Thanksgiving Tech Special: Blockchain To Track Turkey Delivery

4 min read | By Admin | 15 November 2018 | Technology

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Year by year the betterment of human life has seen inclination online and offline. People all around the world want their appliances perfect and protected to live an efficient life. This is made possible with the inventions of Blockchain technology and it has extended its support in almost every sector.

Technology plays an important role on all special occasions and one notable celebration is the day of turkey & wine and that is Thanksgiving Day. Are all the turkeys raised to organic standards? Are they managed to avoid antibiotics for its lifetime? Is it not necessary for the customers to know about the poultry data? Blockchain steps into this matter to display customers with all the details of the poultry they are about to eat.

How Blockchain useful on Thanksgiving Day?

Blockchain has almost set its foot in every sector and is commonly used in financial services. While is not exactly used for daily life applications, its features extend to maintain records that could trace the root source of the product. In this case feature sets towards turkey cooked on the Thanksgiving Day. The idea originated in order to offer consumers transparency about their food.

Cargill Turkey Blockchain

Thanks to the blockchain, so many consumers can eat restfully on this special occasion after the virtual verification of the poultry. Cargill company one of the largest supplier of fresh turkey found a way to use blockchain that helps customers to identify the origin of the turkey. For this, the Cargill products come with tracking code powered by Blockchain technology. Customers can scan the code on the package and learn all sort of details related to the product.


A recent survey by Label Insight and the Food Marketing Institute reported 75% of customers would shift to brands that provide more product information. Cargill turkey Blockchain is an appreciable initiative towards the food industry and also be a motivation effort for other farmers to implement the same.

The food safety control is the major problem worldwide and we believe it will be a great solution to avoid the supply of contaminated food to the people.

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