Top Email Marketing Trends 2019

4 min read | By Admin | 09 August 2019 | Marketing

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Yes, Email Marketing is back! For the short term, Email faced less impression and to be frank to the point Email doesn’t get as much love as social media shared messages receive today. But the point is not meant to be completely deserted, still Email acts as the best source of carrier tool in today’s business world.

If you have already into Email Marketing, you should have known that ROI is pretty good than other marketing tools.

Ensure that outdated and short term ideas never invade your email marketing strategies in this successful year. Let your thoughts be centric to the core- what your subscriber expectation is.

Before this fruitful year comes to an end, make sure you fill your inbox with lots of queries. Below comes the list of email marketing trends and that would make you and your subscribers happy.

Email Marketing Trends

AI into Action

People get used to the word “Artificial Intelligence” by the time AI started to take over a certain role in various sectors. Automation becomes the hot topic which has been under the topic of controversy replacing human efforts.

Aware of how Artificial Intelligence changed the business world, this topic is no more new to most readers. Added to the point, nearly 85% of the marketers are already working under AI influenced applications and strongly admit adding artificial intelligence can drive double the result in a limited period of time.

Currently, AI is handling several sales and marketing tasks such as lead and customer segmentation, engagement and classify qualified leads, personalized recommendation, and prediction.

On taking AI to Email Marketing, it can create attractive subjective lines, optimized content, boost performance rates and apply the best marketing strategies in an email marketing campaign.

Meaningful and Interactive Content Deliverance

The term “Interactivity” is the hot topic trending among the marketers as this opens up a welcoming forum for the customers with additional interactive content in their inboxes.

According to Kyle Henderick, senior director of client service at Yes Marketing (A firm believer in interactive content marketing and predictive analysis), “Email containing games, quizzes, image puzzles or any fun clickability task allow users to interact with the brand without leaving the email itself.”

Today marketers have found a way to engage subscribers through mail-in new ways- whether it is an interactive element like quiz or customer feedback.

Keep Mobile at First Place

Mobile has taken a permanent irreversible place in every one’s life. It is evident to conclude that nearly 61.9% of email is opened in mobile at first click.

How could a marketer can miss a fascinating trifle point? If you haven’t yet markup to this idea, make sure first built emails that are mobile-friendly.

Things to consider while executing marketing for mobile devices,

  • Email Design (check for responsive)
  • Message content less than 102KB
  • Use single-column layout
  • Clear subject line for recipients
  • Segment email based on the recipient time zone

Data Privacy

Cybersecurity needs to the significant importance to both marketer and the recipient. According to chart statistics, around 91% of cyber-attacks are taking place through email pissing and about 92% of malware is delivered through email.

Building trust among the audience is a major concern to every marketer. It is recommended for every email marketer to follow the cybersecurity best practices.

However, following the best practice doesn’t free you from cyber-attacks. Cyber-attacks can be reduced through strict subscription procedures with a prompt explanation.

Final Note

It is important for all digital marketers to keep themselves updated and keep a close track with trending ideas. If you wish to nurture a number of leads, you need to constantly keep learning new things and latest email marketing trends that run digital marketing in the successful path.

2019 is a promising year and it’s the best time to learn dynamic strategies to take email marketing to the next phase of the life cycle. We wish the best for a successful path you take from now. And if you are the customer and looking for the best digital marketing services just contact us today. We are here to help you at any time.

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