Improved Google Assistant Features Creates Limelight In Artificial Intelligence

4 min read | By Admin | 15 May 2018 | Technology

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Google Assistant has become one of the remarkable products among Google productions and a captious component of Google’s competitive statistics. Presently, Google I/O announced long list of mind-blowing features. Google home personal assistant is now incorporated in more than 500 million devices including cars, mobiles and TV’s that is capable of recognizing 30 different languages all over the world. Here are the recent highlighted features announced by Google.

New voices for personal enhancement

Google announced six new assistant voices later customized with celebrity or character voices. Google also announced that they create new Google personal assistant in compressed time frame with AI technology. Google will attain revolution in personalization and make more appealing to people.

No ‘Hey Google’

Google balances its competition with amazon by its fantastic AI technology that allows users to have natural conversation without punctuating those conversations with ‘Hey Google’ or OK Google. Google virtual assistant have inbuilt characteristics to understand natural language precisely.

Markup your routines using Google calendar

Routines are our daily physical work or tasks that are invoked with a word comment. Today Google announced its custom routines that can be initiated with named customization. Routines that need to be happened after a certain period of time can be set automatically.

July Collection

Smart display

While other company products showed off smart displays screen with inbuilt Google assistant, Google step forward to promote its video calling and you tube TV which will be available in smart displays.

Rich Visual

On its path to improve smart display, Google take a side path to promote rich visual experience in Google virtual assistant for android phones. This is a part of Google challenging effort to make assistant control for all apps.

Google Maps

Google Assistant also steps into Google maps navigation that will help users to send texts or play music from within the Google maps.

AI driven phone scheduling

Recently Google announced its one more move named as Duplex, an artificial intelligence driven scheduling for booking appointments with local business without online reservation. Complex scheduling can be made with the natural sounding voice assistant interact with humans and mark the occasion.

Will Google bring change?

Though the present technology falls back from the scope of ambition, it will be remarkable for Google to increase its capability by achieving Google home assistant from the above mentioned ideas for the future world.

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