Marketing Automation- A Salient Technique in Customer Retention Strategies

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Customer Retention Management refers to various processes and strategies a business applies in order to deliver the best customer experience as a lead throughout their journey.

As report says that nearly 51% of companies are using marketing automation strategies and more than half of B2B companies still plan to adopt this technology. Based on the statistics, improving B2B customer retention strategies has become a solid interest for almost every business today.

If you are at the point of creating the best impression on your customers and upscale your business effectively, it is the time for you to rejuvenate your marketing automation techniques and stick to the important practices of customer retention strategies in service marketing.

How Marketing Automation Works?

Marketing automation is an admirable technology for controlling the marketing process and automating multiple campaigns across various channels.

With the support of marketing automation, any business can clearly reach their targeted audience with automated email, messages, social media and websites.

Collecting information on any lead through interactions(email, websites, social media or any platform) can be helpful in getting complete data of each customer.

From collecting the basic information, marketing automation does segmenting, targeting and personalizing marketing campaigns pretty quick and adds stars to the job.

Marketers and sales force use marketing automation to its full benefit inorder to automate marketing campaigns and sales drive. Apart from the way marketing automation works, it provide certain beneficial impacts on marketing process that are listed below:

  • Increased Revenue
  • Maximized Efficiency
  • Improved overall ROI
  • Easy to tackle overriding problems
  • Effective time and cost saver
  • Helps in lead generation
  • Nurture and grow organization

Why Should Considerate Marketing Automation and CRM?

Today,nearly 35% of businesses are spending a lot of resources in winning the hearts of their customers. The truth is every customer has their own reason for choosing their partner.

With the inclined rise in competition, customers are given freedom of choice. Frankly speaking, a point where customers get confused with a lot of offers, solutions and choices. These empowerment changes the way customers think and slowly the customer expectations are evolving year by year.

According to Temkin Group’s 2016 study on customer service, that well scored company in previous year showed a decrease in their rating.

As a marketer it is the time for showing their business talent, applying appropriate strategies and nailing their customer’s trust.

How CRM and Customer Service are Interrelated?

Winning the hearts of the customer is not easy, you need to break your feet to fit into their heels. It requires excellence in dedicated efforts in order to bridge the gap between customers and your brand. Traditional becomes less noticeable and digital approach makes a big difference.

Digitally modified business approach makes understanding customer needs more easy and takes the advantages over competitors. Analysing the customer behaviour and knowing their needs could drive your sales.

How Marketing Automation Help Improve Customer Service?

Let’s take this topic with an example difference: Traditional vs Digital

Traditional approach stops right after the purchase of a product and only the quality and endurance of the product drives the customers back to purchase.

Digitally automated recommendation method could bring in the customers for another purchase.

  • Reach out to the customers through applications
  • Recommending other related products by knowing their needs
  • Sort out the top-rated products
  • List out most often purchased products
  • Periodically introducing offers and notification on new products

On top of these, providing 24*7 customer service support through automated bots.

All of these could not be possible in traditional methods unless a human effort is made.

Marketing Automation Enhance Customer Service

Anticipation is the key that drives the customers to purchase. Excellent services are the one that earn customers interest beforehand. Data and anticipation can surely bring customers to you.

More we engage with customers, the connection becomes strong and now the customers feel comfortable while purchasing the brand. With marketing automation this becomes easy. Ecommerce and mcommerce should welcome the influence of marketing automation in customer service and see greater results.

Sometimes the efforts you made can end up creating negative impact on customer and here is how marketing automation can take down the complication in consumer issues,

  • Customers may not open the emails you send and simply trash them away. It just makes your effort useless. Now marketing automation will help you in segmenting your customers based on their subject of interest and customize your email to customers.
  • No-follow up on customer could barely doom you from every opportunity of customer conversion. Marketing Automation study real-time customer analysis, tracking and customer behaviour- the pages they visit, the website they visit often and the products they are very much interested gives valuable insight.Automatic prioritization makes quick customer reply based on the priority with quick notification in shorter life span.
  • Customer tells product issue and needs assistance: Very important subject to mention here. Not replying to post purchase enquiry is kind of failing the reputation of brand and company. Marketing automation is quick at response and direct such enquiries to the right person automatically.

What Marketing Strategy Should You Follow for Customer Retention?

Formulating and deploying the marketing strategies is easier said than applying it in real time. Converting every lead into potential customers and every customer into brand ambassador is a big deal and imagine how its been so important when competition is increasing day by day.

Below are considerable marketing automation techniques you can implement as your marketing strategy:

  • Give more personalized content/Interaction
  • Encouraging customers to make purchase again
  • Trying to have re-engagement with customer
  • Announcing discounts and offers
  • Encouraging customers to try better products(up-selling)
  • Suggesting other related products(cross-selling)
  • A/B Testing

Finally before handling these marketing strategies prepare yourself with a proper plan. Ask yourself what you need to automate, how to serve customers and how to solve customer retention related issues.


When you think of how to increase the customer reach/hold on to your lead for longer time to your brand, bet marketing automation strategies can help you with this situation. The sooner marketers come to understand the concept, the better for them to work efficiently.

When these marketing automation strategies are effectively implemented, moving past the barriers becomes simple and it’s the high time to do this. Marketing automation not only works favourable for marketing but also a good one in customer retention strategies. Thank you and happy marketing.

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