Top 10 Web Development Frameworks to Watch in 2020

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In the present day observation, IT security and development of software is as complex to handle and large enough to keep all demands placed in your head. Hence it has become important to overlook something so important and that is nothing but the framework. The framework ensures you to cover all the base operation in web development.

A website is developed under the combination of front end and backend web development frameworks. Below is the list of top web development frameworks that are at its popular peak in 2020.

Top and Futuristic Web Development Frameworks in 2020

Frontend JS Frameworks

Angular JS

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A front-end framework specialized in building rich single page applications comes from the epic digital ruler, Google. This popular framework is based on the Model View Controller (MVC), Model-View-ViewModel(MVVM) architectural patterns. The first version of Angular is the complete rework of angular js version 1 which is the typescript programming language with all the features angular js as well as other additional features. If you wish to build a website, having angular js as your toolkit is recommended to see good result.


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Node.js is a conventional open source, a cross-platform capable of executing javascript program outside the browser. Primarily built for the client side scripting, node js framework is embedded into the webpage HTML format that could run on the client side engine. Also strange to seek its capability, this framework can run a huge amount of data with real-time applications on distributed devices or on multiple applications without any degradation in performance.

Vue JS

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Close to Angular JS, Vue JS is the next raising orb and a trending framework chosen for single page application. Known to be a seasonal progressive framework, Vue JS is built with exciting features that choosing Vue js as a front end framework will work flawlessly throughout the project. Moreover, Vue js brings out the excellent component architecture model popular enough for big names to invest in Vue.

React JS

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Sustained by the famous Facebook, React js is an open source library utilized by the tremendous developer community. Though React js is used as the development tool for e-commerce websites, it is pretty well known for its benefit in the development of user interface website applications.

React v16.8.3 recently launched by React- a new upgrade to React js core algorithm is worthy to be included in your web development arsenal.

Ember JS

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Haven’t heard its fame so far? Ember was once named as the ideal Javascript framework in 2015. Today, it is a massive community group, it’s forever expanding features and new versions take Ember to facilitate two-way data binding benefit. Ember is adopted by Microsoft, Google and online media service provider Netflix for eliminating the time-consuming activities and adopting the best practices in core designing.

Backend Framework


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Laravel is the most popular and widely used youngest PHP framework for web application development. Introduced in 2011, Laravel act as an absolute backend tool kit for e-commerce site developers with promising results. Laravel is more advanced and alternative to CodeIgniter framework and make it a good choice for a blog, article, news websites with preferred MVC architectural pattern.

Some of the key features of Laravel are listed below:

  • Templating
  • Object Relational Mapping
  • Authentication process
  • Caching
  • Easy to build API
  • Simplified routing functionality
  • Easy to connect with different database

Ruby on Rails

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A pinch of its touch and the work goes fun. Yes, it is Ruby on Rails. Precious as its name and commonly known to be ROR, this framework is completely free, an open source runs on Linux and especially helps you to pass through the planning & development stage quickly. RoR is built in such a way that its inbuilt features can extend application functionalities and finish the development process efficiently.

Express JS

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Gracias for the fame reached by Node js, Express can soon become the trending framework among young developers. Express js is accepted by giants like IBM, Accenture for its advanced features than node and avail of the powerful performance. Express JS is flexible and supports REST API applications.


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Spring is a lightweight, open source framework well known for web and desktop JavaEE applications. The latest version of spring 5.1 supports model view controller architectural pattern. There are different types of modules like testing, remote access framework, transaction management, authentication, configuration etc. available in spring and its sister projects can let you take your business to next stage.


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Django is a python based open source framework that follows the MVC architectural pattern. Its ability to build accelerated applications development, coding, clear programming syntax, the responsive logical design makes it a perfect choice for beginners.

The primary choice of Django framework is to make complex into simple by using the lucid coding with security features in a framework.

Final Cut

Right at the end of the topic, it is perfect to say Frameworks contribute a helping hand in web application development. Don’t hesitate to try a different framework as this action will give a clear insight about unique features and similarities among them. One of the best real-time examples is large MNC companies are migrating to the latest frameworks and create themselves a practical chance to understand the new pieces of stuff in each framework all the time.

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