How Digital Business Transformation Takes Our World to Next Phase?

4 min read | By Admin | 06 September 2019 | Technology

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In this present technological advancement era, the majority of tech companies are dependent on digital based technologies to stay ahead in business race. Such an impact on people’s lifestyle is where they turn on light with a clap and change TV channels with voice command. Sounds interesting!

Voice over command is leaving footprint in every technology that we use today. With that said, it will soon strike the ecommerce domain with its extreme features.

Few ecommerce giants were wiped from history because of negligence in taking advantage of digital transformations. Many think upgrading digitally as an expense instead it is an investment to get returning customers.

According to Forbes, more than half of business people are still lagging in technology advancement as they are focusing on social security which digital transformation imbibe and its true features lies in the exponential business growth.

Here are major technological upgrades that modern eCommerce business should adhere to increase revenue in 2019.

Real Time AI Progression

AI has secured the big screen with innovative AI cognitive APIs. Digital Transformation amplified the voice, audio, vision and other sensual interactions contributed to digital business transformations. The observed data are stored with the help of big data and analyzed with the help of analytics software for revenue generation.

In one or other way, AI evolution has been backed up by machine learning, human knowledge and APIs thus adding versatility to business and immensely support outgrowth of digital transformation.

Summarizing in a simple sentences, digital transformation can occur brief data on customers from consumer AI. Now, upgraded agile technologies can develop faster prototypes using advanced AI concepts. Thus a strong Enterprise foundation can be achieved using existing ERP, CRM and similar supportive systems.

Business Data as an Apical Talk

Today our smart devices, Interconnected IoT devices and wearable devices can access, analyze, interpret and take valid decisions based on the collected business data from different devices.

It is best to set “Dickey’s App” as an example for AI infused digital technology under enterprise sector. Recent news summons that Dickey’s Barbecue Pit engaged with iOLAP in order to transform the AI capability in enterprise. The system filter less voice based business solution to advanced voice application like Alexa.

This unique solution introduced by Dickey’s enables its business partners and admin users to access instant data irrespective of location and devices they use, simply with voice commands. The step taken by Dickey’s promises the expansion of enterprise industry as well as better user engagement.

Emerging Voice Commerce- What Change it can Make?

The Voice Commerce industry is booming with innovative application soon after Dickey’s App is introduced to the market.

Add a seasoning to the news, Dickey’s Barbeque use unique barbecue vocabulary to reduce the training time of AI system. Alexa application includes more than 15,000 skills which enable voice answers to any question for smartphone users regarding business or product marketing.

“Survey proves that a voice shopping can boost nearly 40 billion dollar sales by 2022.”

Today developers are using Alexa to create high interface applications for lead generation in business. More retail industries are turning their focus towards voice integrated ecommerce application for product related voice suggestion in order to increase sales and improve user engagement.

How can Alexa Boost a Business?

From the collected data on voice interface Google and others may shift into high end voice ecommerce activities in the coming years.


Vocal way of communication is an effective method to express one’s state of mind to others. Sticking to the traditional belief and the proven theory, the digital evolution is gradually shifting towards the basic rule of directing AI towards understanding the human characters, voice commands and replying appropriate answer to the queries.

Emergence of voice assistants, voice-based shopping and voice-based commerce applications are the perfect indicators of emergence of voice eCommerce into the business world.


  • Recently, Amazon had sold AI powered Echo units for 5.1 million dollars within a span of two years.
  • Early adopters are shifting their websites towards voice design approaches from the basic search option to payment. Hoping to get 30% increment in revenue.

Wrapping Up

It is evident that voice Ecommerce will be the future for retail industries but the path to success is still filled with challenges to overcome. Developing a voice user interface is not a big deal for us. Consistent success in our projects and achievements in voice based application inspired our developers to include customized option to your business websites.

If you are an entrepreneur and wishes to include new ideas into your business, just contact us and we bring digital business transformation a conceptual framework into action.

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