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4 min read | By Admin | 24 March 2016 | Marketing

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In the past years we have seen a very intense change in the business process. Although the method direct marketing was in practice for a long time, based the trends and techology it has been shaped. Many tools have been emerged in these years as a game changer and helping out lot in achieving our campaign goals. Everyone knows that websites plays a lead role in any sort of marketing campaigns, where once building websites needs a developing professional. But now the scenario is like anyone without developing knowledge can build a webpage just by using drag and drop functionality.Influencers are suggesting the future technologies that would grab entire world attention are,

  • 3D Printing
  • Wearable Technology
  • The Internet of Things(IOT)


3D Priniting:

Today’s industrialist are striving lot to promote their business with just a image or so prototype in order to fetch clients. But this 3D Printing methodology would help them a lot in projecting what the end user will get actually. Now a day’s the price for these kind of printing machines have reduced to even $1000, though it is not familiar to most part of the world.


Wearable Technology:

Believe or not, the wearable technology has already come into practice through smart watches. Famous smart phone brands have created their presence in the competition of smart watches; none received much interest of consumers as smart phone did. One reason for this could be their expense.

As an initiative, creative people are having fun with their known technology and trying to make revolution in the technology era. A famous magazine cites a man who roamed in a town with the digital jacket that shows ads to person looking at it.

As of now everyone talks about future of wearable technology, but no one can predict the impact it could possibly have over digital marketing. It’s been a mere guess that it would change the way ones interaction in social media.


The Internet of Things:

We believe that an ordinary tech geek has at least two devices that is connected to internet at all time. Whereas a recent survey says that in Internet of Things came into practice, possibilities are there a normal home would have more than 5 devices connected to internet all time.

The basic idea for Internet of Thing is that, any ordinary device could be connected to internet, which can be accessed and controlled from anywhere in this world with the help of an Internet connection. Moment will come like machines in a manufacturing industry insist experts for their maintenance and your refrigerator sends the list of grocery to nearby departmental store. Likewise, this will surely have impact in the growing digital marketing world.

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