Automotive Industry

Automotive Software Development Services

Today’s world is switching business environments with an unstable situation and foremostly automotive businesses are facing intense competition with their competitors. The growing demand for customized experience & product, reducing operating costs and quality standards are the vital challenges facing for the automotive industry. Nowadays, automotive organizations have the opportunities to embrace the emerging technologies to enhance their business processes.

Offering splendid automotive software development services to enable excellent solutions for the automotive industry, Colan Infotech is renowned among others in the IT services. With the help of our automotive development solution, we will integrate cutting-edge technology and domain expertise with great insights to render finest automotive management solutions and implementation to lessen operational costs and to enhance performance efficiency.

What We Offer

Colan Infotech provides the excellence of systematic approach in the automotive industry to deliver the automotive IT solutions and flexible management development for our loyal customers to improve their digital experience with the increased revenue.

With excellent expertise in furnishing automotive software development services, we offer rapid development & high-quality services to deliver superior products for the auto industry, Improving stability to increase efficiency & profitability, Enhancing customer experience to boost customer loyalty that will drive enormous revenue streams.

Automotive Software Development Solutions From Colan Infotech

Our automotive IT solution experts can leverage advanced data intelligence to render the digitized management solutions for your niche that will help to maintain and examine your product knowledge, analytics & reporting solutions to optimize product distribution to the next level.

To ensure the overall quality, product safety, and reliability, Colan Infotech’ automotive software development consultant team will leverage real-world data collection from various sources to optimize operations & fine-tune your operations to empower splendid performance, safety and to reduce expenses for your automotive business.

Business Benefits From Colan Infotech’s Automotive Software Solution

Future-led Digital Experience

  • Eminent Automotive Management Development

    Improved efficiencies services in production to enrich product experience.

  • Agile Development Approach

    Rapid development process to flawless & seamless project delivery.

  • Decrease Operational Cost

    Reducing productivity cost for automotive products manufacturers.

  • Cutting-edge Innovations

    Digital experience through leveraging latest technologies.


Transformation to Futuristic Solution

  • Enterprise Business Solutions

    End-to-End consulting, automotive implementation & management service.

  • Engagement & Responsibility

    Adept automotive consulting team to engage with the needs of your business.

  • 24*7 Client Assistance

    Ensure customer service & support with a dedicated project manager.

  • Support & Maintenance

    Colan Infotech is dedicated to providing multi-level support.

Ready For The Digital Transformation In Automotive?

We are devoted to improving efficiencies in core product value development for the automotive industry with streamline support functions and end-to-end solutions to empower digital transformation to obtain exponential growth. Gain the advantage of a new automotive shift by contacting Colan Infotech.


Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

In more recent times the dawn of the digital age has brought on a large scale change in the business world, and consequently today supply chain management has become an integral part of the business, and it’s significant to boost customer service, improve the financial standing and reduce operating costs for organization.

Get streamlined supply chain management processes to time-saving & lessen productivity cost from Colan Infotech, provides end-to-end customized development services and awesomatic features for your businesses which enable excellent supply chain planning and execution to reduce costs and increase enterprise efficiency.

Delivering Exquisite Supply Chain Development Services

In terms of a systematic approach, Colan Infotech delivers flexible software development in the supply chain to aid customers enlarge profitables, enhance process transparency and resources. Our adept developers are well dedicated to offer end-to-end development, implementation and support to your supply chain process.

With extensive experience in providing supply chain development services, Colan Infotech offer Shipping & Logistics Software Development, Mobile Supply Chain Management Development, Smart Supply Chain Software Development, Asset Tracking Solutions and EDI Software Development.

Awe-Inspiring Supply Chain Management Solutions

At Colan Infotech, our experienced developers leverage advanced data intelligence to furnish actionable insights for inventory management and order fulfillment and they will make supply chain analytics & reporting solutions to optimize distribution, warehouse operations, purchase order flows and procurement.

Colan’s illustrious solutions in supply chain will transform your supply chain functions & enable tangible results to bolster the management of suppliers and aid to optimize operations & fine-tune your products and this will enable our customers to reduce expenses on the supply chain from suppliers to its retail stores.

Colan Infotech’s Exquisite Advantages

Supply Chain Management Deftness

  • Agile Development Approach

    Rapid development process to flawless & seamless project delivery.

  • 12+ Years of Experience

    Deep experience in offering services & solutions in the supply chain.

  • 24*7 Client Assistance

    Ensure customer service & support with a dedicated project manager.

  • Decrease Supply Chain Cost

    Reducing productivity cost for wholesale manufacturers & retailer suppliers.


Custom-Made Solutions

  • Engagement & Responsibility

    Dedicated team to focus & engage with the needs of your business.

  • Enterprise Business Solutions

    End-to-End consulting, software implementation & project management service.

  • Support & Maintenance

    Dedicated team to provide multi-level support.

  • Holistic Business Support

    Deliver significant services and support business processes.

Decided To Get A Customized SCM Solution?

Colan Infotech has been recognized as a leading supply chain management company by delivering the agile methodology to offer products ASAP and top-notch software solutions for the SCM industry. Through our SCM solution, you identify faults in your supply chain process, make improved inventory decisions of shipping status for orders.

Make sure to Contact us to get higher efficiency, greater visibility, customer satisfaction and increased cash flow through our supply chain development.

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Bestowing Excellent Learning Outcomes

In recent decades, owing to the increasing significance of producing an educated workforce, the world has focused on the education system and education is at a landmark option where innovation has become essential to fulfill the expectations of today’s excellence. Overall, the education industry can render meaningful employment and accelerate economic growth.

Need a path to triumph in a well-organized learning mode? With emerging technologies and knowledge-based digital revolution, Colan Infotech provides awesomatic services in custom-made digital & technology solutions that empower higher education institutions to furnish outstanding and flexible experiences to students and faculties.

Colan Infotech’s Key Offerings In Education

Having extensive expertise in the education industry, Colan Infotech aid to shift the student experience wonderfully, increase enrollment and lower cost of acquisition to educational institutions, education publishing & EdTech organizations.

By the rapid evolution in digital technologies on the education sector, we’ll deliver innovative experience, new capabilities & effectiveness through our learning management solutions, end-to-end analytics services and student lifecycle solutions.

Rendering Splendid Education Solutions

At Colan Infotech, we have expertised professionals to bestow digital strategies to educational institutions & universities, and leverage forefront technologies to enhance student’s improved performance. Our industry specialists build mobile apps for education that will enable to promote learning & digital content.

And our customized educational apps for online educational portals & institutions that are tailor-made for unique requisites to give interesting multimedia learning experience for users and we ensure easy to use, highly functional, interactive and scalable solutions through our educational apps.

Bespoke Benefits Of Colan Infotech

Education Solutions Adeptness

  • Flexibility In Learning

    Flexible and scalable features to scale up students & e-learners.

  • Voice Recognition and Learning

    Voice recognition software to streamline the process of e-learning.

  • Professional Educational Apps

    Apps with professional courses and real-time solutions.

  • E-Library App Solutions

    With easy navigation, multiple platform support & responsive designs.


Magnificent Solutions

  • Engagement & Responsibility

    Dedicated team to focus & engage with your needs.

  • User Experience Design

    Ensures user-centered design with seamless UI/UX.

  • Support & Maintenance

    Dedicated team to provide multi-level support.

  • Learning Standard Regulations

    Data privacy regulations & accessibility guidelines to secure.

Want To Eminent Your Education App With Ingenious Solutions?

By providing easy-to-use app design and mobile-friendly apps with third party integration features, Colan Infotech, an leading educational app development company to streamline the interactions between educators and learners. With our extensive software development technique, we furnish efficient application solutions by transforming your ideas into reality.

Get feature-rich and highly customised web applications for your institutes through obtaining educational app development services from Colan Infotech. Embellish your educational apps by Contact us.

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Omni-channel Ecommerce Software Development to Scale up Your Business.
E-commerce, since the name came into existence the industry seeing constant rise with
profits increasing for businesses every year.

For such industry it is wise to take advantage of digital solutions that will add significance.

Custom software development by Colan Infotech for e-commerce gives customer centric solution to meet end goals. With our high end software solution you will be getting,

  • Increase in profit

  • Well organized application

  • Increased user engagement

Our Capabilities

We are keen in helping you to serve your customers better with must have e-commerce features.Many ecommerce business struggles to integrate in-store and online sales and that no longer exist with our Omni-channel approach for seamless experience.

Custom Cart Development:

Offers businesses a personalized shopping experience, improved conversion rates, enhanced security, and scalability to grow with your business.

Payment Gateway Integration:

Boosting your business by enabling secure, fast, and convenient online payments, leading to increased sales and customer satisfaction.

Third Party Application integration:

Offers increased efficiency, streamlined workflows, improved data accuracy, cost savings, and enhanced user experience.

Mobile Commerce:

Providing unparalleled convenience to consumers, allowing them to shop and pay for goods and services anytime, anywhere.

Transform your business with our ecommerce software development!

Our approach

Almost all your customers are already online seeking for businesses like yours. Your business strategy and our expertise can yield desired results on time.

  • With ideal design and development we bring your dream to live.

  • We are flexible and ready to adapt emerging ideas for exemplary output.

  • Result oriented team with 24*7 support to deliver desired result.

Ready to future-proof your ecommerce business?

Our ecommerce software is built with scalability and flexibility in mind, so you can easily adapt to changing market trends and customer demands. Contact us!


Real Estate

Real Estate Software Development Services

Get custom software for real estate businesses of all sizes that will help you increase efficiency with successful operations and gain a competitive edge in the market.

Real estate software is crucial for managing properties, automating workflows, tracking leads, analyzing data, and providing a seamless customer experience.

Our team of experienced developers knows the unique needs of your industry and excels in creating tailored software solutions that meet your specific business requirements.

Diverse Real Estate Software Dev Services

We offer a wide range of real estate software development services, including:

Property Management Software:

Simplify the tasks of managing real estate properties, whether you’re a single property owner or a large real estate management firm. Our software helps you streamline processes like rent collection, maintenance requests, lease renewals, tenant screening, and more.

Real Estate CRM Software:

Manage your customer relationships and maximize your sales potential. We help you track and analyze leads, manage your sales pipeline, and automate tasks like email campaigns, appointment scheduling, and follow-up tasks.

Real Estate Website Development:

Create a professional and user-friendly website that showcases your properties and services. We help you build a custom website that meets your unique needs and preferences, including features like property listings, property search filters, interactive maps, and virtual tours.

Real Estate Mobile App Development:

Create a mobile app that provides a convenient and engaging experience for your customers. Our mobile apps are designed to be user-friendly and responsive, allowing users to search for properties, schedule appointments, submit maintenance requests, and more.

Real Estate Analytics Software:

Make data-driven decisions and optimize your operations. Our software provides comprehensive insights into your property performance, market trends, customer behavior, and more, allowing you to identify areas for improvement.

Real Estate Blockchain Solutions:

Enhance the security, transparency, and efficiency of your real estate transactions. Our blockchain solutions provide a decentralized and tamper-proof platform for recording property ownership, transfers, and other transactions.


Why Choose Colan’s Real Estate Software Services?

Experienced team with in-depth knowledge of the real estate industry

Flexible and agile development process to ensure timely delivery

Proven track record of successful software implementations for diverse clients

Robust quality assurance procedures for bug-free and reliable software

Affordable pricing options to fit any budget

24/7 support and maintenance to ensure smooth operations

Benefits of Real Estate Software

We ensure that you get to enjoy all the benefits of the software, such as:

  • • Simplify complex real estate
    processes and workflows
  • • Streamline communication
    and collaboration
  • • Optimize resource allocation
    and cost management
  • • Improve customer engagement
    and retention
  • • Gain insights from
    data analysis and reporting
  • • Increase overall business efficiency
    and profitability


Contact us today to schedule a free consultation with one of our top experts and learn how our custom software solutions can help you achieve your goals.


Healthcare software development

Healthcare Mobile App

Technology significantly benefits our lives, today, almost 90% of people have mobile devices in the palm and the use of smartphone medical applications has expanded globally, enormous people depend on them for everything from public health to medical treatments, which is a boon to the healthcare industry.

Healthcare applications are highly regarded mobile apps that aid to connect and serve the patients finer. Are you planning to build a healthcare mobile app? Bestowing a illustrious mobile app development in the healthcare industry for decades, Colan Infotech affords superior mobile apps to healthcare organizations, pharmaceutical companies and hospitals around the globe.

Top-Notch Healthcare App Development Services

From technology consulting to final deployment, Colan Infotech, a leading healthcare app development company, furnishes robust healthcare solutions designed specifically for patient care and data protection.

With wide experience, our healthcare app developers build MHealth Platform, Healthcare App Development, Clinical Management Apps, Pharmacies Apps, Application Maintenance and more.

Delivering Top-Grade Healthcare Solutions

With extensive knowledge in the field of healthcare, Colan Infotech, an healthcare mobile app development company, provides unique solutions to generate a fluid transformation in your healthcare strategy.

By providing healthcare app development services, our healthcare app developers build cutting edge solutions which connect patients protected & advantageous and our healthcare mobile apps constantly perform dexterously over app marketplaces.

Since 2009 Colan Infotech has achieved success working on various projects that solve the immense complex in healthcare and our healthcare mobile app development team are well-equipped to take care of your healthcare project.

  • 100+

    Healthcare Projects Delivered

    Delivered 100+ mobile apps in healthcare

  • 80-90%

    Uninterrupted Solutions

    80-90% of healthcare applications target the end consumer

  • 55%

    Increased Productivity

    55% grown up productivity among staffs & clinicians

  • 100+

    Operation Success

    100+ people have downloaded a healthcare app

Colan Infotech’s Beneficials

Healthcare Expertness

  • 24*7 Client Assistance

    Ensure customer service & support with a dedicated project manager.

  • Agile Development Approach

    Rapid development process to flawless & seamless project delivery.

  • 12+ Years of Experience

    Deep experience in offering services & solutions in healthcare.

  • CoE-Based Delivery Model

    Centers of Excellence to facilitate cutting-edge technology solutions.


High-Grade Solutions

  • Holistic Business Support

    Deliver significant services and support business processes.

  • Engagement & responsibility

    Dedicated team to focus & engage with the needs of your business.

  • Easy management

    Transparent work environment to manage teams & projects efficiently.

  • Enterprise Business Solutions

    End-to-End consulting, software implementation & project management service.

Get Start Your Healthcare Project Today!

With over the years of development experience and consolidating business cognizance in the healthcare industry, Colan Infotech will work with you to build the remarkable aspects of your healthcare app and our healthcare mobile app development services gets people to utilize your healthcare product and drive your revenue streams.

If you’re ready to turn your mobile healthcare app idea into reality, Colan Infotech’s healthcare app developers are ready to aid. We didn’t just build apps, even more excellent in delivering digital solutions. Get in Touch!

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IT Solutions for Manufacturing Industry

IT Solutions for Manufacturing Industry

In this digital era, the Internet dominates our daily life making it convenient while searching online to get a job done. In another way, it is helping out businesses online to seize new customers via gateway called Website.Just having a website is enough to get qualified sales traffic to a business? Absolutely not, the website must be optimized in all aspects to make a visitor into a customer.

The ongoing alterations in manufacturing industries induced ceaseless contention among technically skilled competitors. Timely investment in manufacturing software development creates an opportunity for business to scale high through agile methodology.

Manufacturing software applications source out with promising capability in solving complex manufacturing process as well as handling conventional industry process. Adopting manufacturing software solutions increases customer demand; accelerate product’s time to market for sale with reduced manufacturing cost.

Custom Industrial Manufacturing Solution

The present trend of automation and manufacturing technologies proved that machines have the skill to update in real time. Colan Infotech ushers with cognitive digital manufacturing industry solutions that could steer up your manufacturing operation towards modern lifecycle.Our comprehensive IT solution for Manufacturing industry includes,

Enterprise and supply chain systems

Supply chain product implementation

Mobile and web application development

Engineering design services

Inventory Management

Smart Manufacturing Solutions

Field service operation

EDI integration & Order Management

Asset Management and Optimization

Digitally transform your manufacturing business solutions with our IT Solutions and Services

Why choose Colan Infotech for Manufacturing Software Development?

As a renowned manufacturing software development company, Colan Infotech has a wide range of access in providing reliable industrial manufacturing solutions to manage a vast catalogue of industry services across regions and marketplaces.

  • • Experts at Colan Infotech sketch the perfect responsive solutions thus giving the complete control over your business. In addition, we come up with additional functionality features and enhancement facility to inherit systems, integrated software application along with the web-based solution.

  • • Colan Infotech always aims to deliver the best manufacturing technology solutions to help organizations gain aggregate visibility across business functionalities

Features of Manufacturing Software Development

Opting the right manufacturing ERP software system for the company is quite tricky. Well organized manufacturing software should have the following features to lead a profitable enterprise.

Active Quality Control

Operative distribution requirement planning

Robust inventory tracking

Complete automation process

Well set project life cycle management

Digital Transformation has invaded new opportunities in the manufacturing domain. This changed the phase of industries to adopt new operation techniques in leading ecosystem and supplier collaboration edge.

Professionals at Colan Infotech render exact and fortunate manufacturing software development services and solutions that could roll out the platforms with enhanced service capabilities and reduced costing.

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Hire our dedicated IT software developers who can help you to climb the ladder of success within a limited time period.


Financial Software

Financial Software

Nowadays, compiling and analyzing financial data has become increasingly complex. The success of a business depends on how the companies align with the evolving growth strategies in progressive market advancement.

Financial software development companies includes the process of defining, designing, testing and implementing a new application to carry out the financial tasks effortlessly. Improving the marginal profit returns and optimizing the stakeholders’ value will be the foremost focus of the application.

As a well-known distinguished financial management software development company, Colan Infotech provides custom financial software solutions for portfolio management, tax preparation, financial planning, etc.

Why IT solutions for Financial Service Industry?

  • • The ultimate goal of our banking software development tech veterans is to design user-friendly, integrated, high performing financial systems that could drive your company development flawlessly through the complicated twists.

  • • We add unique value to the financial status of your business with improved scalability, security and long term stability.

Newly budding digital marketing dynamics, competitions, and ever-growing regulations are driving the banking software companies to reinvent better technical applications. Colan Infotech financial software development services provide critical solutions that enable faster implementation of digital innovation into your business.

Colan Infotech bestows financial software solutions for your business with improved scalability and stability

Colan Infotech’s Financial Software Development Services

Colan Infotech financial software solutions consistently support our clients to meet their expectations and improve the company standard by deploying custom-tailored technology systems.Our services include

Data Management

Financial and Strategic Investment Management

Financial Management Outsourcing

Digitalization and working capital Management

Cash Flow Management and funding advisory

Cloud Enablement and Migration

Blockchain Cybersecurity

Trading Solutions

Business Process Management

While the digital world is fastening towards the decision making Artificial Intelligence infused algorithm, our peculiar financial software solutions will deliver the long term returns. Our financial software developers have rich domain knowledge and authenticated experience in financial industry functionalities to add a new flavor of technology to your business requirement.

Features of Financial Application Development

Those business that offer customer-centric solution wins the market, Finance app development is one such way to attain it. We outsmart your business model before your competitors does. Some of the top features we are committed to deliver are,

Simplified data analysis

Blockchain-based new business models

Provides intuitive interface

Personalized to customers’ needs

The industries our experts have footprints in

Insurance –Intuitive & seamless mobile solution for agents, customers & employees

Investment –All in one mobile app for customers to stay updated for a focused investment

Accounting –An elegant mobile application with comprehensive finance details at one place

Banking –Customized, Performance driven & user centric disruptive mobile solution

Digital Wallets –Highly emphasised wallet apps with multiple payment & security solutions

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Choose coders who well-versed in frameworks, tools and accelerators to immediately propose suitable solutions and quality service. Contact us today to add a new phase of solutions to your customers.