online shop in a hunting surroundings. This feeling can be achieved with the appropriate wording such as ‘I have’, instead of ‘in the shopping cart’, ‘bare facts’, rather than ‘Product information’ or ‘prey’ instead of ‘Shopping Cart / Products’ reached”, explains Marian worm. This trend is more on the target group in mind. It should also be with personalized product streams – from shop operators predefined search filters such as price or manufacturer – for registered users. Also configurators for individual products should be offered to interested parties.

Online Marketing Trend 4: One-to-one in the E-mail marketing is

The best newsletter is of no use if it unseen lands in the spam folder. E-mail marketers could bypass this problem been good, for example by spam-striking properties such as in the misleading text links or typical spam terms have avoided. But in the future, this alone is not enough.

Some e-mail programs have already begun to unread newsletter automatically log out if the recipient e-mail does not read several times or ignored. “That is why it is even more important in 2017, to appropriate shipping times to ensure and tailored content and customized offerings in the Newsletter. One-to-one marketing here is the size keyword”, says Sascha Greiner, Department Head e-mail marketing at Lions strong.

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