Google Search Algorithm Update (Maccabees) – Things to Know

4 min read | By Admin | 05 January 2018 | Marketing

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Google’s algorithm update is a normal phenomenon that happens once in a while in a year.

Google does this to ensure that their users or so called web searchers are receiving authentic, relevant and latest results while searching using their search engine.

Google never fails to name a Google Search Algorithm update, and this time they named it as “Maccabees”.

This term really sounds perplexing, but this blog is not to discuss about origin of the term. Okay, without any delay let’s start cracking into the major core Google algorithm for SEO.

What is Maccabees algorithm?

This Google algorithm update majorly targets on websites that still follows an old school technic called “Keyword Permutation” and have thin contents that are built for users.

  • For instance, consider keywords below
  • Shop mobile phones
  • Shop mobile phones at least price
  • Shop mobile phones at exchange

If you notice in above case, all keywords talks about selling mobile phones, but these keywords were targeted for individual pages to get directed traffic.

But Google were continuously stressing that this is not good practice from long time. Now they washed out with sites those were following this policy.

What the search engine states with their recent Google update is that, you can create such pages if and only if there is a need to do so.

For example, if you have a real estate website and has such pages for a cause you are totally out of the list. Provided if that page fulfils user experience.

Things to do after Maccabees hit:

Just don’t worry if you were hit by latest Google update, here is the solution right away.

Try to target same/related set of keywords in one page, at the same time make sure that you aren’t violating Google rule of thumb that keyword stuffing isn’t happening around.

A crystal clear approach to do this is start your play with right keyword research tool that throws you good set of keywords.

Once you have the potential keywords in hand try targeting all related keywords in one page, here you should also note that Google never expect you to have all your keywords as it is.

Say for instance if a keyword reads “Pest control services in New York” and other keyword says “pest protection services in New York” you don’t have to place the keywords as it appears. Try to play a clear game as per latest Google update

As the world’s leading search engine none other than Google is getting smarter day by day ever since its evolution. Google search algorithm’s artificial intelligence is being fed with thoughts that are useful to web searchers.

So for the longevity of your website and to compete with your counter parts always stick with Google algorithm for SEO.

Last but not least, try to have page that is useful to users but avoid creating thin pages.

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