Enterprise Mobility Now And Then

4 min read | By Admin | 12 July 2018 | Technology

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In the present era of technology, mobile and computer are the most preferred enterprise mobile device management devices in taking decisions online. To grab those online customers for a business, enterprise mobility plays a vital role.

The companies that implemented mobility not only bring more customers but also helps in retaining user engagement which results in tremendous business growth. This blog highlighted some of the top trends in enterprise mobility.

Modern Thumb Rule – AI

Artificial Intelligence is adopted everywhere and whatever added to today’s internet is focused on machine learning. To know the effect of machine learning on internet, certain restrictions should be broken. Still few companies lag in automation as they ignore AI in business work. At present era of time and technology, companies are dying to understand the power of Artificial Intelligence.


You may wonder what is BYOD. Many companies adopt this method of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) concept in order to reduce the cost involved in purchasing the device. But how can an employee update device software to enterprise level? In order to overcome this restriction, those companies are expected to provide application of enterprise version as the bulk order can reduce the cost.

Need for Cross-Platform Application

When employees are allowed to work with their own devices, every product can’t be of same brand and similar platform for applications. The devices can be either android or windows. There problem arises for enterprise mobile device management that are capable of working in cross-platform level. Further, this type of technique allows creating enterprise- fit apps.

Cloud Storage and Multilevel Security

Cloud storage has been increased as company data are confidential and need to be secured. As more data including client information and papers are to be kept secure, using personal device becomes a general utility in accessing data. Hence maintaining high security and cloud storage become the best option.

Enterprise Mobility- A Great Deal

Many of us find it easy to work with our own device and hopefully the idea of implementing mobile technology inside the enterprise will be a welcoming note for the employees. With the world so fast, people look for smart and handy devices to finish their work. Let’s look forward to more trends in Enterprise Mobility.


In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the use of mobile devices and cloud-based applications for work purposes. This has led to a more decentralised and flexible workplace, as employees can access work resources from anywhere at any time. However, it has also introduced new security and management challenges for organisations.

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the trend of enterprise mobility, as more and more employees have been forced to work remotely. This has resulted in a greater demand for mobile devices and cloud-based applications that allow employees to access work resources from home.

The benefits of enterprise mobility for organisations include increased productivity, improved employee satisfaction and engagement, and cost savings. It also allows for a more flexible and decentralised workplace, where employees can access work resources from anywhere at any time.

The challenges of enterprise mobility for organisations include security and privacy concerns, managing and securing mobile devices and data, and ensuring compliance with regulations and policies. Additionally, organisations must also manage the cost and complexity of providing and supporting mobile devices and applications for their employees.

Organisations can address the challenges of enterprise mobility by implementing security and management strategies, such as mobile device management, data encryption, and remote wipe capabilities. They can also provide training and support for employees to ensure safe and secure use of mobile devices and applications for work purposes.

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