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4 min read | By Admin | 04 November 2019 | Marketing

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The term PPC shortly known for Pay Per Click is the online marketing technique in which the advertisers are payable every time their ads gets clicked.

In recent times, Paid marketing shares a valuable attention among marketers in leveraging sales within a shorter time period. Since these platforms driving intense traffic to advertisers, it is vital to upgrade the algorithm & its features for the ease of companies/agencies using it.

Adding further to the above point, online advertising giants Google’s AdWords and LinkedIn Ads platform has seen recent updates that deserves attention of marketers worldwide.

What’s New in Google Ads?

Google Introduces Affinity Audience for Search Campaigns and In-Market Seasonal Event segment

Google had made this announcement that has been featuring two options for targeting audience over the forthcoming weeks.

Affinity Audience

This option has been available for all those display campaigns and video campaigns for years. This scheme is designed for choosing the audience who shows interest determined by their browsing behaviour.

Now the advertisers can dig deep into their broad interest areas in order to narrow their audience group. As with other Google Ads, advertisers can target these audiences or observe audience for the better performance of the campaign.

Seasonal Event Segment for In-market Audience

Google brought this classification in the year 2017 where the audience is built based on the recent search queries and their browsing activities. As far as the black Friday and Christmas is nearing, Google introduces this seasonal in-market audiences where you can target these interested festive shopaholics.

Google Optimization

Google Analytics optimization has introduced UTM parameter targeting feature that gives you a new optimization experience of targeting specific utm campaign and hang on while visitor navigates through your website.

Note: Affinity Audience is used for higher-funnel awareness campaign while in-market audience is for lower funnel saucing them to make purchase.

LinkedIn Enhanced Targeting Tools

LinkedIn business solutions proposed this enhanced targeting tools to help advertisers to reach accurate audience need for their campaign.

The enhanced tools included in campaign manager includes more sophisticated audience, advanced reporting features and targeting to meet more elective reach and insights into LinkedIn campaign.

Audience Targeting

Patched forecasting panel in Campaign manager will hereafter help advertisers to learn more about their targeted audience. The panel is designed as it categories every professional information of the audience like company size, year of experience etc.,

Precision Targeting

Based on the user feedback, LinkedIn has introduced Boolean logic (and, or) in targeting the audience. These options help to clearly filter the audience all in a single campaign.

So here is what actually is the difference made in LinkedIn marketing. Previously, while running a campaign advertisers can target audience under single classification like “CEO” under job seniority and “Finance” as job function. Hence advertisers can choose or target only CEO in Finance Industry. Now, Advertisers can add more than one job function.

Enhanced Reporting

LinkedIn has improved its demographic reporting insights like who is filling the lead forms, watching ad video and sponsored mail messages. This way of insights help advertisers to analyse what type of entrepreneurs are likely to become their qualified leads paving a chance to further make adjustments in audience lists.


Upon wrapping up the topic, paid marketing platforms are all time reliable and legitimate lead generation engine for your service/product in shorter time. What you have seen here is just a spec of loads of updates and changes that are in beta. To make the most out of any paid marketing platform just be aware of its latest updates and never stop your PPC game play as ethical as possible.

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