Node js vs Java: Know Which Is Greatest For Your App In 2022

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Affording an enormous advantage for businesses, web apps are raised twofold in today’s technological era. When it comes to promoting the business brand worldwide these days, web application development is becoming a steady trend.

Consequently, if you need to empower your business with high-productivity, then Web App is idealistic. For app development, programming languages are most prominent to build scalable and enterprise-grade web apps.

There are innumerable programming languages available today, but choosing the bestest for your app is remarkable. Hence, through being popular among all, Java and Node js taking an excessive pride for web app development.

Java is a class-based, object-oriented programming language and Node js is an open-source and cross platform JavaScript runtime environment. Therefore Node js and Java possess extraordinary advantages and features to build high-grade web apps.

Although you have to focus on highly correlated one among these two languages with your app development objectives. For your convenience, we’ve delineated the masterpiece explication of Node js vs Java. Let’s know here which is optimal for your app in 2022.

Introduction to Node js

Node js – JavaScript runtime built on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine.

Builded by Ryan Dahl on May 27, 2009.

Node js is an open source server environment and it allows you to run JavaScript on the server. As an asynchronous event-driven JavaScript runtime built on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine, Node.js is designed to build scalable web apps.

Node js runs on various platforms like: Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OS X, etc. Node js brings event-driven programming to web servers, enabling the development of fast web servers in JavaScript.

Node js writes command-line tools using JavaScript, and server-side scripting a running script that allows you to create dynamic web page content before the page is sent to the user’s web browser using the server page.

Developers can create scalable servers without using threading, by using a simplified model of event-driven programming that uses callbacks to signal the completion of a task.

Benefits of Node js over Java

Node js development allows the creation of complex web apps with many features, functions, and modules. Below are some advantages;

➣High scalability and performance

➣Improved app response time

➣Highly extensible technology

➣Community support to simplify development

➣Next-level efficiency & adaptability

➣Low learning curve

➣Reduces loading time by quick caching

➣Extensibility to meet customized requirements

Top Node js Frameworks and Tools in 2022

Node js is a low-level operating system. Thousands of libraries have been built on Node.js by the community to make things easier and more exciting for developers.

Below are the list of Node frameworks & tools:

⒈ Egg.js

Express js

⒊ Adonis JS

⒋ Fastify

⒌ Gatsby

⒍ Meteor

⒎ Strapi


⒐ FeatherJS

⒑ NestJS


⒓ Hapi

⒔ Koa

⒕ Micro

⒖ Sapper

What are the Companies Using Node js in 2022?

java vs nodejs

Node js can be used for better UI development, and many of the companies that use Node js primarily use it for this reason. 15+ popular companies using Node. js in 2022 and below are some of them;

• LinkedIn

• Uber

• Netflix


• eBay

• Trello

• PayPal

• Mozilla

• GoDaddy

• Medium

• Groupon

• Walmart

Introduction to Java

java vs node

Java – Class-based, object-oriented programming language

“Write code once and run it on almost any computing platform”

Originally developed by James Gosling at Sun Microsystems and released in May 1995.

Java is a programming language and computing platform and it has evolved from beginnings to power a large share of today’s digital world, by bestowing the reliable platform upon which many services and applications are built.

There are many applications and even some websites that will not function unless you have Java installed. New innovative products and digital services designed for the future continue to rely on Java.

Java is a multi-platform, object-oriented, and network-centric language. It is among the most used programming languages. It is considered as one of the fast, secure, and reliable programming languages preferred by most organisations to build their projects.

Java is designed for building object-oriented applications and it is a multithreaded language with automatic memory management.

Advantages of Java over Node js

➣Java has a rock-solid foundation with over 20 years of existence.

➣Java is more reliable and widely used.

Java app development programs are more stable compared to those of other languages.

➣Java has Eclipse, NetBeans, or IntelliJ, three top-notch tools that are well-integrated with debuggers, decompilers, and servers.

➣It’s extremely secure.

➣There are no pointers in Java, and there is a Security Manager that allows you to specify access rules.

➣Java facilitates remote debugging.

➣Java supports many libraries, so many hosting providers support this language. You can also work with it from any computer.

Top Java Frameworks and Tools in 2022

Below are the bestest Java frameworks for use to build your app in 2022.




⒋ Apache Wicket

⒌ JSF (Java Server Faces)

⒍ Dropwizard



⒐ Play

Apache Hadoop


⒓ Vaadin


⒕ Tapestry

⒖ Jersey

What are the Companies Using Java in 2022?

java vs node

More than 64,000 companies are using Java, And some of them are below;

• Google

• LinkedIn

• Uber

• Spotify (Music Streaming App)

• Twitter

• NASA WorldWind

• ThinkFree Office

• Airbnb

• Netflix

• Pinterest

• Instagram

• Amazon

• Slack

Difference Between Node js and Java

Node js vs Java 2022

Node js vs Java for Backend in 2022

node js vs java

Through comparing Java vs Node js for a backend which implies both are innovative frameworks intended to integrate scalable app development.

One is proving by creating an environment that connects both front and backend development, and the second one is “Write Once Run Anywhere”, that can run effectively on any platform.

Java and Node js can run programs in their own runtime environment. However, Java is a compiled, object-oriented programming language with syntax similar to C ++. Java programs are generally large and expensive to build.

On the other hand, Node js programs are lightweight and based on non-compiled web languages ​​such as JavaScript. It is also ideal for efficient server-page handling of I/O applications and HTTP requests.

Thus while Java and Node js share resemblances in their runtime apps, their usage instances are actually completely different.

Owing to the event loop, Node js is hyper-efficient when working with I/O apps, while Java’s thread pool is dominant for complex computations. Nevertheless, you can use Node js and Java for backend development as microservices in your project.

Java vs Node js Performance – Which is Better in 2022?

nodejs vs java

One thing we can hear about Node js is “super fast”. But there will be a doubt within us: is Node js faster than Java? Absolutely YES! Java is slower than native languages since it uses compilers.

In addition, its garbage collection function, although very useful in some cases, requires a lot of memory space. On the contrary, applications are written in Node.js never endure, releasing data into chunks and speeding up the runtime.

Although just-in-time compilers improve Java performance a bit, for Nodejs vs Java performance the definite winner is “Node js”.

Node js vs Java Future

The supremacy of Node js as the most popular backend technology is firmly established. With more than 20 million websites currently accepted, it is certain that Node js will be in use in the future.

Some languages ​​have been popular for over 30 years. But with Java constantly evolving, constantly adapting, and proving itself to be an effective language for development in various new programming nodes.

Beyond doubt Java will be a dominant force in the software, web, and mobile app development world for 30 years and above.

Node js vs Java Which is Better?

Node js and Java in 2022 are noteworthy and idiosyncratic framework technologies for apps with their benefits and features. To better evaluate which is better for your next app development project, it is prominent to understand them.

Both technologies have excellent communities, unique libraries, tools, and materials to help new developers and professionals. Node js succeeds in scalability because Java lacks built-in scaling features.

Node js seems to be very popular and liked by the developers in 2022. And we suggest Node js for real-time applications, streaming, Android apps, big data projects, and e-commerce.

For web applications, scientific apps and software development, Android apps, trading applications, and e-commerce, JAVA will dominate.

For your better understanding of Java vs Node js in 2022, we’ve created this article with its significant features and pros. Take advantage of the opportunity with this guidance to choose the best among Node vs Java for your app.

Instead, if you’re still not sure which framework to use, please feel free to Contact Us. We will afford you with technical consultancy for both technologies. Let’s reach to us and reap enormous benefits.

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