Is Salesforce CRM Software Good for Small Business? Know the Benefits & Challenges

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Salesforce CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a cloud-based software that makes it easier for businesses to manage customer relationships and store their data. This CRM software for small business allows you to get all the customer information in a single place to make data-driven decisions.

Using this tool a company can keep track of everything about a customer and also their potential customers. It can automate sales, but it is not only for the sales team. Other departments like marketing, support, e-commerce, and IT can also find information about a customer that helps in better cooperation among the different teams.

You can further customize the software to fit the specific business needs and also connect it with other tools to add extra functionalities. In this article, you will have a clear understanding of Salesforce as a CRM software for small business. Let’s dive in.

Advantages of Salesforce CRM Software for Small Business

1. Customizability:

One of the key advantages of salesforce CRM is the ability to customize the tool. It is especially useful for small business because it meets the specific needs of that company. The customizations include but are not limited to:

  • Custom Fields: Need more specific information about your customers? You can create a custom felid to gather that information. This helps you not to miss out on the critical data which is exclusively needed to segregate your leads.

  • Page Layouts: Want to be more unique from your competitors? For that, you should be able to execute your creative ideas on the landing pages. Build an intuitive and user-friendly interface that works best for you.

  • Workflow Automation: Customize what repetitive tasks should be automated. For example, lead routing, opportunity management, etc.

  • AppExchange: Get ready-to-install apps (third-party) and solutions to extend the functionality and further use them to customize for your needs.

2. Accessibility:

Salesforce is quite easy to access on any device and at any location. This provides the flexibility for small businesses to connect workers remotely— a boon for companies having workers at different places. The major advantages include:

  • Mobile Access: Salesforce CRM provides a mobile app on both Android & iOS devices. You can access customer data and do all your work from your mobile phone or tablet.

  • Anywhere Access: All you need is an internet connection to use Salesforce CRM. This flexibility allows small businesses to work from any location.

  • Offline Access: With Salesforce mobile app you can work offline too. Yes, mobile app users can create, edit, and delete records and keep track of changes. The app automatically syncs data as soon as the connection is restored.

  • Multi-User Access: It supports multiple users to access customer data, shared calendars, and task management tools to collaborate more effectively for a small team.

3. Improved Customer Relationship Management

Coming to the most important role of CRM software for small business, Salesforce is good at what they do by providing a great user experience and building long-lasting relationships. It is made possible in the following ways:

  • Customer Insights: You can paint a clear picture of your audience with in-depth insights that include demographic information, interaction history, purchase history, and more.

  • Lead Management: This lead management system allows small businesses to capture, nurture, and convert leads by lead scoring, lead routing, and lead nurturing tools.

  • Customer Service: Manage and resolve customer issues effectively through case management, knowledge management, and customer service portals.

  • Marketing Automation: Make use of marketing automation tools to create, manage, and execute highly targeted marketing campaigns for email marketing, lead nurturing, and event management.

4. Increase Productivity: 

As the purpose of any good tool, Salesforce saves time by automating manual tasks and providing a repository for customer data. This allows small businesses to work more effectively by focusing on high-value activities. It is achieved through:

  • Automated Workflows: Create many automated workflows to eliminate manual tasks and streamline key processes such as lead management, opportunity management, and customer service.

  • Centralized Data: Allows different teams of your businesses to access information about a customer quickly. This eliminates errors during manual data entry and builds better cooperation between teams.

  • Collaboration Tools: Get access to collaboration tools including shared calendars, task management tools, and team-wide access to customer data. You can also purchase third-party apps or build custom apps using Salesforce app development services.

  • Reporting and Analytics: Track key metrics, identify trends, and make informed decisions backed by data. With efficient reporting, your business will gain new perspectives to grow.

Challenges of Salesforce CRM Software for Small Business

1. Complexity:

For small businesses that are new to using a CRM system, Salesforce might seem quite challenging. The main reasons for it include:

  • Learning Curve: The steep learning curve of this tool can make its features and tools seem unfamiliar and difficult to grasp for quick deployment.

  • Implementation: Salesforce CRM requires a significant investment of time by dedicated resources for implementation, customization, data migration, and integration. This can be a problem for small businesses with limited resources.

  • User Adoption: The non-techie professionals in other teams may find it hard to understand and effectively use the platform for their benefit.

  • Complex Customizations: This can lead to issues like poor design and execution that would affect user experience. It is advisable to outsource such work to a renowned salesforce development company if your business lacks the right resources.

2.  Cost:

The cost of Salesforce CRM software for small businesses can vary greatly depending on the specific needs like:

  • Licensing Fees: The cost of a subscription is based on the number of users and the features required. The basic plan is priced at $25/month to range up to $ 1,250/month for small businesses.

  • Customization Cost: Customizing Salesforce to the specific business requirement might need you to invest in custom development or salesforce consulting services.

  • Training and Support: The other investment is for the training and support to ensure that your team gets the most out of Salesforce CRM.

  • Add-ons: To enrich the Salesforce CRM tool’s functionality you need to integrate third-party addons or hire a Salesforce app development company that will add an additional cost.

Salesforce for Small Business Pricing Per Product

1. B2B Commerce:

You can rely on Salesforce B2B Commerce to engage more customers and boost your business. It offers specialized features to create a customized and user-friendly experience for all your customers. With Salesforce B2B Commerce, you can:

  • Solve complexities with features like fast reorders, custom catalogs, and contract pricing.

  • Make new ways of doing business by adapting to changing needs of customers.

  • Suggest products that each customer might like to buy.

  • Offer a self-service online buying experience to your customers.

  • Design and launch intuitive digital portals for your channel partners’ empowerment.


  • Starter – 1% Gross Merchandise Value

  • Growth – 2% Gross Merchandise Value

2.B2C Commerce :

Salesforce is considered to be one of the best eCommerce CRM software for small business in the USA for its consistent and personalized online shopping experiences. It allows you to optimize sales effectively. Using Salesforce B2C, you can easily build strong relationships with your customers and also,

  • Promote your online business with cutting-edge tools and insights.

  • Gain a complete view of your customer performance for better decision-making.

  • Engage your target audience effectively by increasing conversions.

  • Easily manage product catalogs and streamline checkout processes.

  • Enhance customer satisfaction via customized experiences.

  • Deliver targeted marketing campaigns according to your customer’s preferences. 


  • Starter – 1% Gross Merchandise Value

  • Plus – 3% Gross Merchandise Value

3.Partner Relationship Management :

Salesforce CRM system offers a strong platform designed to improve customer relationships. Now it’s easier to optimize your business interactions with the help of their Partner Relationship Management, which helps you to:

  • Strengthen your partner ecosystem and promote loyalty.

  • Maximize collaboration and track progress with ease.

  • Help partners with the right tools and resources to thrive in the market.

  • Tailor-made dashboards and analytics provide you with valuable insights.

  • Enhance efficiency to automate repetitive tasks.


  • External Apps – $35

  • ECI & Sales Engagement – $75 

4.Revenue Optimization :

Maximize the sales revenue of your small business with the help of Salesforce Revenue Optimization. Close deals faster and deliver personalized experiences to your customers. Using this, you can:

  • Enhance growth with advanced tools tailored to your unique needs.

  • Use intelligent data analytics to identify profitable opportunities.

  • Stay updated and responsive to emerging market changes. 

  • Boost efficiency by streamlining your sales process. 

  • Access user-friendly interfaces to access relevant data and track performance. 


  • External Apps – $35

  • ECI & Sales Engagement – $75

5.Sales Engagement :

Power up your sales teams to optimize processes and boost performance. It provides a shared platform for teams to collaborate on sales opportunities. Moreover, it offers sales playbooks that guide your sales team through each stage of the sales process. Plus, you can be able to:

  • Manage leads and customer interactions efficiently.

  • Gain insights into customer behavior through real-time data and analytics.

  • Deliver impactful sales pitches with a personalized approach. 

  • Maintain lasting connections with clients and exceed your sales targets.

  • Use advanced features such as automated triggers and personalized campaigns.


  • Starter- $25

  • Professional- $75

6.Salesforce Maps:

With Salesforce Maps, you can gain real-time visibility into your customer’s locations. Geolocation intelligence helps you to prioritize leads based on customer interaction count. You can even refine your engagement strategies to meet your customers’ needs. Other notable benefits include,

  • Reach your customers faster and respond to their needs quickly.

  • Deliver the best service with accurate real-time traffic updates.

  • Chart the best routes and manage tasks effortlessly.

  • Maximize efficiency and ensure customer satisfaction.


  • Salesforce Maps – $75

  • Salesforce Maps: Advanced – $125

Final Words:

With many advantages to its side, Salesforce is one of the best CRM software for small business. This is a highly regarded software providing a wide range of benefits and dedicated support like online chat and phone support.

Popular salesforce development companies like Colan Infotech, have the necessary experience & technical resources who can help small businesses overcome obstacles and make the maximum use of the CRM tool. We also specialize in affordable salesforce app development to add extra functionalities to meet specific requirements.

Rest assured that having a tool like Salesforce by your side, can make your customers happy and build long-lasting relationships.

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