New LinkedIn Marketing Features To Boost Your Organic Content & Promote Events

4 min read | By Admin | 25 June 2021 | Marketing

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Are you a marketer (or) managing your company page contents on LinkedIn?

We have wonderful news for you. LinkedIn introduces new features to boost your organic content and promote events. The new LinkedIn features offer the significant advantage to help marketers to attain a new audience and amplify their brands.

Let’s see the brief overview:

“Boost” option – With the new ‘Boost’ option like Facebook, LinkedIn helps brands to make it easier to reach their posts.

Event Ads – Increase your event promotion with the newest ad format, and measure the organic reach and engagement with new Event Analytics.

Custom Streaming – Enables you to live-stream with LinkedIn Live via Zoom, WebEx and OBS.

Mobile Page Analytics – Gathered data from LinkedIn Page Analytics to the mobile app, allowing users to see visitor, follower metrics and content insights.

The new LinkedIn marketing features helps marketer or organization to reach the wider audience with fruitful advantages, by boosting the posts can enable brands to broadcast their message to a larger audience, and specially useful to promote an event or product launch.

Check out the excellence of new linkedIn marketing features and how it works below.

“Boost” Your LinkedIn Post

New LinkedIn Marketing Features

Now, organizations or brands can enhance their post’s reach directly from their LinkedIn page with the “Boost” option, this creates a campaign in an ad account associated with your page.

With the click of a “Boost” button and a few payment details, you can easily give your most engaging or time-sensitive content a little boost to quickly expand your audience reach.

Next, you’ll select an objective for your post, for instance;

  • Website visits
  • Post awareness
  • Event awareness
  • Post engagement
  • Video views

Then, you’ll select the type of audience for your post,

  • Profile-based
  • Interest-based
  • LinkedIn Audience template

You’ll also need to designate your audience’s profile language and location, select or exclude more targeting criteria, set a daily budget and schedule the post.

This new LinkedIn features is a newest way to reach a broader audience without having to learn how to use any marketing tools.

Maximize Event Ads

New LinkedIn Marketing Features

If you need to improve your events strategy, LinkedIn features help you to enhance your event promotion with Event Ads, newest ad format and analyze the engagement and organic reach with this new Event Analytics.

The new LinkedIn ad features format appears in the LinkedIn feed & highlights important event details such as date, time and how to register.

Through Event Ads, marketers can ensure that they’re getting in front of the professionals and event organizers clear visibility into how many LinkedIn members clicked on or saw an ad and registered for their event.

LinkedIn’s new Event Analytics tool offers to help event organizers and marketers through compiled insights into the engagement, reach and the firmographic makeup of event attendees, hence that you can plan your future events effectively.

Custom Streaming On LinkedIn

New LinkedIn Marketing Features

LinkedIn live streams have increased by more than 400% year on year. So LinkedIn helps you by introducing Custom Streaming, which enables live-stream via the broadcast tools such as Zoom, WebEx, OBS and Microsoft Teams (coming months).

This new LinkedIn features make it easier to drive and enhance your audience and build community on the platform.

Mobile Page Analytics

This is not just about creating content, marketers need support to measure their performance on the go.

Consequently, LinkedIn’s new Mobile Page Analytics help you to see all of the visitor, follower, and content insights including both organic and boosted metrics from within the LinkedIn mobile app as you get on your desktop.

Marketing Benefits of LinkedIn

  • Monitors your brand, your competitor’s brand and news in your industry.
  • Integrates the power of social media with the use of professional networking.
  • Increases your discover-ability in the marketplace.
  • Post content about your company & Post discussions and polls.
  • Increase traffic by linking to your site from your LinkedIn page.
  • Connects with other industry professionals.
  • Showcases your products and services.

Considering All Of These – New LinkedIn Features

If you are promoting an organic post or an Event on your LinkedIn Page, The New LinkedIn Marketing Features will help you to boost and expand your audience reach to build a community for your brand.

Let’s start your strategy and planning with LinkedIn marketing features today. Are you seeking for services to manage your business via LinkedIn? Do check out our LinkedIn Advertising Services to drive increased traffic, new sales leads and conversions for your business.

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