Top 5 Latest Website Development Trends That Can Boost Your Ecommerce Sales

4 min read | By Admin | 15 September 2020 | Technology

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As one of the speedy growing businesses worldwide, Ecommerce has come a long way and it’s vital to stay ahead of the opposition and your rivals. With COVID-19, consumers are pertain about the safety protocols ensued at retail outlets and hence confide in e-commerce. However, this has been great for the e-commerce platforms, the data shows a 25% increase in ecommerce sales and projections reveal that e-retail sales will rise in 2021. The COVID- 19 pandemic is anticipated to aid raise in India’s Ecommerce market virtually triple to around $85 billion by 2024.

This is a lucrative profit. At this point, would you like to turn your eCommerce business sales as profitable? Hence you have to implement the latest website development trends in your ecommerce business that will assuredly boost your eCommerce sales.

By reading this article, you’ll know how to deliver the finest shopping experience by developing your website along website development trends, which will flourish your sales attainment.

Take the beneath 5 trends in website development:

  • Mobile-First Responsive Approach
  • Micro Animations
  • Voice User Interfaces (VUIs)
  • Add Live Chat or Chatbots
  • 3D Modelling to Show Your Products

Mobile-First Responsive Approach

latest website development trends
  • Numerous people utilize their mobile phones for web browsing, hence your website although just be a versatile design, have to be as mobile-first approach.
  • According to predictions, by purchasing goods from mobile, the value will be $175.4 billion in retail sales by 2022, that’s why you ought to start transforming your website.
  • Above all else, you should check your UI and UX design when visiting your website from a mobile phone. Is browsing experience consistent and is it simple to make purchases from mobile?

Furthermore, you need to use some technology to ameliorate your mobile experience for boosting your ecommerce sales:

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP):

AMP madly diminishes page load time, making browsing experience nimble and gentle. For instance, Google found that customers who utilized AMP have seen an expansion in conversion rates by 105% and a reduction in bounce rates by 31%.

Progressive Web Apps (PWA):

PWA implies changing over your website into the mobile app, without coding a real application. And it’s a website that can be gotten to from the home screen with application-like experience.

Micro Animations

latest website development trends
  • Another method for boosting the sales through upgrading the customer experience utilizing creative eCommerce design is with the expansion of micro animations.
  • Everything from toggles, buttons, menus, and even pictures can be improved with micro animations to make additionally engaging and pleasing brilliant experiences for customers.
  • As UI/UX design technology advances, micro animations are outperforming 2D images with tremendous effect. This will be appropriate for users to pick between viewing a product and experiencing how it fits and proceeds onward a genuine person.
  • Also, it gives customers considerably more motivation to feel free to click that buy button.

Voice User Interfaces (VUIs)

latest website development trends
  • To boost your sales, you have to strengthen your web development by adding a voice user interface, it’s the latest website development trends.
  • This trend is implemented in the present-days 2020. As indicated by Google, 20% of mobile searches are voice searches. Here, you can recognize an expanding need and ubiquity for voice searches.
  • Technologies like Google Assistant, Siri, Alexa, Cortana and Echo are totally changing the idea of ordinary voice search and purchasers are getting more comfortable and alright with the voice search aspect.
  • This is the ideal opportunity to make it as simple as feasible for customers to look through your website and buy your products utilizing just their voice.

Add Live Chat or Chatbots

latest website development trends
  • Online customers expect eCommerce websites to give nonstop assistance, which is the reason more locales are going to customer support by means of live chat or chatbots.
  • With live chat, you can be there for customers right when they need you. This is an incredible method to assemble associations with your customers and lift your sales.
  • Chatbots can be utilized to address customer questions and sell products when live chat is broadcast. Notwithstanding what you picked, customers love the expanded responsiveness and customized benefits live talk or chat bots bring.

3D Modelling to Show Your Products

  • 3D animation can be amazingly valuable since you can show your product from various points of view. Additionally, the design is user interface and entices the customer’s attention.
  • As we know sometimes users don’t read the item descriptions, however a 3D model looks intriguing as well as it permits customers to explore and look at data on the product.
  • This website development trends will aid customers to buy your product that will enhance your sales by using this 3D modeling.

By Way of Conclusion

Hope this article on the latest website development trends helped you out with all the information you need to bolster your ecommerce sales.

Go ahead and try out these website development trends. This will render you to gain the trust of your customers and it will also facilitate your conversions.

If the above mentioned latest website development trends are challenging to execute? However we are willing to assist you with that. Reach out to us!

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