A vision on the future of the Web development

4 min read | By Admin | 15 September 2016 | Technology

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It is always difficult to make predictions objective, it is often the reflection of a person and this greatly depends on its way to work (methodology, technical environment, Environnement Professionnel…).

5 Technologies to Monitor

Conventional technologies are no longer in vogue, JavaEE, Ruby on Rails, where again PHP, are declining in terms of popularity. Has the inverse of other technologies are progressing and gently rise in the various rankings. If you do not want to be to the garbage you will need to take a look at these technos.

  • AngularJS

AngularJS is a Javascript framework MVC created to make the front-end development as simple as possible. Developed by Google, it has been able to impose recently to create dynamic web applications type SPA.

  • ReactJs

Created by Facebook and Instagram, ReactJs is a javascript library  to create user interfaces. Seen as the V of MVC, its sole purpose is to manipulate the DOM of a web page to which the display would be led to change in function of the evolution of the data. To make it simple, when data change, ReactJs supports on the refresh button of your browser.

  • GO

GO is a compiled programming language created by Google whose strength is to achieve concurrent operations. The language GB has been created for the programming system and has since been extended to web applications. It is now possible to generate the code for Android with GB and some bookshops. Also, note that this language has a library of HTTP server allows going to Apache or Nginx.

  • Rust

Compiled programming language oriented low levels, rust has been designed Mozilla to be “secure, competitor and practice”, supporting the programming of a purely functional, procedural and object-oriented. Rust is described as one of the potential successors of C .

  • R

Not really on the web, R is a free software for data processing and statistical analysis. At the time of the big data, it is interesting to have a look on this kind of tool in order to manipulate the data.

  • Node.js

Very popular, node.js developed by Joyent is no longer present and that is why it is not part of this top 5. Using the javascript virtual machine v8, node.js allows you to run the server side javascript. It is an ideal candidate for applications where you need to maintain a persistent connection as to make the real time or the push of information.

As you have seen, some programming languages are clearly Web-oriented, while others are more system (be it only by the difference in design of websites). The interest for any developer will be to mix between these languages to create new applications.

The trends in the architecture of the application

This is in part due to the hustle and bustle of the use of the mobile, thus making the approach ” mobile-first” at the center of any project. This is a profound change in the creation of web applications or mobile application development has affected the way to architect a project, forcing us to create the APIs to allow the consumption of data. These data which are the reasons to be applications can now be accessed from any front-end solution with the consumption of Web services. In the era of mobile, connected objects and data-driven, Web APIs have become the vertebral column of Web Apps and mobile app development.

The future of the Developers

Completed the time where we realized a whole application with a single technology, today we mix the languages and it interconnects of bricks to form an application.

In view of the increasing number of programming languages and the hustle and bustle of the frameworks and Micro-Frameworks, it is no longer possible to make the impasse on the eve technique. It is imperative to discover their strengths and weaknesses in order to use the good moments. In order for an application to be effective, it must be open and watch what is happening elsewhere, not to implement the trends or the last framework to the model, but simply to adapt more quickly by using what works. Beyond the pure development, there is a trend which today is inevitable for a developer, it is the fact of having a culture DevOps. The time of the teams in a silo is no more, it is important to know how to operate the protocols of exchanges such as HTTP.

In short, it must be out of its comfort zone and self-training!

In summary, large challenges await us. It will be necessary both to worry about the tools at our disposal but also see outside the framework for thinking and adapt more quickly.

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