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Here I have ten actionable SEO tips and SEO trends to help you with your website in 2016 are well positioned:

Investigate new keywords and theme worlds

Now you will think, oh, keyword research, so an old hat, I just write my blog article for my readers and it is good. That is right and it is a principle the motto:

what is good for the reader, is also good for Google.

But if you want to be on its website or in his blog words or word combinations, the little sought, it is also for Google in all development in the direction of the semantic search engine difficult to exactly this page in the top positions.

For example, who after a “specialist lawyer for labor law” will quickly find, because this keyword phrase can be frequently found on these websites. But what if you are looking for “termination without notice workers”, because it is only once a clever would like to make what you terminate should do? Here one finds already considerably less firms for this keyword tendrils.

Why? In this example, it is of course often due to the fact that many firms do not Blog/News area and this issue with exactly this keyword phrase edit.

Update older blog posts

An often-overlooked the opportunity to have an influence on the ranking, is the updating of older blog posts. You have probably already article written, well ran and the polished but now a bit. Was it because it changes and updates there or because you today a lot from a different angle can see. Often concentrate many website operators only on the latest contributions and their distribution, but the well running parts are “evergreen Content” and it is worth to update them. Maybe you have also gained new knowledge of SEO that you can bring in the articles.

Note Changes in the notes in Google Analytics

You have new keywords that you use? Make a note in Google Analytics. Hast thou made some changes? Make thee an endorsement. Do you have a newsletter or send a campaign launched? Also here: make thee a note! Why should you do this? If you are not regularly everything what a noti only influence on your visitor numbers or your ranking, then you will soon have forgotten what exactly when you have made. But if it is in a note in Google Analytics is noted, it is much easier to determine why the peaks occurred.

In the following video i will show you where you are in Google Analytics can enter the notes:

Do not neglect the Onpage-Optimierung

Onpage-Optimierung serves to make the search engines find and browse the website easier. Because so you more visitors to the site can get, must of course be the search engines for the first time be able to find them. The following items should you note:

  • A simple navigation:
  • All pages should be the main page with just a few clicks (e.g. via the navigation). Make sure that there are no pages that are associated with any other page.

  • Text in pictures:
  • This text can not be read by search engines. Waivers, so make if this text is not elsewhere. On this page is the contribution of image with a text, but of course there is also a corresponding heading.

  • URLs as short as possible:
  • The URLs should not be too long. Especially if the layout of the page provides that the URL is also the main heading, the somewhat problematic. If possible, the headline and the URL cannot be paired together.

  • Internal Links:
  • Do not forget the older blog posts or pages to link to newer, if these contents to fit, as provided in this article about the SEO factor internal links.

  • XML-Sitemap:
  • This site is one of the users is not directly visible table of contents that it facilitates the search engines the pages of your site to see and to be indexed.

Tip: use the Google Search console to see the XML sitemap submit and to see how your website from google view is set up.

Reengineer the title tags

The title tags (HTML tag title) are after the creation of the target-group-oriented content of the most important SEO ranking factor. The title tag is the clickable link in the search results as title. Of course it is also for the users is important, because if you do a keyword into the Google search field, it also appears in the title and the attention is drawn.

In the title, the main keyword of the page mentioned. It must not be longer than 55 characters, otherwise it will be cut off.

A couple of tips for the title element:
Do to a pattern, e.g. main keyword | Company Name. The search engines are already really clever, but you still need the keyword.

Write something relevant for the users (see keyword research). Turning the KISS principle (keep it short and simple).

If the title tag is automatically generated in WordPress, ask your web programmer to change. You should not simply accept it, but really create individual songs.

Please no accumulation of keywords in the title writing. This brings nothing either for users or for the search engines.

Write for each page an individual title.

Do prefer to link building than on likes

The so-called social signals are not (yet) relevant for the ranking. Under “social” signal is how often blog articles in various social media platforms have been separated. This is “nice to have”, but what is really important, are the links to other sites on this blog article, as provided in Article SEO Link Building tactics described.

From other websites you linked but only when you create content as a “high-quality”. This can for example be a topic in this form has not yet been presented or a detailed compilation. It is also important to continuously deliver good quality. Less is more. Dear once a month a good article writing, as each week only a few lines to publish.

Look for the “User Experience”

Engage with the user-friendliness (“Usability”), the user experience (“User Experience”) and the “Conversion Optimization”? The latter refers to the users as easy as possible to make it a specific goal to achieve on the website (for example, an order).

  • Check the user experience by you e.g. in Google Analytics watch. What do users on your site, what paths which suggest a left click, etc.?
  • Links are not checked, but are important?
  • On which pages leaving especially many of the users of the website?
  • At what stage of the ordering process jump users?
  • Is the page load time in order?

It is important that you take the behavior of your visitors watch and understand how they use your website. It is equally important that the bounce rate or the dwell time to investigate. Here you will find certain possibilities for improvement.

By the way you can in Google Analytics also A/B-tests and test for a long time which version of a page better for your visitors.

Will the “Mark”

Now you are asking yourself, how do you as a self-employed person or small companies to “mark”? What does this mean? And how Google wants to know what a brand is?

Good for the latter we can only speculate, but in principle, Google of course already that the brand have more potential, mentioned and linked to. And brand names are more likely to be used in google search. In the Tool Google Trends you can also see what brands are sought more frequently than others. In addition to Google respects the click-through rates. If the search result is a brand and a brand of “not”, increases the likelihood that the brand is clicked.

But that does not mean that you are therefore a large well-known company must be. It is in branding to the positioning and removal of the “fire authority” in the own niche, therefore, an expert status. Sure you increase your visibility, for example if you as a speaker at a conference if you are active in the social media art, blogger or regular webinars offer. In this way will the traffic to your website increase.

Optimize your website for mobile devices

Although Google has announced in April 2015 that future web sites that are not adapted for mobile devices are no longer in the mobile search results appear, there is still enough non-optimized web sites.

Now you have really no more excuse! It means it is true that in many cases that the web site must be programmed completely new, but this effort is worth it. But: expect in terms of ranking no wonder. Many Web sites, even if the mobile use up, still mainly visited on the PC. But as often as part of a website relaunch texts edited to set new topics, perhaps new offers can be created and generally the website more user friendly, this step is also of advantage for SEO.

Keep your goals in mind

Do you think just now that, as you create anything shalt, especially if you are independently or in a small team or company work? Keep in mind you what your goals are. You want that your site is found and you win more customers? You want to increase your known degrees? More Sales? Define the measures by which you want to reach this goal.


In the search results to be found, is the dream of every web site operator because SEO supposedly is free of charge. This is of course a SEO-myth (of which there are still more ) The Optimize your site for users and search engines is quite complex and ever more time (and thus also money) one is plugged in, the more successful you can. But without continuous work is also not.

A second fallacy is unfortunately that one is “only” about SEO is found and the customer flows in this way on the website. There are much more possibilities, visitors to the site to steer, e.g. via the social media or paid. SEO is just one of the many digital marketing services. It always depends on the targets you want to reach.

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