Is IOT the Future of Humankind?

4 min read | By Admin | 18 April 2016 | Technology

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Have you ever wondered that our lives that we have today is being dominated by non-living things? There are number of devices have come to lurk/help us to accomplish various tasks with a single tap. It has been estimated that human lives will be dominated by 92% of these devices by 2020. And we have to admit that this revolution is already started.

Scientists are rediscovering a better way to how to interpret the one’s daily life with this, such as

  • Home and Office
  • Cities
  • Manufacturing
  • Vehicles
  • Transportation
  • Health Care
  • Energy
  • Agriculture

The idea that triggered humans to create a revolution in Internet of Things is the compactness. We would have seen the black and white picture very first electronic storage device. And the photo would have a big sized device accommodating more space in a given environment.

This scenario has changed upside down with the reinvention of the same device, as small as it could be accommodated in a mobile device. Now the scientists/Engineers are trying to redefine the technology to even smaller size. Let us start exploring how IOT can influence our lifestyle.

Home and Office:

Typically scientists are planning to start implementing Internet of Things from our home, by helping us with equipments like coffee maker that can be turned on from bedroom, Refrigerator that sends text message to us when the milk storage goes low and so on. These appliances are on their way to amaze us.

As an initiation there are some products being released in the market, though the above said technologies are not. Now we can buy air conditioners that turns itself on based on our geo location and object sensor refrigerator that cuts off electricity when no objects were kept for cooling. This proves that the ultimate aim for this IOT is to save electricity.


It is been warned that many people started moving to urban cities every year. This applies to any counties regardless of their geo location. Just imagine what happens if millions of people tried accommodating where only lakhs of people can reside? Surely scarcity remains in that place.

This situation is being experienced in different locations throughout the world. In san diego smart LEDs have been implemented to light up the street at the time only it encounters an object. The British people have gone one more step and found a way to stop bullying by installing street lights with camera that captures the moment and saves it in to the cloud. This is how IOT would help fixing the issues that are going on in our streets.


Before the invention of hydrolic systems, human resource were deployed for every operation in a manufacturing environment. Once the technology gets bigger, some parts of human works becomes automated. And now with the help of IOT everything is handled using servers that operates via cloud and this reduces the work to the core.

In the line of above explained methods Internet of things is going to dominate/help us in such a way that our daily work will be completely automated. Let us hope for the best in it.

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