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4 min read | By Admin | 23 September 2016 | Technology

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The internet of things is marketing a new challenge

In all agree, trend researchers as companies and agencies: The Internet of Things (IoT) has great potential. Especially for industrial production processes, there are many immediately obvious applications, lift the decades-long trend towards automation to a new level: now also components and tools themselves can be decentralized control manufacturing, logistics, maintenance processes. The question remains whether the IoT also revolutionized marketing .

It is certain that the possibility of the integration of sensors , computing power and connectivity in miniaturized form and at a low cost virtually everything not only completely new products allow in, but the marketing is even new tools at hand. To capture IoT products, for example, information in the interaction with users and the environment , which allow them an intelligent adaptation to this context, but also can serve to usage patterns and customer needs to understand better than ever before.

This can also be used to the consumers without any detours direct offers to make: What is the machine component in the industry, even orders his replacement part before its failure, the device can be in the world of products, which automatically provides the ordering consumables or wear parts , First public prototypes for already exist, such as the Gillette box .

The attendant, completely new challenge will be to balance, which are useful of these options in the tension between consumer and business benefits. Before an “excess” be warned. When customers spying or patronized feel, can quickly backfire on the advertising companies. Moreover, not the spark jumps over to the consumer at every idea. It is, important to assess new opportunities with rapid but controlled experiments and early customers and involve users . Just because the IoT allows a very immediate and direct quality in the customer relationship, it is more important than ever systematically align the concepts with the real needs of consumers.

Try is essential, because of the opportunities and challenges arising from the IoT, not rudimentarily understood are. You must – as with all technological change – yet to be learned from marketers. Some ideas look simple at first, but can exert an enormous effect: IoT buttons as Flic be easily executed sticks somewhere and solve at your fingertips complicated actions. As Magnet a pizza chain is the small piece of hardware a powerful sales tool: A push of a button is enough and the favorite pizza is on the way. Presenters and closer to the customer’s needs can hardly be more than brand.

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