Importance of Content Marketing Funnel For eCommerce Business

4 min read | By Admin | 30 July 2018 | Marketing

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Content in all its form has the ability to deliver the information to people. Content impact the SEO strategies by giving required information for Google to crawl through the websites. Using quality content for a web page attracts potential customers to add more traffic to the site.

Marketing Funnel

Idea about marketing funnel helps you with right strategy to position content for site visitors to read at buying phase and nurture them to the very next phase of marketing. Web content marketing sales funnel brings elite audience to the business and helps you to measure Return on Investment through the content.

Content marketing funnel works on the concept of getting more customers at the beginning phase and gradually decreases towards the end. Counting on customers through the funnel is a great way to study the impact of digital marketing in your business.

3 stages of marketing funnel

Creating content of any form is just a trail to bring customers to the website for the first time and provide them with relevant information.

Phase I: Awareness

Top most aim of this phase is to create awareness among people about your brand. This phase is different from business to business but the goal is same. In terms of digital marketing, it is the phase of bringing more eligible customers to your site for the first time.

It is abnormal to bring more customers to the website at the very early stage and rather take this stage as an education platform to earn people’s trust on the brand. Figure out what customers want and educate on that topic for the people to likely choose to purchase your related products or services.

Phase II: Consideration

This is the phase where people begin to search for the relevant products or service as a solution for their needs. As the customers are already educated about the brand, now it is the time to feed the content that evaluates your brand.

The middle phase is the most important and critical stage where the outcome is unpredictable. Customers may or may not wish to buy the product. It is the stage where more importance needs to be given to the customers to speak directly to the customer to clarify your services in detail.

Phase III: Conversion

Now that we move to the bottom of the funnel the way is to too narrow to create transactions with customers. Your customers know what they want from you and it is your time to convince them to click on purchase button.

The bottom of the funnel will be similar to sales and your specific product or service will determine how the content should look like.


To know how a company’s leveraged content takes different phases in the buyer’s journey make sure you go through this case study on the marketing funnel and earn more customers to your business with clear vision about the digital internet marketing.

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