What is ToFu, MoFu, BoFu? How Come it Affect Marketing Goals?

4 min read | By Admin | 24 September 2019 | Marketing

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A successful business can be achieved only through effective marketing lead generation funnel. Marketing is a wide range of sector governing the administration of an enterprise to sell the right service to targeted customers.

Following predictive protocols can run business sales as productive as possible. If you don’t find your marketing strategies work better towards your goal, here is a wonderful formula to add up in your bucket list.

Marketing Funnel- In Detail

It is evident that all customers travel through a marketing lead generation funnel before purchase. A marketing funnel is the way of disintegrating the customer numbers from awareness to the purchasing stage. Survey shows that nearly 50% of the leads are not read to make a purchase after going through the first stage of the conversion process.

Hence it is right time for all those marketers to turn your focus point towards ToFu, MoFu, BoFu concept. Sounds like healthy food product! Yes it is healthy but not a food instead a healthy idea to promote service/product in wise manner.

Sadly, some entrepreneurs are moving away from this wonderful marketing funnel as they believe it is too systematic for lead nurturing strategy. In realistic way, this methodology is simple to describe the complex process from awareness to conversion and is visually good to follow.

Different Stages in Marketing Funnel

The very first stage of the marketing funnel is earning traffic to the website. The process can be completed by delivering the SEO friendly digital content marketing, submit backlinks and publishing white papers. As customer travel through this funnel stages, the process becomes personalized.

Today, marketing strategy is purely classified into two simple ways:

  • Not-so-Effective Marketing Funnel
  • An Effective and well structured Marketing Funnel

No matter what kind of stage a customer goes through, a not-so-effective marketing funnel always leads to frustrated service or the leads aren’t of good quality.

Now, let’s look deeper into each stage of the marketing funnel in detail and the type of content to be used under each stage.

Top of the Funnel (ToFu)

This top of the funnel stage is known for its recognition or predicting the need of a customer. In real scenario, you are targeting a pool of unknown customers without knowing their needs and solutions to deliver.

Adweek survey proves that approximately 80% of people make online purchase and it is predominant to use the appropriate information resource content. ToFu content has to be educative more in detail, spreading awareness about the product, product description as well as the benefits of the product. A complete detail of the service or product in a nutshell.

Here is the type of content one can apply to convince customers pass through the first funnel stage,

Middle of the Funnel

Practically, MoFu is the critical stage of the marketing funnel known as evaluation stage. Here the buyer can take path towards next funnel stage or jump back. Hence a special focus and support for buyers’ need or problem has to be given.

The buyers are constantly looking for a solution and now they become a targeted audience. Now the buyers must have been researching on the different options and weighing the value of the service. It is the right time to put our product or service into discussion and the MoFu should continue to educate.

The content should address how and in what way you are the best solution for those customers.

Here are the key ideas on how for the content to be delivered.

Bottom of the Funnel (BoFu)

BoFu is the final and golden stage of the marketing funnel containing qualified leads of narrow audience in the list. Now the buyers are ready to purchase the product but still on comparing other options.

It is time for you to showcase the product, make a demo, share its features, highlight the pain points faced by the customers all this time to break the competition and outline certain benefits for the customers to receive.

The content shared at this time is listed below:


Creating an effective marketing funnel in the way described above is not an easy job. It requires lots of efforts and supportive tools to make it a successful ride. This is not the project you are going to face for a short period of time and it is an eternal concept to hold till the business take place.

Proper handling of effective analytics tools and sourcing the idea at the right time can boost your marketing towards goal. Finally, if you like the concept shared in the blog and reaching out to include digital marketing service just contact us and we are here to help you with your business. Have a great day!

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