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The marketing, as we he knew it in the 80s and 90 years, is at the end, If you observe what people use their smartphones, then you will see that in addition to phone calls, email and text messaging (activities that are hardly suitable for advertising) Apps dominate. On average, users spend 82 percent of their mobile minutes with apps and only 18 percent with the web browser. Any charges (from a choice of more than one million) on average around 40 apps on his device and used 15 of them regularly.

Numerous organizations trust that versatile advertisements are a piece of their correspondence procedure for some modification. A standout amongst the most praised realistic from the media was a year ago a film on this subject: a correlation between the way individuals devour media (around 10 percent on cell phones), and the promoting consumption (here makes the versatile region only 1 percent). After some time, as eyewitnesses say, will meet these numbers. Appropriately, the versatile publicizing spending plans in the US must give $ 2.3 billion in 2012 rose to just about $ 11 billion 2016th New media require new strategies for promoting, and that create after some time on. The same is valid for the mobile area.

As the best approach for advertising purposes here, the correspondence will demonstrate by Apps. The little projects propose customary advertisements likewise on the grounds that numerous purchasers they don’t see advertising- they are esteemed for their functionality and therefore not saw as irritating. For advertisers applications are more appealing in light of the fact that they are more moderate than conventional showcases – and can make completely new income streams.

Smartphone apps can be divided into five categories:

  • Games and entertainment, which account for 42 percent of total smartphone usage time according to a study;
  • social networks (especially Facebook) with another 31 percent smartphone time;
  • Tools such as maps, clocks, calendars, camera and e-mail;
  • Selection aids such as Yelp, TripAdvisor or Flixster;
  • Brands such as Nike or Red Bull.

The challenge for marketers is thus clear: especially Apps When smartphone users are running, but use it only 15 pieces regularly, and if only a few of brand companies derived from these 15 – then there is on the screens of mobile people really not much opportunity for Marketing. How can these consumers reach and appeal anyway? Instead tiny banner to buy, should offer marketers Apps, representing a value in the customer lives and strengthen the long-term commitment to their brands. For this it is first to understand how and why users opt for Apps.

According to a research, there are five strategies that lead to success here.

1. You worry for more convenience

Apps for the convenience may be worth in marketing, but there are three restrictions. First, although they strengthen relationships with existing customers, but do little for the acquisition of new. Second, established brands with great customer base an advantage of customers using apps to address and bind to itself – so they are not suitable for every company. And thirdly, offer more and more vendors practical apps, so it becomes more difficult to differentiate on this basis.

2. Provide a unique value

Some apps use the mobile facility in a way as it could not be implemented in desktop devices. So has the British retailer Tesco in South Korea a delivery service for food called Home Plus. For this the chain has rows of blank posters with high resolution photos of their deals hang in full size in metro stations – including QR codes that can be scanned with a smartphone (see box below “As an app for more revenue, makes”) ,Allowing users to purchase and arrange delivery, while waiting for the subway. In the first three months after the start of the system, the number of registered users of Home Plus has increased by 76 percent and sales by 130 percent.

3. Create social benefits

In October 2012 Facebook has passed the milestone of one billion users.The mobile app of the service is one of the world’s most popular.Nevertheless, Facebook has, like many other social media companies, difficulties, its user base through marketing to make money. For marketing professionals doubt the effectiveness of ads in social media because they interrupt the user experience of connecting with friends. Activities that enrich those compounds, but are a completely different topic.

4. Give incentives

The basic concept is known: Many companies are trying to bring short-term promotions and other incentives customers to buy their products or on their Facebook pages to “like” to click. To secure a place among the few apps on the smartphone of a consumer, you have to come up with more creative incentives, however.

5. Entertain

As mentioned Spend smart phone users more than 40 percent of their app-time playing; for tablet users, the proportion is even higher. This is a huge opportunity for clever marketing. For many companies, is likely to the fact that the App Development requires new skills, be an advantage. After the sensational overnight success of Angry Birds and similar game apps, the young industry has attracted thousands of programmers and app developers- just for the iTunes Store have registered more than 275 000 of them.


Despite the ubiquity of smartphones and the many hours that many of us spend now bent over a small screen, shrewd marketing professionals will recognize: “Mobile advertising” is often just a hollow phrase because users like ads on their mobile devices just do not. Even location-based advertising, which will entice you with context-sensitive discounts that only short-term sales targets, not long-term customer dialog is used. Better results can be achieved through communication formats that enrich the lives of customers and provide long-term value

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