Top 5 Predictions About The Future of Digital Marketing in 2021

4 min read | By Admin | 05 February 2021 | Technology

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2020 is over, but marketers are still catching up with the rise of the global COVID- 19 pandemic that marks the year.

Notwithstanding, fundamental changes that the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has caused in the global business environment has made numerous marketers to think about digital marketing in 2021 to oppose this unpretended situation.

Numerous physical professions have been closed down during the pandemic. The initial step for any business is to stabilize the business by retaining existing customers. That’s where digital marketing enters.

Digital marketing is the way toward arriving at potential and current customers via online media, for example, social media ads, emails and more online platforms and this ensures the smooth functioning of your business.

Digital marketing is ever-shifting. Unlike traditional marketing, if you are not on top of the latest trends of the digital landscape, you can easily retreat. Hence, we have created an article here so that you can clearly know and comprehend the changes and trends coming out in 2021.

Therefore, without more ado, here’re the top 5 predictions about the future of digital marketing in 2021.

5 Predictions About the Future of Digital Marketing in 2021

1. Artificial Intelligence

future of digital marketing

Artificial intelligence (AI) is now expanding the possibilities in the world of digital marketing, but over the next few years we are going to see rapid leaps in what this technology is capable of.

As stated by Gartner report, 80% of emerging technologies will have AI bases in 2021.

For instance, AI-driven recommendation algorithms,

Amazon’s ‘Netflix’ and Instagram’s ‘Explore’ are AI-powered algorithms. Netflix claims that this algorithm method saves $1 billion every year, and that 75% of the user views come from those recommendations. This marketing strategy has saved the company tons of money.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Natural Language Processing is a part of AI that manages the interaction between humans & computers via natural language. The worldwide spending on cognitive systems is set to reach $57.6 billion in 2021. For example, AI is the progression of Google’s picture and text analysis throughout the long term.

Artificial intelligence is being utilized in advertising. Google is as of now running advertisements powered by AI to optimize campaigns by recognizing the best-performing ad designs & copy and automatically changing dependent on user engagement.

2. Voice Search Technology

future of digital marketing

Voice search technology allows customers to make purchases by voice commands or small devices. In a Juniper study in 2018, he noted that by 2023, eight billion voice search assistants will be in use, and smart speakers will rule the world with 41.3% CAGR.

Research shows that voice search is growing rapidly and will reach $80 billion a year by 2023. This will create more opportunities for marketers who can create targeted ads on Alexa and Google Home based on search results & feed users.

3. Augmented Analytics

future of digital marketing

Augmented analysis implies data mining utilizing predictive technology, for example, machine learning to predict what’s to come. It’s utilized to lessen customer trouble and predict business intelligence.

With augmented analytics, marketers can make decisions without dependence on an analytics team to provide information.

4. Video Content

digital marketing in 2021

The global survey of Cisco’s Annual Internet Report predicts (2018-2023) that video content will be 82% of all Internet traffic, which is the goldmine of marketers. HubSpot expresses that 54% of consumers incline toward more video content from brands.

Hence, in 2021, it’s crucial to utilize numerous video content formats that apt your brand, niche and industry. Make sure all your videos are properly branded to portray your brand, values ​​and make them useful & memorable.

5. Augmented Reality Technology

From a marketing perspective, AR is an excellent tool, and it is easy to implement and mainly drives sales. AR has transformed stores and replaced shopping experiences.

Apple has taken a superior and integrated AR through the measurement app in their software, which allows you to measure anything around you without the use of physical measurement tape.

AR makes it easy for potential buyers to try a product without going to a store. This makes marketing departments more relaxed because they can express what they want regardless of project size or product.

Wrapping Up

The above trends are going to change the way businesses operate in the future. As with any year, 2021 will be knee deep in all sorts of strategies, tactics and technologies for marketers.

Hope this article will help you and keep these above predictions in your mind to do invest in digital marketing. If you are seeking digital marketing services, then we’re here to assist you. Sure you will get better results by contacting us.

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