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QA Testing Services

QA Testing Services - Quality Assurance and Software Testing Services India 1647test


QA Testing Services

Colan Infotech gives a resilient and all inclusive reaching software Quality Assurance and Testing hone that distinguishes the accuracy, culmination, and quality level of programming products. Colan Infotech helps associations to upgrade profitability by quickening time to showcase and discharging software products that meet client desires regarding quality and client encounter while accomplishing noteworthy cost investment funds.

QA Testing Services


Our QA Testing services cover many types of testing – from system testing to integration, end-to-end testing, regression testing and user acceptance testing. Our QA Testing services also include:

Test Case Specification – We use structured methods to produce test cases for all test stages, which can then be maintained and reused.

Test Execution and Reporting – We run functional tests in a controlled and systematic way with our QA and testing services. Regular reports keep you informed about progress, application quality and any risks identified.

We offer autonomous software quality assurance and testing services across multiple domains. Our software testing services company help enterprises to address software quality issues and improve application performance. We are one among the best software testing services company who deliver value every day.

Early detection of issues during development:

The causes of load and performance problems are often deeply rooted in the architecture. It is important to introduce early fault detection. As well as load and performance tests at system integration stage, Colan Infotech also offers tests and reviews (QA and testing services) during development. For example, we work with agile testing teams who measure the performance trend objectively and continuously. When defined thresholds are exceeded, performance can be repeatedly optimized without any adverse effect on the system due to early intervention.

Colan infotech services include:-

Performance testing: This includes defining performance requirements, generating performance scripts, running appropriate tests and reporting on results.

Capacity benchmarking: We assess how systems perform under known load conditions.This service is often used at design or requirements stage.

Tuning and optimization: We use performance test scripts in a proactive way, in order to identify bottlenecks and make recommendations for improving application performance.

Benefits of Colan Agile Services:-

Gain a competitive advantage by launching business-ready software quickly with our rapid development Agile services. Colan Infotech is focused on helping business owners and developers deliver software, on-time and free of errors.

Drive productivity and efficiency throughout the SDLC by working with specialist Agile consultants. Our consultants are highly motivated experts in 6 sigma, coaching and automation. With efficiency as the primary goal, you will be able to deliver excellent software faster and thus reduce the cost to your business.

Ensure successful internal deployments by working with Colan Infotech Agile consultants. Our 30 year legacy of transformation projects provide you with the technical excellence and focus on quality you need to deliver software that works.

Help assure your software quality with Colan Infotech Agile Services. Colan Infotech has Quality in our name and in everything we do. As the world largest independent software quality assurance company we are acknowledged as the leading company for quality.

Rectifying Compatibility Issues in Mobile:-

Compatibility Issues is a critical QA task – that ensures that the product/software application executes as desired across a broad set of user/client systems and configurations. Procreation of browsers, operating systems and devices to ensure that all their software is rendered as intended across these platforms and to prevent expensive bugs/errors entering production/field/market. You can achieve all these with the best Software testing company india.

  • Devices: Apple, Samsung, Nokia, Blackberry, iPad, Samsung Tab to name a few

  • Platforms: Various Combinations of browsers and Operating Systems

Want to Hire a Quality Tester?:-

The tests are offered internationally and carried out in licensed testing facilities according to a uniform scheme. This guarantees a quality standard across national boundaries and yes we also extended our QA and testing services in Bangalore/Hyderabad. We are one among the best software testing company India. In order to find the most suitable Certified Tester, it is worth taking a closer look at the acquired knowledge of each level. Contact us for more details INDIA +91-9884838138 / US +1 213 550 1957

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