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Interface - The Real Master

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Have you ever wondered how the masters in every niche are operating? For instance Uber, the world’s largest taxi network doesn’t own a single cab. Facebook, the virtual friend maker doesn’t even create a single content. Alibaba the leading retailer in the world that worth a great deal of money doesn’t have an inventory. On closely looking at the events they are into rings a bell in the minds of every striving entrepreneur. Yet everything is mystery till date.

Since the day industrial revolution began, the world has met different and complex supply chains. This was able to collaborate one domain to the other like, designer to direct manufacturers, vendors to consumers and the list goes on and on. As a result, a mobile phone designed by a product designer being utilized by someone at the other corner of the world.

This shows that how the world has evolved rather being same at all time. In the revolution of Interface era, Internet has a significant role to play. If one is able to handle this magic wand (so called Internet) leveraging the business won’t be constrain at all. Through this internet only the above said game changers are making their play.

How it happens!!

Take an example of fast growing companies in the history. Uber, Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Google, all these companies are occupying the role where the cost transfer takes place and interface the consumers via the network service provider and finishes the game. To be simpler, the local ad agencies need to make revenue through their circulation frequency, whereas Interface kings like Facebook creates revenue just like that via variety of ads. As a result of periodic improvement, Twitter has now become the one such online News community with every single news is shared as it happens in any corner of the globe.

The real genie which everyone has

This activity shows that owners like multinational social networking sites are rubbing the data pipes of our mobile operators to unleash the genie which is nothing but the money!! This literally proves that Interface is the role where money rolls a lot.

In terms of software or applications, the value comes out of the interface used and not from the product sold. To make it clear, just recollect the android era. The interface deployed in it attracted millions of users towards it and still counting the numbers.

Make a leap in your history

We all know that Twitter once started as a micro blogging site, today it looking out for a way to its audience to make use of distributed TV content. Facebook has already become the leading news feed channel in all category and soon it will become next most suggested platform for video sharing with auto play option.

This battle of excellence starts from the startup level, and it is up to any individual to choose whether he/she will make it as an Interface provider? If becomes one, how they exploit it for their business?

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