25 Best AI tools for Businesses (B2B) in 2024 [Free & Paid]

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“These 25 AI tools will make your B2B company grow 5X more & accelerate ROI.”

AI has penetrated almost every business sector that exists today. Recent studies suggest that around 44% of businesses have already implemented AI in their business structure. 83% of them claim AI as their top priority in 2024.

This ideally means that AI has become a crucial part of businesses of today—especially, with the rapid rise in modern AI tools. B2B businesses, in specific, have leveraged the best of AI tools to improve business operations, automate workflows, customer acquisition, support, and more.

In plain words, there is never a dull day with AI. And, there is no concern for B2B companies to be overwhelmed by AI for their business success.

To ease your AI adoption, this blog post will summarize the top 25 AI tools for B2B businesses to succeed in 2024. You can find both free and paid AI tools in the list that will sure-shot steer your business to unprecedented growth across segments.

How AI Tools Assist B2B Businesses?

The need for good AI tools span across B2B sectors. Whether you are a producer, reseller, government, SaaS organizations, or more—it is first essential to identify your unique needs as a B2B business.

25 Best B2B AI Tools of 2024

It takes the right mapping of requirements and goals to make sure you implement the perfect AI partner for your business. Spend time analyzing the uniqueness of each AI tool listed here and how adaptive it is to the unique nature of your operations. Here is the complete list of most sought-after AI tools for B2B businesses.

Content Generation

Engaging and compelling content can move mountains and these tools right below help craft amazing content for B2B promotion, lead generation, client interaction, branding, and more.

1.Jasper AI (Paid)

Jasper is an AI-powered content generation platform that businesses can leverage for diverse content formats like blog posts, social media captions, marketing copy, product descriptions, website content, email, and more. It is most ideal to use Jasper for high-quality content that drives engagement and converts in a B2B scenario.

2.Grammarly (Free & Paid)

One of the most popular platforms for content-specific suggestions for great readability and performance, Grammarly works by flagging issues and helping with AI-powered suggestions and recommendations. It is available both as a free tool and premium version. Businesses, by and large, can maximize the quality of their content with Grammarly Premium as a browser extension.

3.Copy.ai (Free & Paid)

Copy.ai is an AI writing assistant, best with generating various content formats to cater to specific marketing needs. It also has a plagiarism checker that ensures original content is circulated around the business and brand. Copy.ai helps with content in 95 languages and gives precise landing page copies, blog intros, and more.


4.Hemingway Editor (Free)

Hemingway Editor can be a valuable tool for B2B businesses looking to improve the clarity of their content and communication. Clear and concise writing is the key of this free yet effective tool for businesses. It is a perfect AI tool for B2B emails, proposals, and white papers that helps organizations deliver improved and professional content across platforms.

Automate Workflows

Types of data visuals for social media engagement

The most highlighting aspect of AI is its automation capabilities. Automation saves time, money, and resources, resulting in more B2B productivity.

5.Zapier (Free & Paid Plans)

Zapier is a definite B2B asset to automate workflows by connecting thousands of web and mobile apps. It also connects other AI tools like GPT and Jasper with its automation capabilities. With its user-friendly interface and drag-and-drop functionalities, Zapier makes it easy to create automated workflows called Zaps. If you want to cover an extensive B2B ecosystem with automation, Zapier is one of the best AI tools of 2024.

6.IFTTT (Free & Paid Plans)

IFTTT (holds a comprehensive set of pre-built automations (Applets) across various categories in a B2B company. Like Zapier, it is used to connect various web applications and services to automate tasks and trigger new functionalities. IFTTT is a great AI tool if you are starting off with AI automation.

7.UiPath (Paid)

UiPath is best suited for heavy-duty automation using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology. Repetitive digital tasks are handled most efficiently by software developed by UiPath. This top AI tool improves process accuracy and handles large data to scale and automate B2B business growth- works on subscription plans.

Customer Support

Customer support can make or break a business. Yes, great customer service is not just restricted to the B2C landscape, B2B services equally need amazing client handling solutions as well.

8.AVA Chatbot (Paid)

Build chatbots specifically designed to answer common B2B customer questions, troubleshoot issues, and provide basic support. It helps businesses gain a competitive advantage by earning customer trust with faster TATs, and personalized chat experiences. AVA helps free up human time, focusing on other decision-making tasks.

9.Google AI Dialog Flow (Free Tier & Paid Plans)

With Google Dialog Flow, you can leverage the power of NLP (Natural Language Processing) to include interactive chatbots that resolve user queries and connect with human agents whenever needed. Free usage is available with the basic tier.

10.Zendesk Sunshine (Paid)

B2B companies can save heaps of time, money and resources at large with Zendesk’s Sunshine AI tool. This helps with customized user interactions with a number of self-service options. Customer inquiries are handled with precision- it is ideally an AI platform with unified conversational capabilities across channels.


Manychat is a new-day AI tool that helps businesses to instantly engage with social mentions, comments, reactions, and more. It enables automated B2B-customer service on FaceBook Messenger. You can answer basic questions, schedule meetings, or even collect feedback- all with Manychat’s AI prowess.

B2B & SaaS Marketing

To build a great product is one thing, but what is more important is to reach the right audience. Check the best AI tools for B2B marketing and ads.

12.Seventh Sense (Paid)

Seventhsense is an interesting AI tool if your company is into B2B email marketing. It is AI-powered and works for email delivery optimization like sending mails at personalized times for each customer. This increases email deliverability and increases conversion, driving more traction from mail marketing.

13.MarketMuse (Paid)

MarketMuse revolves around content marketing and can be utilized by B2B marketers for strategic content optimization. It automates personalized content audits, performs competitor analysis and provides suggestions for better leads, nurturing, and conversions.

14.Browse AI

Choose Browse AI is one of the best tools to analyze competitor content and market trends to tweak your content strategy and plan. B2B marketing involves a wide range of activities which demands a good analysis of industry trends that can make your business stand out from the rest- Browse AI helps.

15.Hubspot Marketing

An 360 CRM that is a must-have for B2B businesses, Hubspot is a powerhouse of lead journey, nurturing, segmentation, social media marketing, customer journey, and more. Marketers increasingly use Hubspot’s AI capabilities to personalize campaigns, optimize ad targeting, and score leads the smart way.

AI-The Unseen Advantage in Digital Marketing

Discover the nuances of implementing AI tools into your digital marketing efforts with this golden rulebook.

Sales & Lead Generation

Closing a successful deal has become a lot easier, thanks to AI assistance. The top suggestions for AI tools when it comes to sales and lead generation are here.

16.Einstein GPT

Developed by Salesforce, Einstein GPT helps with sales forecasting, lead generation, and task automation. It analyzes historical data and predicts sales opportunities and helps qualify leads more effectively.

17.Apollo AI

Apollo is your go-to sales intelligence platform with a massive dataset of potential leads. B2B professionals largely use Apollo to find the right leads, automate sales engagement, schedule meetings, close deals, and track conversions. It is available with a free trial and benefits SaaS businesses widely.


Seamless AI makes the lead generation process a breeze. It fetches the best of sales leads from potential B2B companies for emails and direct dials. Seamless AI automates repetitive tasks within your sales pipeline, brings high-quality leads that convert, and identify opportunities to close deals faster.

Data Handling & Analytics

Today’s B2B business landscape is all about data. Everything from user details, transactions, payroll, inventory, sales, and more gets stored in large databases. These datasets are massive in size and contain potential information that is of golden value. But handling data of this volume is humanly impossible, and intelligent AI tools come to the rescue.

19.DataRobot (Paid)

If you are tired of data handling and overload, DataRobot is the perfect AI tool you can invest in. It helps B2B businesses to analyze large datasets, and easily deploy the right kind of Machine Language model for continuous analysis and business impact. It saves time and effort by automating the science of extracting the best insights from heaps of data.

20.RapidMiner (Paid)

RapidMiner is another intelligent AI tool for data analysis. It cleanses and pre-processes data for analysis, and uses the power of prediction to forecast future trends. The key highlight of RapidMiner is its insightful visualizations to display its findings that B2B companies can make the best use of.

21.IBM Watson (Paid)

IBM Watson is a next-gen AI tool for answering questions given in NLP (natural language). It adds great value to uncover new insights and maximize productivity for B2B companies in their workflows. This AI genius can stifle through unstructured text documents to extract the right insights for businesses to make strategic decisions and amplify personalization.

HR Processes

AI is revolutionizing HR by streamlining conventional time-taking processes. However, implementing the right AI tools allows HR teams to focus on strategic initiatives, improve hiring decisions, and reduce onboarding costs while attracting top talent at a lower cost.

22.Fetcher (Paid)

By using tools like Fetcher, your HR team can quicken the hiring process by automating candidate sourcing and screening. By easily evaluating resumes automatically with less human intervention, businesses save time in the hiring process – a great asset for HR processes, especially in the B2B landscape.

23.HireVue (Paid)

HireVue is a video interviewing AI tool that is most ideal for remote interviewing, recording and analyzing interview responses. It uses a very modern approach to hire candidates through smart AI-powered interviews, regardless of the location.

Finance Management

Managing the end-to-end of financial needs is highly crucial, time-sensitive, and a secure workflow. AI tools of today ease B2B finance management effectively, helping with accuracy, precision, and protecting sensitive data.

24.Booke AI

It ideally simplifies and automates the bookkeeping chores within your organization. Accountants and businesses use Booke AI to categorize transactions, track invoices, and can also be integrated into accounting platforms.


Yodlee consolidates financial data from bank accounts, credit cards, and other sources into a single platform for B2B businesses. It paves way for personalized financial budgeting, forecasts cash flow, bill pay reminders and more. All the cash inflow and outflow is well monitored and managed for businesses to get a complete view of how finances are managed in their B2B landscape.

Free AI Tools Vs Paid

Types of data visuals for social media engagement

If you are at a crossroads between choosing a free and paid AI tool for your business, here are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Pick a free tool if you are just starting off with your AI adoption
  • Get a free trial to analyze the features, functionalities, and ease of use
  • Free tools may offer limited customization, pick a paid AI tool if you look for custom solution
  • Processing large datasets and high-quality outputs may require more bandwidth, which paid AI tools may satisfy
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How to Choose the Perfect AI Tool for Your B2B Workflows?

AI tools are aplenty in today’s market. The more complex the processes get, more advanced and intelligent tools make up for it. However, to find the one that suits your B2B business the best is what is tricky. Here’s a short checklist you can follow:

Identify your B2B AI needs

Map your needs with the desired outcomes

Evaluate your budget and its relevant ROI

Do your own research and compare the best AI tools for your niche

Analyze ease of integration

Make sure the tools align with security practices and compliance

Take advantage of free trials and demo versions

Check out other businesses using that particular AI tool

To Wrap Up

There’s no single “perfect” AI tool for your business. It relies on a number of different factors in a B2B scenario and the long-term goals of an organization. In fact, in today’s age, it takes more than one AI tool to satisfy modern business demands. So, get started with AI implementation that can really bring a change to the way you work, operate, communicate, and hire for business growth. While you are in search of that life-changing AI tool to make magic happen, weigh the pros and cons of each AI tool for best results.

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