Is 2020 Holding Better Ideas for Blogging?

4 min read | By Admin | 02 January 2020 | Marketing

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The straight answer is YES.

Words in the form of writing had been taken as an effective means of sharing an important news to people. Likewise unique blog ideas come with detailed information on a topic.

In the marketing world, blogging should provide valuable information to the readers and must be written in the favor of search engine to crawl through the content which in turn potentially drive traffic to your website.

At this modern age, entrepreneurs must have been aware about digital marketing and the usual steps taken to make their business ranking on Google.

There are certain steps and strategies to be followed while writing a blog. Since Google holds 90% of global business marketing website, we mainly focus on Google posts along with best practices to be followed for best results.

So, now you might wonder how blogs play an important role into this?

Consider the real time scenario: Nearly 48% of buyers would go through 4 to 5 pieces of content to know about the product or services before purchase and this is the point where the company needs to blend their ideas and initiate the purchasing strategies.

Estimation shows that if a company’s website is loaded with trending blogs it tend to get 67% more leads when compared to companies who don’t have updated and optimized blogs.

It is the fact that every business don’t understand how a productive content can deliver lead generation. Every marketer will admit that search engines play a lead role in helping people to find their blog posts.

Now it’s time for every one of this blog reader to know about how to break down the blog into a schematic flow.

Set Your Blog Goal

Defining a goal for the blog can drive the topic in the right direction and bring out the apt content in purpose of writing the blog. A well structured blog can take valuable information to readers. Make sure the blog you write give an answer to readers prior to writing. In short, your blog needs to answer questions that pop in every reader’s mind.

Give Schematic Structure to Your Blog


Every blog contains the three major portions:

  • Header(Main Title)
  • Body(Message under every subtitle)
  • Footer(Final Note)

Note: Content under each subtitle carries a unique messages to the reader relevant to the title.

Give Information Required for Google

First, you have to think about what makes Google a dominant player in every person’s life. Google is just a vessel transferring information from one person to another but doesn’t provide knowledge to us.

Added to the point, Google doesn’t employ expert writers to deliver answer to the people but simply crawl through the uploaded content in the website. Anyone can write blogs or article for a website. But Google understands the content only from the keywords included in the content.

If the content provided by your website is good, Google can reward your business with good ranking in the search results.

Before further reading, let’s consider the following stats listed below:

  • It is estimated that sites ranking in first place gets 33% more clicks than others.
  • Nearly 75% of clicks are gone to the websites listed on the first page of Google results.
  • Sites listed in the first three places corners almost 60% of the clicks from searchers.
  • According to Internet Live Stats estimation shows that around 5.5 billion Google searches per day or 63,000 search queries per second.

What if You Tried Writing Blogs in Different Manner But Didn’t Work Out?

A very common story every experts get to hear from various companies is that ”we blogged for sometime and find no difference in their marketing roadmap.”

Learning every experts learnt from their experience is that there are some efforts blogging looks like didn’t work but the continuous efforts and the advanced techniques every time you apply on your blog can give better results.

Optimization Will Work On Your Blog Side

Consider if the blogs were written and posted but its not gonna work out if the respective component is not placed in the proper place. The blogs are never ranked even if few people get to click your blog but doesn’t add any chance of getting lead generation i.e., no sales.

Choosing Strategic Blog Topic

Choosing an apt topic for blog also plays a prominent role in earning more clicks. How can one get blog title ideas that is strategic without any keyword research?

It’s like standing at the end of the knife edge. The blog can earn a good position in the search result or may not. The marketer who gets more return from their blogs are the snipers.

Lead Your Customers Through Proper Marketing Funnel

Example 1

One of the reasons for many enterprises to lose their valuable customers is not knowing at what conversion marketing funnel stage their blog post is reaching the customers. At this stage, it becomes unlikely for any enterprises to know what actually drives customers in filling out a form which ultimately mark writing blogs is a waste of time.

Example 2

There are companies who can deliver fabulous blogs- Make Keyword research and better content optimization. But they failed to promote these wonderful blogs among their audience.

“Just writing and publishing doesn’t complete content marketing.”

Promotion of blogs across various crowd audience websites means a lot to content reach.

What Will Be 2020 Blogging Trends?

Now that you get a clear vision on writing a blog, there are still some key trends to follow which are listed below:

  • Google update BERT algorithm is built to provide more appropriate search result. Hence it becomes necessary to write blogs containing user intent information.
  • According to Marketing Sherpa,”Including video can drive 300% more traffic.”
  • Based on Venngage survey,”About 87.5% of marketers use visual work pieces as half of the blog content.”

The above bulletin points survey proves that audience tend to get their answer visually that are designed in a more engaging way.

Time to Approach A Professional

Businesses who are tired of getting no traffic for their blog post ideas has to admit that you are far distant from those things you need to implement into your work. This is the point where you want the help of a real content writer.

Reputed agency digital marketing team can rectify the gap between your business and customers. In-order to bring new change to your blog 2020, just approach our esteemed digital marketing team for they have worthy ideas and plans to execute into your business. Happy marketing 2020!

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